Written by Jason

2 Aug 2014

I always thought I was a good lover; my wife Pauline seemed satisfied with our marital lovemaking in the 24 years we had been together. We then got involved with another local couple who, over a period of time encouraged us to join them in what was demurely called same-room fun, where after a lot of flirting and undressing we would stay with our own partners for intimate sex, enjoying a drink and a saucy debrief afterwards.

Two months ago it was our turn to host: just after six Tony phoned to apologise that he and Megs would have to postpone as Megs sister had been taken into hospital and she felt duty-bound to go and visit her up in Stafford. I then suggested without really thinking about the consequences that we could ask Tony over on his own, if only for a drink and chat. Pauline readily agreed, and I phoned Tony back with the invitation. He arrived just after 7, nicely dressed, shaved and bearing a bottle of Cava, a favourite of Paulines'.

The chat didn't last long; Tony was soon sitting beside Pauline, gently stroking her neck and the side of her face, saying she smelt nice and that Megs would approve of her scoop-neck top and skirt. He then changed tack and asked, after all the times we had played separately, if we had ever thought of a full swap. The question took us aback somewhat, and before we could give any cohesive reply he added that Megs had always fancied the idea, and me in particular! "Tony!" Pauline reposted, then lost for words as the implications set in. She looked at me to study my response: "we could try it once, no harm done if we're not comfortable with it...." I replied. "After all, we have all been naked together and see each other fuck...".

I think Tony's attentions and 2 glasses of Cava had influenced Pauline's response: "We could have a little practice tonight!" she giggled; pointing at me she said "You can pretend I'm Megs afterwards!" Giggles again. That seemed to set the tone, and I then spent the next hour watching a genius at work.

Tony continued to caress her, his hands moving slowly and lightly over her neck, shoulders, breasts, his tongue nibbling her ear; his hand then moved slowly across her midriff before vanishing under her top. Without me noticing his other hand had gone up her back and unclipped her bra, and thus freed, her tits became the target of his attention, being gently massaged until she herself pulled her top over her head and cast off the redundant bra. Her nipples were quite prominent until they vanished under his tongue; she was now stroking the back of his neck with one hand and pulling his shirt out of his trousers with the other.

"Stand up and let me look at you." he said. "Mmmm, beautiful..you look fabulous!" Still seated, he reached out and continued to run his hands over her breasts, belly, then over her hips, bum, down her thighs and back several times before reaching round and with spectacular expertise, unzipped her knee-length skirt letting it fall to the carpet. He pulled her towards him and smothered her belly with kisses before slowly but firmly sliding her knickers down to her ankles. Pauline was now breathing heavily, clearly turned on by this progress, then taken to new heights as he buried his tongue in her pubic hair and obviously found the outer tip of her clitoris. Still fully clothed, Tony used this moment to undo his trousers, and unbutton his shirt. Hands freed, he worked them round Pauline's buttocks; I could see from the wetness off his fingers he had found her very wet vagina, confirmed by her incoherent gasps as her continued to probe.

"Right, my little Miss Gorgeous-lets' make you comfortable....!" and so saying laid her along the length of the settee. His shirt dropped to the floor, and without any hesitation Pauline pulled down his slacks and briefs in one: His hard cock, released from their restraints, sprung up. What little foreskin still clung to his helmet was quickly pulled back when she wrapped her hand round the shaft. Nice, what you and I would call a real boner. At this point I felt the need to get involved, so quickly stripped off and was myself rewarded with a respectable hard-on.

Free of all clothing, Tony now set about taking Pauline to new heights; he kissed her feet, ankles, legs, skipped her thighs and belly and went straight to her neck, shoulders, breasts and then very slowly traced his tongue down her stomach to disappear once again into her vagina, only this time spreading her legs apart to achieve some deep penetration. The spittle than ran down from her cunt was used to lubricate the finger that gently caressed then entered her anus (something she had never let me do!). She squirmed with pleasure, then more so as he left her bum and eased two fingers into her very moist cunt. He sensed a rhythm in her body which he matched with his own, and his hand. Her hands were pulling mercilessly at his cock and balls, her incoherent moans increasing in tempo and volume.

Turning quickly to me he said "Trousers, left hand pocket...quick!" Not quite understanding the urgent request I did what was asked, producing a condom. What a gent! I tore the packed open and handed him the rubber. Sensing, perhaps, that Pauline was lost in the throes of passion he rolled it on himself, then slowly, very slowly entered her cunt, pulling out then re-entering until the fully lubricated rubber vanished inside her.

He paused to pick up her bodily rhythm again, then matched it with his own; seeing his cock thrusting in and out of Pauline's fanny, his balls slapping against her bum was just too much and I came, managing to keep my cum from going all over the upholstery of my chair. The two lovers were not far behind....Pauline convulsed several times, her hands digging into Tony's back before he, too, shuddered. He carried on moving for a good minute after before slipping out of her. I was amazed...the condom was half off his softening cock, but the two inches hanging off the end was full of his spunk...what a load! Pauline spotted it too, with the words "bloody hell...!"

We laughed off the damp patch on the setee, and after relaxing with the last of the Cava Pauline said to me "I'm sorry my Love, I don't think I can take any more just yet...." That made it easier to admit that I had cum somewhat involuntarily and could only raise a smile! Tony? We debated whether to tell Megs that we had jumped the gun so to speak; he said no problem, they had done 'full swap' with other couples before, and she would be too pleased to get it together with me when we next meet. I learned a lot from Tony's technique: He took my wife to new heights of pleasure.....will she want to go solo? Time will tell; I'm just looking forward to the re-match with the lovely Megs....!