Written by Alan2

15 Nov 2011

I have often thought about retelling stories of what my wife gets up to on our weekends away, but Julie was always holding back on this, just should I be too descriptive and give our secret away of who we are.

Anyway I wrote this for her, and met with her approval, which resulted in her sucking my cock until it squirted on her chin and tits.

Every month we book a hotel miles from where we stay, always midweek. Last month we went up to Edinburgh, to a typical 4* just off the High Street, otherwise known as the Royal Mile.

Julie has just turned 40. But not to look at. She could easily pass for early 30s. She is tallish at 5'7". Long blond hair. Very slim, with pert 34B breasts, and an amazing bottom, and camel toe pussy.

We have this thing midweek, where the hotels are always filled with professional people, just like ourselves. Men who are on there own for a few days, away from wives, partners and family. It is always easy to strike up conversations in the bar. Julie is so glamourous, and dresses showing not too much, but just enough.

We met Mark about 7 o'clock. We had eaten earlier in town, and at the hotel bar he was standing at the window looking out over the city. As we sat down next to where he stood, Julie remarked to him that it was a magnificent view. He turned to reply to her, but paused before saying that the view inside was also fantastic. Then noticing me he shyed away.

Julie sat in her just above knee length dress, and dark boots. And as Mark walked away she informed him that he could always have a better look.

I invited Mark to join us for a drink. I left both Julie and Mark to chat briefly, returning with drinks. Mark is about 34, slim and athletic. Standing about 6'2", he was about my height and build, but a dark haired version of my blond.

I didnt beat about the bush. Holding Julie's hand I informed him that we were here for a couple of nights on a leisure break, and that Julie and me enjoyed the company of other men to satisfy Julie. Squeezing my hand waiting for a reaction, Julie relaxed when Mark said that Julie was a very beautiful woman, and who would not want to make love to her?

Mark agreed to join us in our suite in 30 minutes. He wanted to shower first.

Back at our room, both Julie and I had a quick bath together. As she lay back against me I soaped her breasts feeling them enlarge. I reached down to touch her pussy and washed her as I did so. When we had kissed for a few moments we both knew it was time. She gently dried me, sucked my cock for a few moments then moved into the room to dress in just a lacey white bra and g-string. I stood in my white robe when there was a knock on the door. Mark.

I let him in. Julie was sitting semi reclined on the bed. Mark in his suit with open necked shirt made straight for her. Julie sat up, unbuttoned Mark's shirt and kissed his belly which had a nice 6 pack. She immediately unbuckled his belt, zipped down his flies, and reached into his cotton underwear to pull out an already hard and large thick 9' cock. Julie gave a pleasant squeal just prior to licking it's tip and then swallowing his large helmet. Julie sucked on his beast for a couple of minutes, making Mark's cock visibly larger and thicker.

I then stood besides Mark and dropped my robe. Julie wanked me whilst still sucking Mark. After a few moments I pulled the gusset of Julies pants to one side. Mark immediately dropped to his knees and started licking at her moist pussy. Darting his tongue in and out, and lashing at her clit, Julie came over his face, squirting a little pee as she did so.

I unclipped her bra and bite at her tits. Mark joined me, and as he did Julie removed the little material that covered her cunt. Julie moved onto all fours and Mark with my approval entered her from behind. Julie let out a massive grunt as he hit her womb. Julies cunt was stretched around his cock, and I watched with pleasure as he fucked her harder and harder with each stroke. In only a few minutes Mark declared that he was cumming. Julie asked him to come inside her. He did. When he climaxed he roared, he withdrew and I could see how wide open he made her gash. White sperm was dripping out out her.

He moved to her head and she sucked him dry. As she did so I entered her with my 6's. Got there was a lot of room inside her. A lot of farty noises as I pumped her cunt. My cock was covered with her fanny juices as well as Marks sperm. Mark was getting hard again and ready for seconds. I thrust my right thumb up Julie's arse as I fucked her, and she responded positively by thrusting back harder at me.

I pulled out my wet cock from her cunt and gently slid it into her bumhole. A better fit now, I fucked her harder and harder until I came up her arse.

Suitably wettened. Julie lay on her back and made love to Mark. Their tongues and mouths devouring each other as he lay on top of her. Her legs wrapped around his back. It transpired that Mark's wife was due to fly in at 10 that night. So after cumming in my wife's cunt again he had to leave.

Mark was the perfect gentleman, to us both, and a very good lover. He didnt abuse Julie with his big cock. It is a similar tale for when we have these breaks away. Julie loves to be filled. If not with a big cock, then with several. She craves having sperm inside her cunt. She comes each time a man squirts inside her. I love her being happy. And I love to see her getting fucked.

Julie is the most beautiful woman in the world.