Written by Jane

4 Jun 2013

Hi Its Jane again, Steve and I went to La Chambre a few weeks ago on a friday night , which is singles and couples night , as usual there was a mixture of couples and single males and a few single females

When we arrived we chatted to a couple of guys that i Have been with before in there , they were basaically wanting to know if they could have a repeat. I told them maybe lol

Just before 12 two guys started to chat to us both asking us what we were into , we told them that I liked the attention of men and steve liked to watch. We told them we were going upstairs to see what was going on and they joined us, after looking in the various playrooms most had couples fucking or groups fucking , one of the guys lifted my skirt from behind , on getting no arguement from me he started to play with my pussy, he asked if I wanted to go into a room with them and I took hold of both there hands and led them into a playroom , within minutes I was down to my pants being licked by one and sucking the others cock. The one licking me stopped to put on a condom and then I was placed on my knees whilst he fucked me from behind , and his mate holding my hair fucked my mouth, it was only 10 or so minutes when first the guy fucking me came quickly followed by the guy shooting his load in my mouth, they both got up dressed and left , i didnt even know there names lol

Steve and I went down to the showers where I cleaned myself up and joined Steve at the bar again, at about 1.30 we were about to leave when a good looking black guy , he introduced himself as Darran and could he buy us both a drink. He was only wearing a towel and when he pulled it aside to show me his cock I have to say I was impressed, I know its a cliche about black guys but he really was hung and thick and he wasnt even erect !!!. Do you like the look he asked , I didnt have to answer my face said it all, would you like to come up to a private room with me, I looked at Steve and he said go ahead, we went upstars leaving Steve at the bar , I told Darran I like open rooms better as I like to be watched but i didnt want anyone else joining in , we found a room that we could lock but had peep holes and glory holes perfect i thought .

Once inside I dropped to my knees released his towel and stroked his growing cock fuck it was big , i started to kiss it taking his big round black helmet in my mouth and sucking , i felt his hands hold the back of my head and forced more of this cock into my mouth until i had to press against his thighs that I could take no more, I could taste pre cum , but i didnt want him to cum i needed to feel this cock inside me , and I told him so he lifted me up taking of my dress and pants and laying me on the bed , he was going to lick my pussy but I was too far gone for that I could feel my juices running out onto my stocking tops , just fuck me darran give me that cock hard , with that he lifted my legs above my head and started to impale me on his cock inch by inch by inch until i could feel his balls against my bum then slowly at first he stated to thrust in and out, god it was so fucking good I was screaming the club down , then he stopped and flipped me over onto my knees without any hesitation he was up me again pulling my hair and calling me a white slut which turned me on even more, as my eyes adjusted to the dark i could see 5 or 6 cocks sticking through the glory holes , i couldnt help but to reach out with a hand and stroke a couple , darren still fucking me hard still calling me a slut but telling me to suck a cock , i have never fancied sucking a cock of someone whos face i couldnt see, but there was a cock that was appealing to me so i leant forward and took it deep , by this time cum was flooding out of me , darran was really fucking me deep the guy that i was sucking stiffened in my mouth and i releaed it as he shot his load over my shoulders and boobs , then with a loud moan I felt darran get even bigger before shooting his cum deep in me , oh fuck no condom , but I was to far gone to care he let his cock drop from my pussy before telling me to suck his black cock dry , i dropped to my knees and licked and sucked both his and my cum from his cock , i did this for about 5 mins before we heard the staff saying it was 2.45 and they needed the club cleared . I dressed and Darran waited to take me back down to the bar where Steve was waiting for me, the look of me and the smile on my face told Steve I had had a really good time, we ordered a taxi and steve was telling us it was horny to hear people talking about it around the bar not knowing I was his wife.When the taxi arrived we asked if Darran needed a lift, Im staying at the Hilton he said , no problem there so are we ......... and thats another story !!!!