Written by Robert

19 Oct 2008

My wife and I are now in our late forties, married since we were nineteen but I guess just your average couple in those days to marry so young. Strange to think that before we were married I’d been a little jealous, since over the next few years I fancied the idea of watching her having sex with other men. All very well in fantasy and I was sure that I’d never have the nerve to tell her.

However, after three years I dared her to sunbathe topless on the local beach and after a few more visits I was surprised to discover that she was quite the exhibitionist. Nothing so outrageous but gradually she became much more adventurous and often dressed the part, wearing a daring top without a bra when we went shopping in neighbouring towns.

I might be biased but I think any guy would agree that she was quite attractive. She was then a size 10, around 5’ 2” – 34B with prominent nipples and we both enjoyed the thrill when other men stared at her tits.

By the following summer any number of men had seen her topless until one day some guy came and sat with us then complimented that she had nice sexy tits. This guy must have been mid fifties and I don’t think either of us were that naïve but I had to admire his cheek when he asked if he could fondle her tits. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time he’d asked and I wondered if he’d had any previous joy but with a number of people in the near distance there was no chance of that happening. But when my wife told him that he was allowed to look but no touching I wondered how she might have reacted if we’d been somewhere more private. Maybe wishful thinking but I wouldn’t have had any objections.

We were out with friends later that evening but when we got home we began talking about the guy on the beach when I asked her if she ever fancied having sex with another man. She promised that she could never be unfaithful but I’m sure she knew where I was coming from so I told her about my fantasy. That was met with total silence and the following morning I felt really embarrassed but later that evening she asked if I’d been serious about what I’d said. I already had my excuses until she told me that she fancied the idea of having sex with a stranger but never imagined me being around to watch.

That came as a shock but when I suggested we try that instead she claimed that she wouldn’t have the nerve, unless, I came along as chaperone. Then after discussing all kinds of scenarios we finally agreed to give it a try. Simple as that, except I think we both had some reservations.

The following day I borrowed some magazines from work and we sent off an ad that evening. Think we were disappointed that we only had a few replies and each of those was from men over forty. With mixed feelings I could never imagine her fancying any of these men but one guy did impress with a nice letter, phone number and offering to meet us with no obligations.

When she phoned that evening we agreed to meet on that condition and I don’t think either of us really thought anything would happen, least not on the first meeting. Perhaps it was just nerves but although we still held some reservations we thought it might be fun to explore a little further.

Feeling really nervous, we arranged to meet Ron at his place, guess he was early forties but in good shape, well spoken and seemed pleasant company. We just talked for some time that I almost forgot why we were here until he asked how we become interested in meeting other men. There was never any pressure but when my wife told him about the experience on the beach he asked if he could fondle her tits. Looking at me she smiled then nodded.

When he came and sat the other side of her he pulled the straps of her dress until she was topless then with Ron tracing his fingertips over her breasts he told her that she had perfect tits, pert, sitting high on her chest, nicely shaped with delightful nipples. I thought he was being very smooth with the compliments but most men have since told her that she had sexy tits.

Up until that night she always referred as her boobs but she told Ron that she thought her tits were her best feature, just a little detail but just as I thought, a sign that she was becoming less inhibited.

Sure enough, while Ron argued that she was a very sexy woman he lent forward to suck her nipples then pushed up her dress to reveal stocking tops and her knickers. Without any encouragement she open her legs wide as he pulled her knickers to one side to expose her pussy. It was like being on a roller coaster of excitement as he pulled down her knickers, if I hadn’t been the first guy to play with her tits then up until now I’d been the only guy to see her pussy.

Then for a moment I thought she lost her nerve, instead she complained about creasing her dress then sat down between us again just wearing stockings and suspenders with her legs wide-open eager for more. Taking up that invitation Ron began gently stroking her clitoris while pushing a finger inside her pussy.

So much for playing the chaperone, while Ron knelt between her legs, licking her pussy, I couldn’t resist playing with her tits, sometimes kissing her passionately or sucking her nipples. I think any inhibitions we might have had were completely gone as we watched Ron get undressed and I couldn’t wait to watch him fuck my wife.

In my fantasies I’d always imagined a big cock but at around six inches Ron was just an inch or so bigger than me. So while I never thought I’d have the nerve to strip naked in front of another guy I couldn’t resist joining in.

I wanted to watch first and knelt beside him as he slowly eased his cock inside her pussy. Gradually he began to fuck her hard and fast and it was a thrill to see her tits bouncing with each stroke as she lay back against the settee. I had imagined us taking turns but instead she sat up with her arms wrapped around his neck and pulling herself onto his cock. I couldn’t see so much so I then sat behind her to fondle her tits while Ron continued to fuck her at a slow pace that she preferred. I could never have lasted as long as Ron but when he finally cum inside her she wanted me to fuck her doggie style as she knelt half across the settee.

As much as I’m the voyeur it struck me later how much I enjoyed the thrill of offering my wife to another man then to feel his cum inside her pussy. Although I didn’t realise it at the time I guess it suited my submissive fantasies but that night it was a thrill to see his cum covering my cock while I fucked my wife.

That thrill kept us going for several weeks but while, surprisingly, we both held some reservations we also knew we wanted to try the same again.

Shall tell more once I find the time, for now I need a wank.