Written by Seb and Koko

10 Oct 2013

Koko had phoned me to say that Alan (Mr Suit) had asked if could call in.

When I got home the red Alfa Spyder in the drive told me he was there. As I opened the door I heard noises from the bedroom, familiar noises. A man was grunting, the bed was banging and there were the satisfied, hungry yelps of Koko.

Upstairs, I opened the bedroom door to be confronted by the energetic naked arse of Alan bent over her. I could see the white flesh where his swim trunks must have been. The muscles in his arse were contracting rhythmically as he thrust into Koko from behind. He was going desperately. Even if he'd wanted to he couldn't have stopped. It was too late. Reflected in the wardrobe mirrors facing I saw Koko's face. I knew the look. She was willing him to cum. Hair wss escaping from her pony tail. More her face told me she'd cum already.

I tore my clothes off dropping them to the ground. My cock, released from constraint sprung up, rigid, swollen, hungry. Koko was in, what we called 'tart's gear' - black fishnet hold-ups, skimpy stretch black mini skirt pushy up to he waist, tight t-shirt above her boobs. This meant there had been no bra or panties and her skirt would scarcely have covered her arse or bush. Her nipples would have stood out proud through the white fabric of her top. Even if he'd have wanted to, Alan wouldn't have stood a chance. Koko was thrusting back onto Alan's cock, boobs bouncing as she supported herself on the bed with straight arms. Alan's hands were on her hips greedily pulling her back onto him to bury himself inside her up to his balls.

I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. Julia (alias Green Dress) was sitting in the corner, watching. The state of her clothing showed she'd been in action too. She still was for legs apart, rabbit in hand, she was pleasuring herself.

I played with myself whilst Alan fucked with increasing desperation. I gave him ten thrusts. I was wrong. After five, hips pushed forwards, Koko pulled hard back onto his rod he shot his spunk into my amazing wife. I could imagine what he was feeling as he exploded his load, jet after jet, deep inside her. Wanting to be able to fill her full to the brim with spunk until it overflowed, oozing out of her mouth.

He withdrew, dripping, yet surprisingly stiff still. He walked to his wife who took him in her mouth draining him of any remaining cum.

I entered Koko. Her 'tarts gear' was always a turn on but knowing that she'd just been fucked hard by another man was extra - a first. Juices, his or hers, probably both, were flowing out of her. My cock, rigid, engorged and throbbing slipped into her, squelching and slurping inside her juicy cunt. I knew it would be a quickie as I was so sexed up.

I deliberately forced myself to fuck slowly. slipping slowly out almost to the tip of the head, then slowly slid in again up to my balls. Hands on her hips we were like a perfect machine. The juicy sounds, the feeling on different parts of my cock were wonderful, but I could not last long. Soon I was pumping desperately both opf us noisy with pleasure. I felt the muscles getting ready to release the load of spunk bursting to cum, then, like Alan, a few minutes before, I shot my load longing to fill her whole body with my juice.

We collapsed on the bed. Koko, drained the last drops with her mouth. I watched in awe as my stiff cock slipped between her red lips. I stiffened further but we both knew that there was no more cum. We crawled into bed. So did Julia and Adam and fell asleep in a sweaty, tangled, spunky group.

Later Koko told me that she had expected Alan alone and so put on her skimpy 'tarts gear'. Julia had come naked under a tight dress. Koko said, "She couldn't have worn bra or panties under it is was so tight. Things had started with Julia kissing Koko whilst she unzipped Alan. Then both had worked on Alan's cock together. "A four-handed wank by two lovely women", I said. "Lucky devil". "Don't forget the two mouthed oral", added Koko. I winced with jealousy.

Later Julia had rabbitted Koko whilst Koko sucked Alan. "She said something about doggying me with a strap-on cock whilst I sucked Alan. Judging by his cock's reaction he liked the idea." "So does mine", I said.

"Well we swapped ideas about these things", said Koko. "Sounds interesting to Cock and Seb", I replied.