Written by Seb and Koko

9 Oct 2013

Koko, my Japanese wife is 25 and I am ten years older. We were going to a swingers party only for the second time. I guess in our area of Surrey there's a lot going on. It was "dress as you like" so we decided that Koko would dress in a variant of her Japanese school uniform. So she wore a very short kilt with a lot od red in it, over the knee black socks, a white sailor-collar blouse, no bra and white pants. This was finished off with black very high heels and left her long, very black hair flowing down her back. When she appeared I wanted to fuck her there and then. Patience Seb!

The house stood alone and we were greeted warmly with the host openly gobbling up Koko with his eyes. Drinks in hand we looked round About a dozen couples with Koko the youngest. I think every male had imagined sex with her before she got far. Two other people were in fancy dress, a nurse's uniform white tunic and stockings with a flash of red suspender and bra. The other was in St Trinians kit, black stockings, short pleated skirt, black stockings and suspenders and a button popping blouse over eye popping boobs. Blonde hair in bunches. Several of the other women wore little black dresses, just a little shorter than at any ordinary party, cleavage a little lower too. There were the inevitable little black skirts too. The men wore jeans or slacks. One couple stood out. He was the oldest, about fifty and he was in a suit. The woman with him was about 35 wearing a figure hugging emerald shortish dress with a prominent brass zip from neck to hem. Invitingly at the top was a large brass zipper ring. It might as well have been tagged "Pull down to get me out of here".

Koko, very Japanese despite her English education, and so polite yet uninhibited, walked up to them, and introduced us. Lots of male eyes were watching enviously. Some of the couples were already kissing and hands exploring and bulges developing, but with his wife next to him, she said directly to the man, "Would you like me to suck you?". He looked at his wife and she gave the faintest nod. Too late already Koko had her hands on his trousers. She looked at me, "The answer is clearly 'Yes'", she said. " I can feel his cock hardening." Soon she had his zip down and stiffened cock out. Then she was on her knees blowing him with all the expertise I knew she had. There he stood suited,respectable, with his cock and balls out being worked by Koko. "He loves that", said his wife to me". The sweating face, twitching hips and groans of pleasure showed she was right.

Hand on elbow she moved me away leaving them to it. This had given the green light to others. A woman and man sat the sofa kissing. His hand was slipping up her legs and one of her hands was lowering his zip wile another man next to her watching. By a doorway the nurse was giving relief to a man she was kissing. I could see her hand working up and down. Another couple watched Koko and the man. St Trinian's, sitting on an upright chair had two rods to contend with. She was sucking one and wanking the other. The men, trousers round their ankles were in ecstasy. She kept on swapping her mouth and hands from one to the other.

On the settee, as I looked, the man who was watching a girl wank another man, put his hand between her legs, she opened them and his hand slipped up. From where I stood I could see his hands work their way into her knickers and soon, from the look on her face, into her. Meanwhile the other man was now tossing himself, and judging from the look on his face and the movement of his hands and hips, soon to cum.

I looked round. Green dress had disappeared. I wondered if the zip had been pulled.

A girl came up to me. Petite, 5' 3". Size 8 or 10. Short black skirt. No bra under her blouse. Her hand went straight to my bursting mound. Every one was getting attention and I needed it. We went into the garden. Pressing against me on tiptoe she kissed me then said, "Fuck me please. With a wife like yours you've got to be good". In a moment I had my trousers off, pants down. Her skirt was up, knickers off. She had her hands round my neck, legs round my waist and I had her in a three point support, two hands and cock. She rode up and down as I pumped. "Cum on baby", she said as she bounced up and down on Mr Big. "Get that great tool of yours inside me and fill me with your juice". I felt I was going to have to cum soon. "No, not yet. It's too early in the evening. Later". "OK", she said. We slowed down. I put her down. She pulled her skirt down, bent down, gave my cock a big kiss. "See you later" she said to it, picked up her pants and went off.

Green dress appeared. "That was energetic", she said. "Did you save some for me? I"ll deserve it by the time your wife has finished". "OK". Blast, I thought, two promises.

I went in search of the nurse with the red bra and suspenders. She was in the same room with two different men, bending over the chair being fucked hard from behind by one man and face fucked by the other. There was a lot of sweat, groaning and thrusting backwards and forwards. Both men were going to cum soon and she knew it. She got onto the floor, lay on her back, undid her tunic as both men stood over her frantically working themselves to cum on her. One shot, then the other and she lay there cum running off her body. Hmm. No nurse for me.

I hadn't realised that green dress was beside me. "I'll bet that was a relief", she said. The two men had zipped up and ambled out for a smoke or a drink. Koko was nowhere to be seen.

The settee was still occupied, now by two women. They were bent over arses waving in the air each receiving a several thrusts of servicing from a totally naked, well endowed man. Green dress and I watched as his massive cock slipped in and out of each of them. We could hear the slap of his balls as he buried his cock deep inside each of them.

Apart from Nurse, now standing up and the three at the settee the only others in the room were a couple on rug on the floor. Sitting astride a trouserless man lying on the floor was a woman dress pulled up above naked boobs. They were at the Grand National. She somehow managed to keep her balance whilst she rode the whole length of his cock, up and down, whilst he was bucking his hips up and down with a fury.

Green dress had her arm round my waist as we watched. "You must be aching for it", she said. "Lets go and unzip each other".

We went upstairs. Each of the five bedroooms was occupied as we looked in. In one I'd seen a smart suit on a chair and a sailor's blouse on the floor. Green dress led us back to it. "I know you men like to watch your wife being had by another man. Now you can both do it". So we ended up four on a king-size bed swapping husbands and wives. Standing by the bed I slowly unzipped her and her dress fell to the ground. No bra, just the cutest little blue and white panties and a gorgeous figure. "Lets get that big boy out ", she said as she undressed me down to my pants. "Now there's a surprise", she said as she saw my red Japanese briefs from Koko, pouch strained as my cock ached to be released. She pushed the waistband down and my cock sprang outwards and upwards., throbbing in the air almost vertically. She bent down, kissed the oozing head, and took it in her mouth. Her hands slipped around my balls. It felt marvellous. I saw that Koko and Suit were both watching as she sat astride him riding him gently. Soon, from being sucked gently, I had my hands round her head, thrusting my buttocks forward pulling her head towards me to bury my cock deep inside. She gave head amazingly, skilfully working my helmet with her tongue sucking the juices up the rigid, bursting rod. My balls felt heavy with spunk.

This must have excited Koko and Suit. She had dismounted and now had his cock in her mouth giving him head like Koko really can. She was going to bring him off I realised. She stopped and laid down her head on his chest watching herself as her scarlet nails slid round his tool and caressed his balls. All of us watched with fascination as his hips began to buck and we all knew he was about to cum. He was breathing deeply, panting and crying "Make me cum. Make me cum. Please". Through watching Koko and her husband, Green Dress was now standing behind me hands round me reaching round to pleasure me gently facing the bed. I could see Koko watching for the explosion from his cock which she was keeping pointing up into the air. It came. With a shout he shot great loads of cum up into the air allowing it to land on his belly. I knew how wonderful his release must be feeling.

"Now you fuck her", said Koko to me. I bent her over the bed, head over her husbands spunked body. Koko and I looked at each other over her. "He loves doggy", she said. She encouraged me. "Jam it in". "Fill her with your juice". "Harder, harder". I didn't need much encouragement. She was tight , juicy and...hungry, thrusting herself back onto my cock to get every bit of me inside her.

Feeling I needed more encouragement she kissed the woman on the lips and came round to kneel beside me pushing my arse forwards with one hand to help me bury myself and massaging my balls with the other. All three of us knew when I was about to cum. I was groaning, Koko was encouraging and green dress begging. "Look at me being fucked and filled darling", she panted to her husband. "This is what you wanted to watch".

I trust hard against her as my spunk shot into her. Koko pushed me too so that my spunk would shoot as deeply as possible into her. When I had finished she let me slowly withdraw and licked my still stiff cock clean. "Fill me later", she said.

We all dozed off. I awoke still stiff ready to fuck Koko.