Written by Arlington_49

9 Mar 2015

Stan’s social group party was held in Reading, not too distant to dissuade Judi and I accepting his invite. Stan and Patricia go back several years in our UK relationship. In fact, he was one of Judi’s first commercial RE clients in the Metro marketplace, and I’ve only assumed he and Judi have had their own ‘relationship’ in play, though his name doesn’t often surface. I learned why as Judi and I attended Stan’s social swing event.

Stan and Patty aren’t in swing in low-key way as our club locally. Where we often meet our group from 8 to 12 couples or so, Patty and Sam’s endeavors go to the extreme…often involving as many as 60 or 80 club participants. I understand and appreciate the party emulates a clubby scene on very private terms, BUT the number of participants can lead to unruly behavior with little motivation to manage or even police the event! Judi and I found that quite evident that Friday evening in late February.

By private invite only, everyone was there to fuck if they chose. Gender had little rules…bi enthusiasm shared hetero trysting in the various party rooms of the Reading club Stan and Patty reserved. Within minutes of our arrival, several lads tried to make quick plays for Judi bypassing my presence. As well, several wives casually made my eye contact, and one attractive babe in her early 40’s signaled me to join her at one of the cocktail tables. I kept her on “reserve.” After all, my wife and I arrived just 20 or so minutes earlier, not even a chance to really survey the party scene.

In the half hour or so that passed, Judi and I greeted mutual friends who also made the event. We also briefly observed some of the activity in the private rooms and alcoves…mostly one on one…BUT two of the private rooms had GB’s in play! One had several observers. My wife thought they were readying to participate…male AND female. I thought odd. The young lady hostess couldn’t have been more than late 20’s. She didn’t appear experienced enough to handle 5 or 6 gentlemen along with two or three ladies. BUT, as Judi and watched their activity, I was partially wrong. The young woman didn’t have a choice! Her hubby was orchestrating her party!!

And so as the party progressed and grew more raunchy by the hour, Judi and I had to make a decision. Do we separately engage as normal OR do we try to party together with another couple. That’s when Stan and Patty interceded. It was around 10:30. Our party hosts invited Judi to ‘play’ in one of the guest rooms. Patricia quietly told me that her hubby wanted to fuck Judi…that she had no problem…as long I was willing to play with her…! Fuck…NO problem for me. Patty is a few years younger than Judi…perhaps 42 or 43. She’s quite the fair-skinned, shapely lovely thing NO man would object engaging…;) If they did object, they’re stupid shitheads…!!

BUT, that’s when I noted Judi’s cautious reaction…there was an apparent problem she couldn’t share at that moment. I took the first step. I advised Patty Judi and I were still meeting several old friends, that we would be another hour or so. Patty’s reply very telling…”Arli, as long as you two don’t commit to someone else…not until Judi finishes hosting…”coyly smiling as well…! Judi and I stepped away so to continue our party survey. Judi was candid with me…more honest than she’s been of late.

Judi told me her play with Stan would NOT be solo. She suspected Stanley had a gang bang in mind. I laughed…said to my wife…”And pray tell…when have you objected to an occasional group fuck play dear wife…!” Judi replied…”No…no…this is NO ordinary party GB. This will be serious sex play. Stanley and his wife are into S&M. You saw that young wife in the Brent room downstairs…she was being party fucked by men and women…! I don’t think she accepted her GB invite if she knew more than 4 or 5 players involved. The girl is being gang-banged by men and women…likely against her will or at minimum under conditions she’s not even aware how many party players doing her…!!”

I got it! I’ve put Judi in come uncomfortable positions of late. No manner I wanted to ‘force’ her into another nasty event. Our break time from Patty allowed me to do some surveillance with other party-goers…and staff. Sure enough, without staff knowing I’m Judi’s husband, I learned the room Stan reserved for party time was equipped to handle S&M play…harness set, wrist restraints, ball gags, thigh locks…and extra bed pads…!! I shared the information with my wife. I could tell Judi was unnerved with the party, but pleased I confirmed her suspicions with Stanley’s plans for her. We quietly continued to make our way around the party venue, and at an appropriate moment, we exited. The concierge desk brought our car up and we left never advising Stan and Patty. It’s been two weeks, nary a comment from either Stan or Patricia! I’m sure, if they’ve had time to consider, they’re pissed with us.

To be honest, I’m also a little pissed as well. I was looking forward to fucking the host’s wife…never that close to her until that evening! As I say, it was my wife’s decision to opt out of the party. For Judi to express such concern about Stan’s likely plan, my wife knew more about this SOB than she was willing to share! At a time when she was soliciting his business, was Judi exposed to the kind of S&M play offered that evening…? Did my wife get more than she bargained for at another party with Stan…?

I wouldn’t be surprised with the likely answers! I just hold out hope that one day I’ll meet Patricia at some other ‘event’…solo!!