Written by kenny butler

24 Feb 2007

Kelley and I have been married for 22 years. kelley is 5'3" and still just under 120lbs. She has very long straight black hair and has a very curvaceous figure with 36d breasts that have sized up some from her 20's 34c's when we were married. She weighed 112lbs when we first got married and has really only gained her weight in her breasts due to her having two kids since then.

Our sex life is very good and Kelley enjoys giving head and having her pussy eaten alot more than when we first dated. For the past two years I have been bringing up the fantasy of her having two guys, (one being me), doing her in a hotel setting. She gets extremely wet very quickly when I mention the idea of another nice looking guy with a large cock joining us in bed. Numerous times she has repeated to me, as I am eating or fucking her, that she wants another large one to hold and suck on. Our sex escapades usually end in us both climaxing to the thought of her taking another large cock.

However once the sessions are over Kelley quickly lets me know that this is just a fantasy and that she would never agree to another guy having his way with her. She says this after only five minutes prior agreeing to my suggestions that I set up a hotel meeting with another guy. Of course, she agreed to this while I was eating her or when my cock was buried in her prior to her and I climaxing only minutes later.

Well, needless to say, I decided to take a chance and set something up at a not so distant hotel from our house.I found a good looking guy on a swing site who was extremely well-endowed, (plus 9"),(I am only 6"), that agreed to be available in the area of the hotel on the following Friday night.

Kelley and I hardly ever go out, maybe 12 times or so a year and she was ready to paint the town that Friday night. I told her nothing about my arrangement.

We started the evening at a very nice resturant and had a light meal that was highlighted by a couple of small bottles of wine that kelley and I enjoyed.

After leaving, we smoked a joint in the car while in the parking lot. Kelley loves to smoke pot and when she does she enjoys sex immensely. Affter finishing the joint, I told her that I had reserved a room at a very nice hotel only minutes away. Kelley told me I shouldn't have and that we really didn't need to because we had a nice bedroom back home and the kids were going to be out most of the night, (we have two sons and they would both be at their girlfriends till at least 12 midnight. As I drove to the hotel, I could tell it was a good decision on my part.

When we got to the hotel, (I had already gotten the key cards earlier that day, I dropped the second surprise on Kelley. "Honey I have a surprise for you, I got a massouse for tonight to come to our room to give you a massage". "What?! You did what? she responded. "Honey, I thought it would be exciting if another guy gave you a nice massage...it will definitely turn you on and we will have that excitement to build on the rest of the night. Everything will be alright, you'll see."

kelley surprised me in that she agreed to go through with it. This excited me all the more knowing that the plan just might work. I then called the guy, Doug, on my cell phone, with Kelley listening intently in our car. He answered on the second ring and I, very businesslike, told him the hotel that we were at and the room. I asked him to call me as soon as he arrived at the premises. Kelley had had a few girlfriends at work that had gotten massages lately but these were scheduled at a place of business and was totally different from what I had in mind for her that evening. I'm sure she was skeptical but she seemed excited by the idea too.

We got to the room and it was very nice and had a huge king bed with typical tv etc. She told me she wanted to smoke some more and we proceeded to light one up. As we smoked, I assured her that we would have fun and if she wanted the massage to end that she could end it at any time.

She did not say much but told me that I should have let her know sooner about my little surprise. We had no sooner finished the joint and the cell phone rang. I answered and it was Doug who basically needed directions to our room which I promptly gave him. No more than a minute later I looked out the window and saw a car pull up next to ours. We were on a second floor room with a window to the parking lot. I told Kelley that I had to let him in as he needed a key card to get in the nearest entrance to our room. I went down and let him in and reviewed what we had discussed earlier, that Kelley only assumed she would be getting a massage and that he should go slow and watch for my cue. I had told him ideally before the night was over we could hopefully have her under the sheets and we would be on each side of her with her hands on each of our cocks. He liked this idea but he totally understood that this was our first go of it and that kelley had no eidea of what I had ultimately planned. Doug was a very nice dude and wholeheartedly agreed with my plan.

When we came into the room I introduced Kelley to Doug and asked him to take his coat off and be comfortable. He really lit up when he saw Kelley as she had on a somewhat revealing blouse and her figure was shown off nicely by her nice fitting black pants etc. Kelley almost instantly became nervous and was quite shy in her conversation with Doug. Doug picked up the moment though by telling her that he looked foward to giving her a good massage and that it was not often he got to give a massage to such a good looking woman. I could tell Kelly was impressed by his basic stature and good looks... and personality.

Doug wasted no time in asking her if she could lie on her stomach and he would start the massage. Kelley took her shoes off and lay face down on the bed as Doug proceeded to straddle her legs reaching to her shoulders and commencing the massage. He rubbeed her down good for at least 10 minutes before he asked if she could take her top off for better affect. Kelley surprised me by sitting up at the edge of bed and taking her blouse off and then lying back down on her stomach as she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and removed it to the side of the bed without even showing a nipple. Doug then proceeded to reach in a bag he had brought and got out some oil that he politely poured onto Kelly's bare back as he appologized for the coolness of the oil. Kelley said it was okay but was still very nervous as both doug and I could easily tell.

Doug really got into the massage from that point on though and had Kelley relaxed after about 15 minutes. It was at that moment that I made my move. I got onto the bed and began to massage Kelly's legs as Doug continued his deep massage on her back. I slowly moved my hands onto her nice little butt. Kelley was light moaning but quickly reached back to grab my hand as I began to pull her pants down. "No, don't honey" she whispered. "Its okay Kelley, I just want you to relax and enjoy yourself", I whispered back. She did not resist much longer though and minutes later I not only had her pants off but her panties as well. Once I had her panties off I worked my hands between her legs and slowly began to lightly stroke her soaking wet little pussy. Soon after I was licking that sweet little pussy. Kelly was really into it even though she was telling me no, but was spreading her legs a little wider each time she spoke.

Doug was waiting, I could tell, for my next move. I motioned him to move as I moved my way up next to Kelley and began to kiss her. I pulled her close as Doug watched and started kissing her and rubbing my hands over her ass and breasts. Kelley was really heated up and I knew now was the time to get Doug involved.

"Honey, do you care if Doug goes down on you, I asked. It was bad timing,.... Kelley froze and she said, No we have to stop now." I was devastated. "Are you sure honey, I whispered in her ear. "Yes I want to stop this now, she coldly responded". Kelley almost instantly became rigid to my touch.

Needless to say, I got up from the bed as Kelley reached for the sheets to cover herself and I motioned to Doug that we go towards the door. Doug politely said goodbye to Kelley and Kelley surprisingly smiled and thanked him for the massage stopping short of explaining her sudden change of attitude. Doug and I proceeded to leave the room and I closed the door behind us. We went down the hall a piece and I then told him, "Doug, I think she might still change her mind. If you don't mind how bout sticking around and letting me see if she might have a change of heart?" "Sure, Doug responded" He was very taken in by Kelley and told me that she was a very good looking woman and that he would really love to have another chance at being with her whether it was tonight or a later date. I then proceeed to tell Doug my plan for another shot at this fleeting moment for Kelley to have another man. ,,,,I told Doug that I would go back in the room and see if Kelley might have a change of heart. If I got her hot again, I told him I might be able to convince her to have him back into the room, but that I was not going to mention him still being there unless I got her to that point again. He agreed to wait in his car and I gave him the extra key card to get back in the room. I set his phone number on my cell and told him if I buzzed him then that meant the coast was clear and he could proceed back into the hotel and our oom and then do his best to ease back into the action between me and Kelley,. Doug was really pumped by the idea and told me he would wait another hour if need be. I thanked him and as he went to his car I went back to the room.......I will finish this story and I want you to know that this is exactly the way Kelley's first went down.....next...kelley and I talk about why she stopped the massage...it made perfect sense to me... Ken