Written by anonymous

2 Feb 2008

Just a short update from my previous offering on here regarding my girlfriends new found enjoyment of dogging.

I picked her up from work yesterday around 5:30 and we went to a Rochester high street pub where we had a couple of drinks.

On leaving there we were to go straight home but i drove to a small car park i know hidden behind the shops at the top of the high street. It is only a small area but is very dark and used by couples and singles from time to time.

We parked up and i started kissing her neck and rubbing the small of her back which she loves. Things were soon getting pretty hot,i had her skirt raised and her panties pulled to one side. I was inserting two fingers in to her pussy which was rapidly becoming wetter by the second and using my thumb to stimulate her clit.

She undid my trousers and pulled my shorts down,once my cock was free she started gently wanking me.

I halted proceedings and reached in to the glove compartment where i had previously put a brand new vibrator purchased yesterday morning.

I turned it on to a gentle vibrate and wrapped her hand around it,she smiled and started to rub the end against her clit. After a minute or so she moved it between her pussy lips and in it went,she spread her thighs as wide as she could,i reclined our seats,undid her blouse slightly,resumed wanking and watched in awe as she slowly fucked herself with the thing. She used the whole length,more or less taking it fully out before pushing it in right to the hilt.

It is i guess a normal width vibe but was much longer than my cock and she was taking all of it even adjusting her position to get it all in. I was mesmerised and had completely forgotten where we were.

Just then a range rover came down the small road to the car park and (as is always the way even when there are spaces everywhere) made to reverse back alongside Lesleys window.

I could see it was a lone guy driving. He couldnt have parked much closer.

I looked at Lesley and assumed she would stop but she showed no signs of embarressment or of covering up and waiting till he left. (she has changed so much).

Her new vibrator was wet with her juices and she was now fucking herself much faster with it and playing with herself with the other hand,her nails flicking her wetness over her clit.

From where the guy was now sitting he must of had as good a view as me of what was going on. He did not get out of his car and i could not really see him. I did myself up but then still aroused resumed stroking Lesleys thighs as she showed no signs of stopping.

I saw his window go down,i hesitated and then flicked my ignition key and buzzed down Lesleys window.

It was so quiet,no noise at all apart from the gentle hum of the vibe and Lesleys soft moaning.

The guy still made no move towards us.

Lesley was getting to the point of no return now,red faced and panting she started to shake and climax with the vibe as far inserted as it could possibly be,you could only just see the end as she flicked her clit faster and faster. She arched her back and came with a violent shudder.

With the vibe half hanging out of her exposed pussy and both somewhat disheveled i started my car up,buzzed up her window and slowly pulled away.

Looking back i could make out him do the same and he followed us out of the car park.

Sadly this has a bit of a creepy end as he followed us almost home and despite driving round in circles for about 20 minutes would not leave us alone. I finally lost him at a roundabout in Chatham town.

We returned home and undetered shagged like rabbits.

Needless to say she likes her new toy.