Written by Danny

14 Jul 2012

I have a mate called John. He showed me a video of him and his wife having a session many years ago. We have watched that video (now on a DVD) many many times over the years. His wife is really gorgeous. We "plan" a 4sum with our respective wives and while Kelly (my wife) is really up for it, and really likes the idea of some girl-on-girl fun with his wife Maggie. Maggie still needs "working on" though. He has done a video session of Kelly and I having a romp on 2 occasions, once in 1993 and again in 2002.

However, this week just gone he has been working near us in Farnborough, so I found an excuse to invite him round here to stay the night on Tuesday. We had lots of naughty things in mind, but based on previous attempts, where we had found Kelly not in the mood, we were not over confident. After a few glasses of red wine we engineered the conversation round to things of a sexy and swinging nature, with him asking Kelly about the joys of AbFab near Heathrow where we go on a Saturday night now and again.

At about 10-45pm, Kelly said "look it's getting late and John has to get up early in the morning, why don't we all go upstairs now for a bit of a cuddle". John & I were shocked, but delighted. Kelly went upstairs to get changed into some red hold-ups and and red basque that is under-pinned to present her tits beautifully. We gave her 10 minutes to "get ready" by which time we both we champing at the bit and sporting hard-ons.

When we got upstairs, Kelly took complete charge. She told us to get undressed and lie side-by-side on the bed. She then, on all fours, got on the bed and wanked both our cocks simultaneously. She then started giving me a BJ whilst continuing to wank John's cock. Then she moved to giving him a BJ (WOW that was sexy to watch) while wanking me. We then got her to lie on the bed and enjoyed a breast each to suck on. We were both trying to get her thong off at the same time. I went down to lick her and noticed that her and John were snogging furiously and she was also playing with his cock. She almost came, but I stopped licking her just in time to let John go down and finish the job off (it's what mates do you know!!)

She then sat, or rather squatted aside me and fucked me senseless. She still managed to have her left hand wanking his cock, and he was riveted to the sight of my cock pumping in and out of her pussy. I came shortly like a bucking bronco. She then asked him what he would like, and knowing that we only indulge in soft swinging, he suggested a 69. Kelly then climbed on top of him and sucked and wanked him furiously while he licked her pussy. He got a mouthful of my cum that was still in her, but didn't seem to mind at all. I was watching him at close range licking my wife as my cum dribbled onto his tongue.

He usually takes a long time to cum so, after about 5 minutes and still in the 69 position, he took over wanking his own cock while Kelly talked dirty to him and encouraged him to cum over her tits. This was achieved and all I had to do was to provide some tissues to mop up the mess.

What an evening! Kelly & I have fucked every night since, and he has called me each day on the way home from Farnborough to relive the evening and plan the 4sum with his wife. I have told him that I would accept a 3sum with his wife first if he could arrange it as he "owed me a return fixture".

I've got a good stiffy on just reliving and typing the memories of last Tuesday.