Written by Look alike neighbor

25 May 2011

My friend, Bill, and I look so much alike that people think we are brothers. Recently, he and I were talking about how boring it can be to have been married for so many years, and he said, "Ya know, with the lights out our wives wouldn't know if we switched." We looked at each other with wide eyes and started talking about how we could pull it off.

"First of all" he said, "you would have to know what Amy likes, because if it wasn't her way she would be on to you and she would never speak to me again". I told him I thought my Julie would react the same way, since she has a very definite preference that he would have to learn exactly. So we began to train each other. The training was difficult because our wives' preferences were so different from one another.

"Since Amy will be asleep facing away from you, you will be able to slip into bed pretty easily. Just rub touch the top of her hips and after awhile she will roll onto her back. She doesn't wear any knichers, so just go straight for her clit with your fingers. She will spread her legs if she's horny, otherwise she'll roll back away. If she stays on her back, just get down between her legs and give her clit a big wet lick. She likes it fast and hard, but she doesn't like a tongue inside her vagina, and definitely don't touch her asshole. After a few licks, just suck her whole clit into your mouth like a nipple and suck it hard. Don't waste too much time. Push her legs up and shove your cock in all the way. Reach around her legs and squeeze her nipple hard. I mean really hard. She won't be long, maybe 20 good hard thrusts. Give it to her all the way. Really slam it. She only cums once, so you want to be fast yourself. You'll know when she's through cumming; she'll stop screaming."

I said, "Wow, that's so different from Julie. I can barely wait. I love it when somebody comes loud. Julie just kinda shudders, but she also only cums once. I described how he should approach Julie and, even though it involved many more drawn out steps, he said he would do every one of them.

The day of our switch we both went to the same barber and got our hair cut as much alike as possible. He has more hair, but we got it so short it was almost the same. When night came I didn't have to worry about falling asleep. I made sure Julie had an extra couple drinks with a light dinner. At midnight we got in bed and by 12:30 she was fast asleep. I waited until almost 2, snuck out of bed and out of the house, leaving the door open. I crosses paths with Bill in a neighbor's yard, as planned, and quickly made it to his house and into his bathroom. I gave myself a few minutes to calm down and then silently went into the bedroom. Sure enough, Amy was on her side, facing away when I gently got under the sheet. Again, I took a few minutes to try to calm dowm, but it was hopeless. I was so excited. I reached over and gently caressed the top of her hip. Nothing. So I moved my hand up under her night shirt and gently rubbed her back. Still nothing, but when I touched her hip again, she rolled onto her back just like he said.

I reached around and felt the top of her pubic hair and then slid my hand down past her pussy to her inner thigh. Her legs widened, so I slowly massaged the inside of her thigh, just barely touching her pussy lips with my wrist. She arched slightly, so I caressed her other inner thigh and then touched her outer lips in a circular motion with just one finger. Now she was arching her back and spread her legs wide. So I got down between her legs and kissed the inside of one thigh and then the other. She started moaning even more. I flicked my tongue over her clit while I massaged her thighs and pushed her legs up a bit. Then I circled my tongue around her vagina and moved my hands over her ass. It occurred to me that I was not following the directions, but everything I did met with louder moans. Then I forgot the directions altogether. I slowly slid my tongue from her clit down to the base of her vagina, even slightly onto her asshole, and then up into her vagina as deep as I could go. While I circled around inside her vagina, putting lots of pressure on all its inner walls, I slid a finger over her wet asshole. She started to yell "Yes, oh yes", so I kept circling with my tongue and started sliding my finger gently into her asshole.

She yelled, "Oh fuck me, please." but instead I just shoved my finger deeper and started flicking my tongue over her clit as fast as I could. "Oh, yes, I'm cumming, Ohhhh" and then she exploded, screaming like I had never heard. I climbed up and inserted the first inch of my 8 inches into her pussy. Then I slowly slid in inch by inch. She hadn't stopped screaming even though I had kept up a slow thrusting for several minutes. So I reached around and put my finger back into her asshole. When I put a second finger in, her screams got even louder and then, after when I slid out, held my dick and slid it ito her asshole,she shuddered all over as she screamed even louder as I came, "Oh, my God, yes, just like that. AAAAAAhhh." When I softened, I rolled over and after calming down, she rolled away.

Then I waited for a while and snuck out of bed.

When I got to the meeting point, there was Bill. He said, "What took you so long?" and I explained that it took me a while to get brave enough to get into bed.

I got home and back into bed without delay but still couldn't sleep, so I got up earlier than usual and made coffee. Julie got up at her usual Sunday time and came into the kitchen. "Well, aren't you the best lover in the world". Then she proceeded to get between my legs and give me a quick hard blowjob, something she hadn't done in years.