Written by Medway guy

31 Jul 2012

With regards to my previous notes on here.

My wife went on a driving lesson with a guy who is known by a friend of mine.

He is a randy sod and bragged to my mate that the lady he was seeing on Sunday was a dead cert.

She came home after a two hour lesson on Sunday.(They sat outside for 20 mins after).

My cock was straining in my pants.

Trying to act casual i enquired as to how it went.

Her reply was - "Yes it was good,hang on i need the bathroom,back in a sec".

She hurried through to the bathroom leaving me imagining what he may or may not have done to her.

She was in there ages.

When she came out she was in her silky dressing gown.She had her bra,top and knickers in her hand and quickly pit them straight in to the washing machine with a few other bits and started it up.

I asked her for the details of her lesson. She looked a bit on edge but went on to say they drove to a car park and chatted for a while then they drove to a place called Bluebell hill (local picnic spot) where he let her move the car about a bit just to get the idea.

She said they were there for some time then he drove her home.

I asked how she got on with him,what he was like,is she going to continue?

She said he was okay,he made her feel relaxed and yes she wanted to go with him again on Tuesday after work.

We pottered about doing things for a bit then i followed her in to the bedroom and tried to kiss her and move her on to the bed.

She seemed responsive but said she wanted a shower first and quickly exited the room.

After we had both showered i followed her in to the bedroom again,threw off my towelling robe and pulled her towards the bed.

She knelt between my legs and started sucking me,i moved her on to the bed and we ended up in the 69 position.

She was sucking greedily on my cock and i was sucking,nibbling and licking her clit and pussy.

She was red,swollen and very wet.

We ended up fucking for some time,changing positions every few minutes. She came twice (the second time she was really going for it) and after a brief break i came twice too.

It was certainly more intense and every time i looked at her and touched her i imagined his fingers on her,his cock in her mouth,his cock inside her.

She gave nothing away or indicated anything was different.

She was a bit quieter as the evening went on but otherwise nothing new.

During the night we sleepily shagged again,neither of us was really awake. She lay on her side,back towards me. As i moved inside her she played with her clit and my shaft.

After we had both cum we slept in the same position.

Cant remember the last time we had sex 3 times in one day.

We shagged briefly again on Monday evening.

The guy who knows the driving instructor was unavailable yesterday but i will find out what he knows today (Tuesday) and report back.

Nervous now but cant wait to find out any details.