Written by Paintbrush

7 Apr 2011

I worked for a family painting and decorating business, but due to the economic time and shortage of work I was laid off. I had been idle for a few weeks when a friend of ours asked if I wanted a job decorating his 2 bed apartment in Mijas on the Costa del Sol. My wife, Ann decided to come out with me. I was staying for 3 weeks, but as she was working she was only coming for a week. We went over just over 3 weeks ago. The first week we were there the weather was not too bad. We went shopping and I got all the paint and few other bits to start when Ann went home. We spent a couple of days on the beach. It was early in the season so the two beach bars at Cabopino were not open. We took a small picnic with us and some wine and beer to have at lunch time. On the first afternoon on the beach we went for a stroll along towards the dunes. We came across a few naked couples and further along was a more of a gay area with half a dozen naked men. Ann is not prudish but topless was a far as she went as we walked along. I stripped off and felt great walking along with my prick and balls exposed to the sunlight. As we walked back a naked couple were walking along the sea edge towards us. The woman had shoulder length blonde hair and a large pair of tits and a lovely shaved pussy. The bloke had a thick 7 inch prick hanging down between his legs. After we had passed them Ann commented on the woman’s tits stating they were not real and why would someone want tits that were about a size 46dd. I then asked her if she had noticed the blokes prick and she said “Yeah, made yours look minute. You would know if that was in you.” That night we had a great fuck on the terrace under the moonlight. The next couple of days were very similar, not many people on the beach as the season was still to start.

The first week ended with Ann going home leaving me to get on with the decorating. The weather also changed, so I spent the week painting and sprucing the apartment up. As the third week began the weather changed again and the temperature rose to a warm 23 degrees. I spent the morning on the Monday doing decorating and after lunch I headed down to the beach. I went to the area in the dune close to the beach where more couples were. I stripped off and lay down on my towel in a small dune. The dune next to me was empty, but after half an hour a couple in their middle fifties turned up. They had a couple of sun lounges they set up and put up a parasol. The woman had a nice pair of large round firm tits for her age and they both stood there rubbing sun cream onto each others bodies. I raised myself up on my elbows and watched them. It seemed if they were doing a little show for everyone. He took a long time on each of her tits and I could see that her nipples were swelling. She then took hold of his penis and rub cream on it and his balls. She then wanked him as he rubbed cream around her shaved pussy area. My prick became erect watching them. She looked over to me and smiled, I nodded back. The blokes prick was now erect at an impressive 8 inches, slapping against his belly. I then noticed that they had a couple more admirers watching from behind the bushes at the back of their dune. One was naked and wanking his prick and the other had his trousers unzipped and was wanking his prick. The couple then lay on their sun lounges. The naked bloke moved to a small gap about 3 foot in front of the couple’s dune and laid down facing the woman. She knew he was there and pulled her legs up and spread them apart giving him a bird’s eye view of her shaved pussy. I stood up and looked over saw that he was wanking his prick. I went for a stroll and walked behind him to see what he was looking at. He was looking directly at the woman’s cunt on full display to him. I went back to my towel and lay back down. About every 15 minutes I looked over and saw the bloke was still there. The couple had now turned on to their fronts to sun bathe.

They lay there for about an hour and a half when I heard them speak. I rose up a bit and looked over towards them. She was now kneeling beside her husband sucking his prick as he lay on his back, fondling one of her tits. The naked bloke had now moved up and was kneeling next to her wanking his prick. She pulled away from her husbands prick and stood up. She pushed her sun lounger away making a gap of about 4 foot between them. She then got on all four beside her husband. He sat up and turned towards her, she continued to suck his prick. I then stood up to see better. She had spread her legs apart. The naked bloke was kneeling between them. I walked round and went to get a better view. As I got behind the naked bloke he was feeling her bum cheeks and running his hands up and down her thighs, right up to her crack. He then made a sound raised himself up and shot his spunk over her back. Her husband reached into a bag and pulled out a carton of baby wipes and wiped her back clean. The naked blokes thanked them and walked off. The husband beckoned me over. I went and knelt down between her legs as she continued to suck her husbands. I had a lovely view of her shaved pussy and arse hole. I run my hands over her bum cheeks, down her thighs and then back up to her pussy. I moved one hand to her pussy, I wanted to see how far they would let me go. I gently rubbed her pussy and slipped a finger into her. She did not object. With my other hand I wanked my prick. I moved my finger from her moist cunt and found her swollen clit. With my finger I gently rubbed it. She then started to move her pussy and arse as I rubbed her. She started to moan and then suck her husband faster. He came in her mouth. It was too much for me; I wanked faster and came, shooting my spunk over her arse and pussy. Her husband told me to keep rubbing her and in a couple of minutes she came with a shudder. I thanked them and went back to my towel. They continued to lie in the sun for about 30 minutes, then they packed up, said good bye and left the beach. I decided to go and return the next day to see what else might be going on. I will continue later with what happened and if I ever told Ann.