Written by phoneking

23 Jun 2007

Yesterday my girlfriend Lesley came home from work in a strange mood. That evening she told me the following.

We have just recently agreed that she/we should stop seeing a local guy for threesome (and more) fun as it was getting a bit serious and he was treating her badly.

She said he came in to the shop today and she was quite pleased with herself when she told me she had refused his advances and offers of lunchtime or after work fun.

However, all afternoon she was feeling more and more randy. She even nipped to the loo twice and admitted she made herself cum once. I guess the ache she felt was due to missing out on her new found fun.

About 3.30pm a rep from a company she deals with called in on the off chance to see her.

She has told me about this guy before, saying he was always laughing and joking with her and the others.

She said they talked business for a bit and he was showing her various new lines. She said she would make them both a coffee but as she started to the phone rang and she answered it. He meanwhile came behind the counter to the shop back room and carried on making the coffee.

When she finished her call he said "the view is better from this side of the counter, i can watch your bum".

"Cheeky" she said.

"No, i mean it, you have got a lovely figure and its nice to see it from all angles" he said.

She said nothing but she told me they stood looking at each other and it was very quiet and there was a real atmosphere. They sipped thier coffees.

She said without saying a word he stepped forward and was up in front of her. He placed one hand on her hip and gently moved it upwards. He traced her stomache and continued upwards and gently brushed the back of his hand over her breast.

She broke free and moved to one side but he stepped up to her and pulled her to him and the next thing she knew they were kissing. She said she couldnt resist it and they kissed for several minutes.

She said they both stopped and he went to the door. He wasnt leaving however, he turned the door sign to closed and threw the bolt across. He walked to the back of the shop where she stood nervously waiting.

They resumed kissing. She said she could feel his cock outline pressing in to her leg.

He removed his tie then shirt. She was kissing his chest. He helped her remove her blouse, she unzippped and removed her skirt, he was now stood in just boxers.

He pressed gently on her shoulders and she sank to the floor. She pulled his boxers down and his cock sprang to attention. The end was already wet and it was a good size.

She wasted no time. She opened her mouth and his cock slid between her lips. She was stroking his hairy balls.

This didnt last long, after a minute or so he started to relly pant and said "i am gonna cum".

She took as much of his cock in to her mouth as possible and started to swallow his load.

When she felt him start to shrink she stopped.

They both lay on the floor.

He removed her panties and started to taste her.

She took off her bra and he moved up and started to lick her nipples and breasts.

She could feel his cock hanging at her pussy entrance. She said it was twitching and getting hard again.

Very soon she felt him start to enter her.

Within seconds she started to cum but he carried on fucking her.They fucked like this for what felt like ages until eventually he built up a fast speed and was really pumping her deep and hard. He came inside her and they both lay together.

A bit embarressed now they both got themselves dressed.

They kissed some more and he promised he would call and visit again soon. She said he was lovely. He then reluctantly left.

I will admit to fucking her by the time she got to the end of her story.

I hope we can arrange a threesome some day.