Written by ejb

8 Feb 2015

Quite a few years ago I was married to a really gorgeous woman, absolute supermodel looks. I had married her for the kudos of having such a stunner as a wife, however as often happens she was a bit of a bitch, and our sex life once we’d married was almost non-existent. She was rather religious, which got in the way of ‘enjoying’ sex, and eventually we divorced; she went off to become part of some extreme church movement, taking half of my money with her !

Fortunately, I had been pretty successful in business, so the upshot of all this was that I was in my thirties, single, comfortable and very sexually naïve. Most of Helen’s former friends stayed friends with me, as they weren’t too impressed with Helen’s behaviour either. In particular Sally, who had been one of Helen’s closest friends remained very good mates with me. She was going out with one of my colleagues who was a bit of a bastard, if the truth be known, and unsurprisingly she arrived on my doorstep after yet another bust up when he’d been playing away again.

Sally was brunette, early thirties, not classically beautiful but very sexy looking and a fantastic body. When I was married I just couldn’t help ogling were full firm breasts, which were usually prominently on display much to Helen’s displeasure.

I invited her in, and the upshot was that she moved into the small flat opposite ours, which I had originally purchased as an investment. As there were currently no tenants, I told her she was free to use it for as long as she needed, and she gave me a hug and a kiss.

Sally settled in, and I noticed that there was the occasional gentleman visitor staying overnight, so I was pleased she was moving on from her ex. She was extremely grateful for the help, and, as she had done some massage in her time, offered to give me a massage to say thank you.

It was extremely pleasant and soothing, but as her hands worked up my legs and close to my buttocks the inevitable happened and I was soon stiffening up. She finished my back and turned me over, and my raging hard on was now very obvious under the towel much to my embarrassment. Sally appeared not to notice, and carried on massaging from the front of my thighs, right up to my waist. By now it was quite obvious she was aware of what was going on as the sides of her hands were brushing against my straining cock each time. Sally suddenly whipped the towel away and started gently rubbing the tip of my straining cock, and it wasn’t long before I exploded all over her hands.

This seemed to break the ice between us sexually, and she was keen to oblige me pretty much on request if it was convenient for her as well, and in fact she would quite often call me and say “come over, I’ve got some rent for you”. Well I didn’t need much prompting I can tell you, and I would nip across the corridor in a bathrobe, and be in her flat in an instant. She would love me to have a nice big hard-on under the robe when I arrived and would slip the robe off me and start feeling me straightaway before leading me into her little lounge and getting down to some serious sex.

This arrangement had been going on for some time when I got the got the ‘call’ one evening. I was feeling pretty horny at that moment so I needed no persuading and very soon Sally had let me in and was on her knees in the hall sucking my cock to full hardness. Holding my cock firmly, she led me naked into the lounge, where I got the surprise of my life.

Sitting on the sofa was another woman – mid fifties I guessed, a bit overweight, dyed blond hair . She had very large breasts almost spilling out of a very obvious low cut top and a short skirt with what appeared to be glimpse of stocking top. To be brutally honest she really wasn’t my type at all; chubby and tarty looking, but I was too stunned to react any sensible way. Sally propelled me over to the sofa and sat me down in between them.

“This is Wendy” she said. “She’s just found out that her cheating bastard of a husband has been playing away, so she’s come to stay with me for a few days. I hope you don’t mind”. “Of course not” I mumbled, but the main thought going through my mind was how to get Sally over to my flat and fuck her in private. Wendy leaned towards me and said “Thank you for letting me stay”, then suddenly grabbed me and started kissing me, her tongue darting down my throat. I could feel Sally’s hand still on my cock, which was then joined by another one , wanking me rather roughly.

Although I really didn’t fancy Wendy at all, my cock was betraying how horny I was feeling. Sally pushed my head down onto Wendy’s massive tits, which she had adroitly freed from the bra that was struggling to contain them. It seemed rude not to, so I started nibbling and sucking her huge teats, and I heard her start grunting her appreciation. When I felt Sally’s velvet soft mouth close over my now rock hard cock, I was starting to drown in a sea of lust. Sally grabbed my hand and pushed it up Wendy’s skirt and straight up between her legs. She wasn’t wearing any knickers , and my fingers immediately made contact with her smooth , shaven cunt. It was really wet , and to be honest didn’t feel very appealing as my fingers slipped up a very loose feeling fanny.

By now I was gagging to fuck Sally, regardless of whether Wendy was there or not. I tried to gently lever her on top of me but she was having none of it, and resisted my attempts. “He wants a fuck” said Sally to Wendy, “and I reckon that would be a good lesson for your twat of a husband”. “Good idea” came the reply, and before I could do anything about it, Wendy swung her leg over me and sat astride me. Whether or not I wanted to personally, my cock was straining for release and Sally guided it to Wendy’s wet , fleshy pussy lips. Wendy sighed and drove her not inconsiderable bulk down on me and the full length of my cock slid easily up her.

Despite not finding Wendy at all appealing, I defy any very horny feeling guy not to be stimulated by his hard cock being in a willing wet pussy. So it proved in this case, and I felt Sally’s fingers probing my anus, whilst she was goading me on my saying “go on come in her, you know you want to”. I love to say I fucked Wendy for hours, but this really wasn’t the case, and as Sally fingered my arsehole I rapidly approached climax. Wendy continued to hump me enthusiastically , grunting and moaning as she rode my cock hard. This was all too much for me, I felt my sap rising and a surprisingly powerful orgasm hit me. My cock throbbed and pumped several hot jets of come into Wendy as she climaxed as well, aided by Sally’s fingers on her clit.

Wendy rolled off, and I thought that having done my duty I would get a quiet fuck with Sally, but that was where I was wrong ! What ensued was a series of very new experiences for me – I was ‘forced’ to clean Wendy up, before being buggered by both of them with a strap on.

All in all a very eye opening evening. I had several other fun evenings with Sally, breaking new ground , which maybe I can share another time if you liked this.