Written by Alisons lucky hubby

6 Jun 2007

I lay at the side of my wife, Alison talking about how she'd allowed other men in her pussy and mouth a couple of weeks earlier. She had a beautiful just shagged glow about her and I stroked her nipples as she told me how great it had felt to give herself with total abandon. I allowed my hand to drift down to her moist pussy and gently stroked the lips of her cunt as I asked her what it had felt like to be groped by a woman "naughty but very hot" was her reply. Would you fuck a women" I asked and she said she would let a women lick her out but couldn't imagin doing it back. "Did you really like watching me get screwed?" " you didn't mind me sucking their dicks?" she asked as I slipped a couple of fingers into her. I told her that I had and that next time we should go on a singles night as I knew her fantsy was a threesom and so that she could really let go and so I could watch her. She was breathing hard as she agreed and was soon cumming as I told her what she could get up to and how much I would enjoy watching her.

The next Saturday found us at the club. It was much fuller than last time and there were lots of single guys of all ages, shapes and sizes there. Alison was in a short red mini dress that bearly covered her arse and seemed to attract a lot of male attention. We had a couple of drinks and I could see That Alison was starting to get hot as she looked at the men and I wondered which of them would be slipping their cocks into her. I lent across to her and whispered "I dare you to take your panties off". She got up right away and disappeared to the loo. When she returned she kissed me on the cheek and slipped her panties into my pocket. She spent the next half hour crossing and uncrossing her legs, allowing anyone who cared to look a easy flash of her pussy.

After a while a tall man in his mid 30's wandered over and asked Alison if she fancied a dance. She smiled at me and took his hand and allowed him to guide her to the dance floor. At first he chatted to her and had his hands on her hips until at last he allowed his hands to slip round to her arse touching her through the thin material and started dancing a lot closer to her nuzzling her neck. A few moments later his hands were caressing her bare arse in full view of the whole club and she made no attept to stop him. A few seconds later another man move close behind her, whispered something in her ear which made her laugh and then he reached round and cupped her breasts. I watched her sandwiched between these two men as they publicly groped her and she was loving the attention.

"We're going upstairs" she said as she passed with the two men grinning behind her. Never asking if I minded. I followed them into one of the play rooms upstairs and watched as they stripped her. They started by sucking her tits one man on each. The taller of the two then put his head between her legs and started to lick her slit as he slid his fingers into her cunt the other man fed his cock into her waiting mouth. I watched his cock , glistening with my wife's saliva, sliding in and out of her mouth, only stopping to lick his hairy balls. They moved her into a doggie position and swapped places. I watched as one cock was pushed into her cunt and the other was taken in her mouth. I watched as two strangers spitroasted my beautiful wife. After what felt like a couple of minutes the man in her mouth started to groan and pulled his cock from Alison's mouth and shot his spunk over my wife's chin, cheek and hair. The other man seemed to see this as a signal and started shagging Alison hard, slapping her arse as he rammed his cock into her. He didn't last long before he pulled out and spunked his creamy mess all over my wife's arse after which they thanked her and left us alone. I took a towel and wiped there sperm from her face and arse as I told what a turn on that had been and how great she'd looked with a cock in both ends. She told me it had felt amazing. I slipped my cock into her and I swore her cunt never felt hotter. I whispered questions to her as I screwed her. Asking what they had felt and tasted like and how much had she liked it. I filled her with my spunk as she admitted that she'd loved being a slut for them and wanted to be a slut again.

We went for a chill in the pool after that and I asked if she was ready for home. "Not yet" she said. After a while we were joined in the pool by two dark skinned, middle aged Asian men. As then stripped to get into the pool I watched Alison looking at their naked bodies and semi stiff cocks. They were both very hairy and both made no attempt to hide that they were looking at my pretty naked wife. They chatted to us complimenting Alison on her looks and flirting with her. Alison then said she was getting to warm and moved to sit on the edge of the pool, this meant the two men had a clear view of her tits and pussy. She even opend her legs slightly so they would get the idea. She carried on chatting until at last one of the men asked if she wanted to join them upstairs.

Again she never even asked me but agreed and let two men take her upstairs. The two Asian men soon had her naked and took their time looking at her. She sat on the bed with both men naked in front of her. She took turns sucking there cocks. Wanking one as she sucked the other and then swapping Until one of the men pushed her down and spread her legs. He slipped his brown cock into her cunt and started to fuck her hard. His mate knelt at her side with his cock in her mouth,saying "suck me , Suck it" and mauling her tits. It was so sexy watching his brown hands grope her milky white breasts. It wasn't long before these two hairy middle aged men were making my beautiful young wife scream that she was cumming. After which they swapped and as this hairy man fucked my wife, I could see him forcing a finger up her arse hole. His friend was tossing himself off inches from Alison's face and I knew she was about to take another load of spunk in her face. Sure enough seconds later sperm jetted from his dark cock into her open mouth, dripping down her chin. His mate not to be outdone clambered up her body, knelt on her chest and wanked himself off over her face. Shooting his thick creamy spunk into my wife's face After which they both shook my hand, insisted on giving me their phone numbers and left. Alison was lying on her back breathing heavily her chest heaving from her exertions her face covered in other mens sperm. She's never looked sexier. I gently cleaned the spunk from her face and asked what she wanted to do "suck your cock" she said and I slipped my cock into her mouth It took her a while before I to spunked in her mouth, wondering just how many different cocks she'd tasted tonight. After she licked me clean she then told me she was ready for home as her cunt was to sore to carry on. "Did you enjoy being a slut" I asked and she told me it was the most exciting sex she'd ever had. You've no idea she said how good it makes a girl fee to know she can fuck anyone and that they all want to fuck you she told me.

I teased every detail from her over the next few weeks wanting to know who had been the best fuck, who had felt best as they filled her cunt with their dick, who's cock had tasted best, did she like tasting Asian spunk and did she want to try it again. But most of all when did she want to go again.