Written by Mike

8 Apr 2007

My wife and I met while still at school in the mid seventies. I guess we had the normal heavy petting so it wasn’t for the lack of trying but we didn’t have full sex until we both just turned eighteen. Then I suppose just like most couples before we were married we made the best of any opportunity and that first summer we often had sex outdoors. We had our favourite spot and I don’t suppose either of us gave it much thought until we were caught. That was really embarrassing since we recognised the guy from the village.

We met him again down at the local pub the following Friday and I was a little paranoid that he might have told people. I often stopped the weekend at her parents, just a small village with one pub and where everybody seemed to know each other. Nothing was said but towards the end of the evening he came and sat with us. Tom I guessed was mid fifties, still a fit looking guy but for some reason he never married and lived in the village most of his life.

After a little polite conversation we shared some banter about the previous weekend but what surprised me most was that my wife, then girlfriend, didn’t appear at all embarrassed. Maybe the drink but I suppose it was pretty much light hearted with Tom apologising for scaring us.

For the next couple of weeks we had a friend in Tom and the banter continued but he was disappointed that we found ourselves a new, secret, place for sex. Then one evening he invited us to join his circle of friends for a late drink, after hours. I think I’d already guessed and sure enough, with some gentle teasing it was obvious that Tom had already told the others – and who else!

Including the landlord, there were eight of us gathered around the same table, some were married but all around the same age so would have known her parents. So I felt that they all knew where to draw the line but my wife encouraged otherwise. She challenged Tom claiming that he couldn’t have seen much since she had been on top and facing away from him. That was true but beside the point, it was obvious that she was inviting Tom to give us some details of what he’d seen. I’m sure the others already knew but they also encouraged and by degrees he gave a graphic account of what he’d seen.

He claimed that he’d seen us earlier, from a distance, just cuddling together and argued amongst the others that he walked away. But when he returned later, we were ‘active’ and couldn’t resist watching. I think he was a little embarrassed at first, I certainly was but mostly because my wife was only feigning embarrassment. Perhaps Tom felt challenged, so when he continued he told how he watched us fondle each other. She argued again that he still couldn’t have seen much should we spot him. Agreed, then as if rising to her bait he looked her in the eye and told her that he could clearly see her sucking my cock. The mood had changed and one of the others asked if she swallowed? She just gave them a nervous giggle and shook her head but another asked if I ever cum in her mouth? Now I think she was genuinely embarrassed and gave the game away. But she recovered when she answered that she didn’t mind the taste, just didn’t fancy the idea of swallowing.

I wanted to leave but it was clear that the men were as much teasing as anything else. Tom’s account then fell apart amongst much banter until one of them asked how she felt about Tom seeing her naked. Again she claimed that Tom couldn’t have seen much since she scrambled to cover herself. But by then he had almost been standing over us and he snapped back, almost shouting, that it took her long enough to close her legs while she struggled with her T-shirt.

In her defence she accused him of being a dirty old man for sneaking up on us but it was so obvious that even now she was enjoying the thrill. I could have slid under the table when they began asking Tom what her pussy looked like. Then perhaps realising that she was game they kept firing questions at her, had she ever shaved? Never. Did she ever play with herself? No comment. Did she enjoy flashing her pussy to Tom? She denied that she did but made it so obvious that she had!

That was enough for me.

We walked home in silence until she apologised. I think I was still feeling too embarrassed to say anything at first but when we got back to her place, her parents were in bed and we had the most amazing sex. She still denied that she flashed her pussy on purpose but confessed that she was excited talking about it later with those men at the pub. We laughed about it later but if my wife was the exhibitionist then I was becoming the voyeur. I was still too embarrassed to let on, in fact, I think I felt a little guilty that I found it exciting knowing that Tom had seen her pussy. Still naïve I guess and it wasn’t for some time until I discovered that it was a common fantasy.

But I soon learned that she only needed a little encouragement when we went to the local beach and I persuaded her to go topless for the first time. She had the nerve to pretend that she was coy but by the end of the day we both enjoyed the thrill. Then after a few more visits to the beach she become much more adventurous, often sunbathing nude after sex. I don’t think anyone seen us but she often walked off the beach while still topless. That raised a few eyebrows, so different than just sunbathing topless, just a few hundred yards from the beach it felt like she was flashing her tits in public.

It was all harmless fun but that Autumn I wondered just how far she was prepared to go. Just like any other guy I hate shopping and she was trying on yet another dress for my bored approval. There was no warning, she was posing in front of a mirror and fiddling with the straps when it fell away completely exposing her tits. She gave me a sly grin so that I knew she done it on purpose but so did the other guy who was watching. I needed a little time to recover from the shock but dared her to do it another store. And so she did but this time I don’t think anyone witnessed so she stripped naked in the cubicle while I watched. While I enjoyed the thrill I recognised that one of us needed to express some caution. We always chose a secluded area when we had sex on the beach so that if someone did see us it would appear an accident if we were caught. This was long before we had the security of CCTV but even so, I thought topless was okay but flashing her pussy in public could get us into trouble.

I could hardly complain, it was always a prelude to some great sex but a few months later she gave me another surprise. I think a cold November evening and she was wearing a long coat, scarf and gloves when we went to the local cinema. It wasn’t that much warmer inside but she took off her winter clothes and sat besides me in a knee length dress buttoned all the way. I really wanted to watch that film but after just a few moments she whispered in my ear that she was wearing nothing underneath her dress. We had seats to ourselves but of course there were other people scattered around. I popped a couple of buttons and slid my hand inside, occasionally exposing her nipples. Then I popped a few more buttons lower down, exposed her pussy but out of sight to anyone sitting around. She slipped forward in her seat and parted her knees for easier access but as I slowly brought her to an orgasm she become so excited that she pulled her dress aside to expose her tits. There was no one behind but if anyone turned around from the side or in front of us I felt sure she wouldn’t have covered herself until she climaxed. While I enjoyed the thrill of other men seeing her naked I was worried that we were taking far too many risks.

Meanwhile, we didn’t stop after hours every Friday night down at the local pub, don’t think I wanted to encourage too much and after a few weeks the banter died down.

But where she enjoyed to dress up for a Saturday night when we met with friends in town, she mostly dressed in jeans for a Friday night. But now I noticed that she was wearing tops without a bra, no doubt for the benefit of her audience. She enjoyed a few discreet compliments from Tom and the others but they were careful not to mention in front of other people. But whenever we stopped for a late drink it was like open season and she loved the attention.

It must have been a spring bank holiday weekend, the following year when her parents had been away and we’d had the house to ourselves. Plenty of sex but for a change we decided to spend the Sunday evening down at the local pub and she dressed for the occasion, wearing a knee length skirt with a light blouse but without a bra. Something she had already worn for a Saturday night in town but seemed a little daring for her local pub. During the evening I noticed that several men have given her a glance until it became a bit of an in-joke amongst Tom and the others. All the while she was a picture of innocence wondering what all the fuss was about.

With no work the following morning we accepted the invitation to stop for a late drink with pretty much the same crowd as before. With pretence, she tried to make light of the situation, claiming that she only had little boobs. She’s 34B but on a small frame looking very pert, high up on her chest. Tom was the first to take up that invitation, perhaps reminding the others that he’d had the pleasure and said that she had nice tits. Perfect shape and size with lovely nipples. She thanked him then turning to the others she asked for their opinions. So began the game of teasing, they argued that they could hardly give a fair opinion. Sounded like a dare and sure enough, in return she pulled her blouse tight against herself, turning side on to give them a better view. All part of the game until one of them suggested that she posed topless. Another offered that they each give her a pound, don’t sound much but in those days you could buy a pint for less than fifty pence. She held out her hand and said, money first.

What started out as a joke was now getting serious and I knew she needed little more encouragement. But despite everything I wasn’t keen on the idea of her posing topless in front of these familiar men. But when she turned to me I just shrugged my shoulders so with that permission I was party to everything that happened next.

Don’t think any of them took her seriously until the first pound was offered, she undone the top button, until there was £7 pound on the table and her blouse was open to her waistline. Her tits were still covered but she teased her blouse over each shoulder until she stood up in front of us and let her blouse fall around her waist

I was only nineteen myself, so not sure how to handle the situation. Think that I felt more embarrassed that others might recognise my excitement but perhaps trying to make out that I didn’t mind I joined in the chorus for more. She told me later, only from my encouragement she then stepped away from the table, I think she was far too excited to look elegant but she kept running her hands over her body, dancing to the applause until her skirt fell to the floor. I think only the landlord was worried should we wake his wife. But when the noise calmed she slowly teased her knickers, first to expose some pubic hair until she stood before us completely naked.

I was nervous about her posing topless in front of these men and again when she stripped naked but each time that was overcome with excitement. So when she began dancing around the table I was almost urging her to let them touch but she always kept a teasing distance.

When she finally dressed I felt most of the men just accepted that she was an exhibitionist but I noticed that two of them were talking to her up at the bar while the rest of us sat around the table. Despite everything I felt a little jealous but reasoned that I might be a little paranoid.

Not so, we usually walked home with Tom, he lived along the way but this time the other two men tagged along. I felt uncomfortable from the start, we bade goodnight to Tom but when we got back to her parents they suggested that we invite them in for a drink. I should have said no but when I looked at my wife she tugged my arm and claimed that they’d just have a quick coffee.

When we talked about it later she told me that these two men had already tried persuading her to meet with them for sex the following day but she refused. Instead, she agreed to invite them back to her parents for a repeat performance but only if I had no objections.

As soon as we were settled I could sense the atmosphere, obviously guessed they were invited back for more than just coffee. I can’t even remember their names but the first guy asked my wife, girlfriend, how she felt about stripping naked in front of us all. I didn’t want to let on how excited I’d been but after a little pressure from both I admitted that I found it really horny. With that established they suggested that it might be fun for her to strip naked for us again. They promised nothing else would have but that we could all just sit around talking in a mosphere. Once I agreed I could feel the excitement but as soon as she stripped naked the first guy called her over to sit between them. She gave me a little look as if to reassure me and stood before him instead of sitting between them.

Yeah sure, as soon as his hands stoked her inner thighs I knew there was no turning back. She stood in front of him for a while enjoying the pleasure of his fingers stroking her pussy until he pulled her forward. Now she was straddling his lap, just as eager gyrating her bare pussy against his cock inviting him to play with her tits and suck her nipples. Then the second guy, sitting alongside, joined in, first playing with her tits then also sucking her nipples until kneeling down on the floor behind her. I wondered if she realised that he was getting himself ready but as soon as he rubbed his cock against her she slid down so that he could fuck her doggie-style. I could see that he slipped inside her quite easily then held himself tight inside her for a few moments before fucking her slowly. I could see her face, her head resting on the other man’s thigh, eyes closed then her hand rubbing at his cock through his trousers. Then he slipped out from under her before kneeling beside her and offering his cock to her mouth. I felt a little ashamed that I needed to walk around the other side for a better view but she only sucked his cock for a little while before turning herself around. Now she was half lying on the settee, legs wide open and supporting herself when the first guy took his position and started fucking her. Again slowly at first so I had a perfect view of his cock stretching her pussy but with the other guy stroking her clitoris she gasped faster, as she was about to orgasm. He cum a little while later but I was fascinated when the other guy began fucking her again, this time with his cock covered in cum.

From the time we settled I think it was over in less than thirty minutes and they quickly disappeared but she still lay there with her legs wide open, cum oozing from her pussy and I couldn’t resist fucking my wife. From the first moment I could feel the other men’s cum on my cock I knew I was hooked. I’d never been so excited as when I fed my cock into her mouth so she could taste their cum. Then after licking her pussy clean I continued fucking her while we kissed sharing their cum between us.

Later, she promised me that she had no intention other than to let them touch her but since I didn’t object, at any time, she just got carried away. The strange part, when we first met I’d been a little possessive, jealous but now I admitted I was thrilled to watch her having sex with other men.

We were married just a few months later and bought ourselves a flat in town. Although we talked about it and explored several avenues we never forced the issue. I advertised in several contact magazines but she preferred to the idea of just meeting someone for whenever we were away for a weekend. We never again invited anyone we knew but after several experiences we did have a regular partner for a few years.

She was still the exhibitionist and we once sent in a few photos of her to the Reader’s Wives section of a popular magazine. By then a number of my friends had seen her topless and new something of her reputation but even so, it was met with a mixed reaction to see her naked with nothing left to the imagination.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our experience, Mike