Written by D290g12lox

7 Jan 2008

So here was Mark fucking my beautiful gal’s wet pussy. He took his time and she was loving every minute of it. I did sense that something was not right. She pulled me closed to her and in a whisper asked me if she was a bad girl for allowing another man to fuck her while she was still attached to me. She told me she was sorry in-between gasps and moans of pleasure. She told me that she was such a slut and she couldn’t help it but would stop if I only said the word.

She looked me straight in the eye as she bucked from the force of Mark fucking her from the back. The wonton look in her eyes. I told her to enjoy it and to pretend that I was not there. She asked me if I was sure and if I was OK with it to which I replied of course I was.

She then asked me if I still loved her and could I still trust her. I told her that fucking in these circumstances was pure lust and only physical with no emotions attached. I soothed her and held her head in my arms and she whimpered in sweet agony. She lifted her head looked at me and then asked me to leave the room.

I thought I did not hear right and looked at her confused. A change seemed to have overcome her. In a louder voice she asked me to go get her a drink from the 7-Eleven across the road from our motel. She told me that she wanted to fuck Mark on his own and didn’t want me watching her be his cum slut. She didn’t want me in that room as she got her twat fucked by another man while I knew about it.

I was a bit startled as this was not going where I thought it would. I pondered it for a few moments; got up and started to get dressed. I then turned to the 2 of them who were fucking like as if I was not in the room and told Mark to do what he liked with my slut and that she was all his. I then went up to Liz and told her to make sure that Mark got a good fuck as that’s all she was good for.

With that I left the room and took the elevator downstairs to the lobby. I was in a daze and I could hear my heat beating with pure lust. To know that my loved one was having her brains fucked by a big thick cock drove me insane with a funny kind of jealousy.

I decided to have a few drinks to calm me down and went over to the pub nearby. I sat there and watched a replay of the weekend’s football match. My attention span would not last more than a few minutes before my mind wondered back to what was happening in our hotel apartment.

After about 45 minutes which seemed more like 3 hours, I stood up and walked to the door. My legs were numb and my throat dry with anticipation on what I would find. I took the elevator up to the room and quietly let myself into the apartment. I was greeted to the site of my lover sitting on Mark with her back to me. She was riding him like a wild bronco; buckling and leaning backwards as she came again. I knew that Liz was quite drunk by now just by her behaviour. The thing is; I knew it was not only from the alcohol but the natural high one gets in a very aroused state. She was telling him what a great fuck he was and what a great cock he had. He in turn was telling her how good she was as fucking and that she looked so beautiful and sexy riding his cock.

I decided to stay and watch a bit more. I slowly took out our camcorder from a bag in the lounge and placed it on a table where it could capture more of the event that would be seared into my imagination for as long as I lived.

Liz then got off Mark and crawled up to his face where she placed what must have been a very swollen wet pussy on his face. Mark obviously loved it by the sounds of his voice muffled by her body. She was pulling his hair and telling him to eat her pussy. She then squatted on his face whereby he stuck out his tongue to allow her to impale herself on his tongue. Watching her do this made me go so hard. To watch your loved one, lower herself on another man’s face while squatting and holding onto his shoulders for balance is raw but a sight to behold.

All of a sudden she groaned and fell on his face calling him a cunt licker and to lick her pussy as hard as he could. Her language seem to waiver on the obscene quite often. While all this was going on; I observed Mark inserting his fingers into her arse. Liz has never been a big fan of anal sex but her little brown hole swallowed Mark’s 2 fingers up instantly right up to the knuckles. She was obviously very wet and had been lubed up with spit and cum for a bit.

I undressed and entered the room. The two of them were still not aware of my presence. Liz then stopped; sensing me in the room and turned around. “Who told you to come back in here?” she asked in a stern voice. “Can’t you see I haven’t had enough of this cock yet?”

This caught me totally off-guard. I didn’t know how to take it. She looked me in the eye while wanking Mark who was still on his back then broke into a grin. I walked over her and gave her a long deep kiss. She jumped off Mark and began to hug me and passionately kiss me. She looked at Mark and asked him if he minded if we had a private moment.

I told Mark that there were some cold beers in the fridge and to help himself to one. Mark left closing the door behind us. The room was in complete darkness now and Liz and I made slow deep passionate love al while I was telling her how much she looked so beautiful with another man’s cock in her. We carried on like this for a few minutes and thought it was rude to leave Mark out by himself seeing that he had not cum yet.

I jumped off Liz and went to the lounge closing the door behind me. Liz obviously needed a break and a short cat nap. Mark and I opened a few more beers and talked about what happened and how well it had all gone.

After about 20 minutes; Mark thought it would be a good time to leave but I invited him for another round of fucking with my lover. It felt cheap to whore my love one out like that but in a perverse way it turned me on tremendously. I asked Mark if he would like to fuck Liz and cum before he left to which he said sure.

By this time I had a plan formulating at the back of my mind. I told him to go in and fuck her but to take it slow. I needed to run of on an errand and that I would be back shortly. We opened the door and both entered closing the door behind us keeping the room in darkness. We could hear Liz’s gentle breathing. Mark turned toward me but I tapped him on the shoulder to tell him to sit by the other side of the bed.

Liz was lying on her side. I went up behind he and moved my face close to her crotch.. the pungent smell of sex and cum was intoxicating. I stuck out my tongue and slowly ran then along her puffy pussy lips. She stirred a bit. I then began to very slightly lick her pussy in an upward motion with my tongue. She was slowly coming awake and she stuck her arse out more into my face. I signaled for Mark to go around and brush his cock along her face.

Liz’s cunt was getting wet and she was starting to stir but still did not get up. I held her hips and plunged my tongue into her now very wet pussy.. She let out a small sigh. At this; Mark became more forceful and moved his cock to her mouth. She opened it slightly and took the tip of it in her mouth/

This was a sensual 3-way with not a word being spoken and very light oral action. Cum was beginning to run down Liz’s leg. I then pulled her gently of the bed so that she was kneeling on the floor with her head still resting on the bed.

I spread her legs apart and got in-between her pussy. By now it was gushing with thick cum and residue from being fucked earlier on. I parted her legs more and started to massage her sphincter as I licked her.Mark was lying sideways on the bed and was face fucking Liz who was still half asleep. I then got up and told Mark to move. Liz was still lying on the bed with half her body on the floor. I pointed to Liz and Mark got the idea. He got behind Liz and without warning drove his large hard cock right up her to the hilt.

Liz cried out in surprise and lust. The wonton animal moan that escaped her was one I have never heard in my life. One could not tell if it hurt or if it felt so good. He started rampaging into her pussy which was sopping. Her face was buried in the mattress and my baby was whimpering as she pussy got fucked hard. I told him to stick his fingers in her arse and to take it slowly as I would return soon and needed her ass pretty loose and ready or the next on-slough her little body was going to experience.

Only 3 hours ago; this cheery 20 year-old thought she was an experienced lover and now she has all her holes fucked, licked and sucked by 2 men a once. She had truly become my little slut.

As before I dressed and quickly left the apartment hoping that my little flower would not fully collapse from the exertion of being mauled and used till I was truly finished with her.

20 minutes later I was letting myself back into the apartment. Again I undressed and I could hear Mark telling her what a good cunt she was and how proud she had made me being able to take 2 large cocks like that in one night and how he bet she never thought she would ever have 2 cocks to service in one night.

Totally undressed, I entered the dark room with my surprise. There in front of me stood my lover, hands holding the opposite ends of the doorframe of the bathroom; bent a little while Mark was fucking her while holding onto her breast. I came up to them and……..