Written by Jane

11 Jun 2013

When the taxi came to take us from the club Darren got into the front seat and Steve and I were in the back , no words were spoken, on arriving at the hotel taxi paid for we had to show our room keys to the reception, Steve suggested a quick drink but the bar was closed , the 3 of us got into the lift , it was only then that darren started to kiss me , our room i think , and with that we stepped out of the lift and along to our room, once inside Steve went to the bathroom and by the time he came out, Darren had me on the bed in just my underwear, Steve sat in the chair and watched as I undid Darrens Jeans taking down his boxers , his cock already hard and ready I took him deep into my mouth wanting to make a show of it to steve , after about ten minutes Darren got up to remove his clothes , he really did have am impressive body , again he joined me on the bed parting my legs and feeling my wetness in got between my thighs and started to put his glistening cock up me , fuck it was lovely, after he was as deep as he could get he started to fuck me hard , calling me names , slut whore and the like I was coming and coming his cock if anything seemed to get bigger. Not wanting him to cum yet I asked him to fuck me doggy , and he lifted me up and put me on my knees , without any touching he just rammed his cock deep in me, I looked at Steve and he got up out of the chair and placed his cock in my face , I tried sucking him , normally not a problem when im having two guys but Darren was thrusting so hard getting Steve into my mouth was a problem, so he just wanked into my face , it was pretty quick for him to cum splashing his cum over my face, in turn Darren announced he was about to shoot his seed "in my mouth please " i shouted as he withdrew and turned me round just in time as the first jet of hot cum hit the back of my throaght, i greedily swallowed it all and wiped Steves from my face with my fingers and tasted him too.

We both fell back on the bed " do you want to come back to my room for the rest of the night ?, I looked at steve he just said it was up to me, ok i said , i put my dress back on and my shoes as darren dressed and we made our way to his room , leaving Steve alone in our room.

It was 7.30 in the morning when I left Darrens room, As we left his room a couple came out from the room next door , 30 minutes later as I entered the dining room for breakfast the same couple were sat near us , there faces a picture as they tried to put two and two together !!!

I have Darrens number and although he told us he would be at the club next time , i told him it was better if we repeat the hotel part and leave the club fun apart .

We are back there on the 21st the Hotel is booked , Darren has booked in too and Im wet at the thought