Written by Alisons lucky hubby

2 Jun 2007

I must confess right from the start that when I started trying to talk my wife into swinging it was purely to try and screw as many women as possible without fucking up my marriage. At first although she quite liked the idea of shagging with other couples she said it could only be a fantasy.

That changed one night after we'd drunkenly ended up naked, groping and kissing with a couple of our friends after a night out. What had surprised me more than anything as I lay sucking my mate's girlfriends tits and she played with my cock, was what a turn on it was to watch my wife ( Alison ) allow another man to see her naked and let him feel her pretty body. The sight of her with another man's cock in her hand, really turned me on. We didn't fuck with them, as they wouldn't go all the way, although we did fuck in front of them and watched them screw. It was good but as we fucked and talked about what we'd got up to, Alison admitted that she had never felt so excited and that she wanted to go further.

After a little research on the net we found a club we liked the sound of and made our preparations. Alison has never looked sexier. Her fanny was neatly shaved, she was wearing black hold up stockings, a pretty lacy black bra and panties, with a tight black dress showing off her curvy body. Her hair and make up were perfect and we nearly didn't go 'cause I could bearly keep my hands off her. I have to admit we were both so turned on I gave her a quick finger fucking in the hall before we left.

We arrived and were given a tour. The club had "playrooms" a small pool and a bar and dance floor. In fact but for the hard core porn movies showing on ever TV you might have thought you were at a normal night club. It was quite quiet when we arrived so we had a couple of drinks and watched the other couples come in. Alison had her legs crossed and had allowed her dress to ride up so that she was showing a lot of leg and even the tops of her stockings, which was attracting a lot of glances from the men. After a little while I asked if she wanted another drink or to try another part of the club. She whispered that she was getting "hot" so I suggested that we try the pool. This felt like a big step for both of us, because we would have to be naked in the pool, on show to strangers and although only a few weeks ago we'd been nude with our mates. That was a very drunken night and they'd been people we knew and felt safe with.

However we both knew why we were there and so we got some towels, got changed and headed for the pool. It was empty when we got there and so we sat in it naked and nervous, both wondering if it was like this for everyone. We'd only been there about 5 minutes when another couple joined us. They removed there towels and we looked at their naked bodies as they joined us in the pool. They were very nice, good looking and chatty. They introduced themselves as Steve and Carol. We made small talk for a while until Steve commented on what great tits Alison had and made no attempt to hide the fact that he was looking at them. The water in the pool did not hide the fact that Carol was playing with Steve's cock as we chatted. It was amazing to see my naked wife happily talking to a man who was blatantly looking at her tits as his wife wanked him. I was torn between looking at his naked wife and watching him flirt with Alison.

After chatting to them for half an hour, Steve asked us if we wanted to "play" I looked to Alison who nodded and so we agreed. As we got out of the pool we were all wet and naked and Steve continued to chat to Alison making no attempt to cover his large stiff dick. For her part she took her time drying her body and made sure Steve was watching the whole time and getting a goog look at her tits and bush, which was turning me on no end. In the meantime I was chatting with Carol and happily watching her tits bounce as she vigorously dry herself and wondering what it would be like to fuck her. Minutes later I was sucking Carols tits in one of the "playrooms", which was basically a room with a big bed in it. Steve had his head buried between my wife's legs and she held his head pushing him into her fanny as he licked her wet slit. I was sucking Carols small pert tits as I fingered her and she was wanking me as she had been Steve a little earlier she whispered "I can't wait to get this inside me". This was my dream, another women asking me to fuck her, with no guilt, but the biggest turn on we watching Alison with another man. I couldn't keep my eyes from them. His licking had her squirming round the bed and I knew she must be close to cumming on this strangers tongue. Sure enough soon she was shouting "Yes, Yes I'm there, I'm Cumming!!" As she came I was lying on my back and Carol was about to straddle me. She held my cock in position and impaled herself on it. I groped her tits as she bounced up and down on my meat and I watched as Alison took Steve's cock in her mouth. She gripped his buttocks and he was fucking her mouth. My hands were exploring Carols arse as she bent forward so I could suck her tits as she fucked me. She was slamming herself into me and I thought much more of this and I'll be cumming. I glanced at Alison and Steve was now shagging my wife doggie style, which pushed me over the edge and I shot my spunk into his wife's waiting cunt. I felt her whole body shudder as she came and then I kissed her and stroked her naked body as I watched her husband fuck my wife. Alison didn't care who could hear her or who was in the room, she was screaming to be fucked harder , for him not to stop. He was holding her hips and ramming his cock into her for all he was worth "Yes, yes yes " she was shouting as he rammed his cock as deep into my Alison as he could and shot his spunk deep, deep into my wife's cunt.

We all chatted naked for a while and Steve commented on what a great sheg Alison had been. I told Him I'd enjoyed Carols pussy as well. We swapped phone numbers then Steve and Carol left, after thanking us again for a great night.

We stopped in the room and stroked each others body's. As I stroked the hairs on her pussy and imagined Steve'd cock in her we talked about what we had just done and both commented on how natural it had felt. I admitted to her was a turn on for me it had been to watch her screw another man and she said she'd been so into it she didn't know what I'd done. She was stroking my balls and my cock was slowly stiffening as I was telling her what I'd done to Carol, when the door opened. A middle ages couple entered the room "Mind if we join you?" they said. "Er no" we replied.

They were both a little overweight in their late 40's early 50's. They stripped off and started to touch and kiss in front of us. The woman had large droopy tits and quite a hairy fanny, the man was balding and had a smallish stiff cock. It was so natural to watch them and Alison was still wanking me so I fingered her as we looked on. After a little time the man bent what I assume was his wife over and started to slowly fuck her as Alison and I looked on. After a few moments he reached over and took one of Alison's tits in his hand and gently groped it. She did nothing to stop him, in fact she moved closer to give him better access and took one of his wife's tits in her hand, which really surprised me. She still had my cock in her hand as he stopped screwing his wife and Alison took his cock in her other hand. That was mind blowing to see my wife naked with a cunt full of strangers spunk and a cock in both hands. She took turns licking them as the older women groped her tits from behind. After a while I was being held by the other woman as Alison took this balding older mans stiff little cock in her pretty mouth and started to suck him off in earnest. They were in a 69 position and he lapped my wife's slit as I watched her suck his cock. I fucked his wife from behind so I could watch them. Her fat arse wobbled as I slammed my cock into her. He didn't last long and as she felt him start to twitch she finished him with a couple of strokes and I saw his spunk shoot up and over her hand and into her hair. He then finger fucked Alison ramming 3 fingers into her fanny as he watched me fuck his wife. As a pumped my cock into this plump older women I watched my wife allowing this much older man to explore her body. He roughly sucked her tits and rammed his fingers in and out of her fanny with his spunk sill on her hand and in her hair. What a turn on! I was soon filling his wife with my sperm. She was making little mewing sounds as I emptied my balls into her hairy gash and my spunk dripped from her cunt as I removed my dick.

We thanked our new friends for a great fuck and left. As we left the club it felt like every eye was on us and that everone knew what we'd been up to. On the way home we couldn't wait to get our hands onto each other and as soon as we were through the door I had my cock in her mouth. Her third of the night! and after a quick rough fuck against the wall as I reminded her what she'd allowed all those other men to do to her. We made our way to bed and discussed what we had done. It was just so natural to screw for fun. The only thing I asked her was that the next time we went on a singles night so I could concentrate on watching her get fucked. As you can imagine, she didn't give me an argument.