Written by cj

20 Apr 2009

Sorry if this is long and boring but you need the background to understand the pleasure we get.

Due to meeting someone special I haven\'t been on the site much as I have found a woman who loves sex as much as me and is willing to experiment and likes the attention of two men giving her pleasure, as well as the many fantasies we get up to in the bedroom. The main problem we have found is finding genuine males out there who are few and far between.

S is under 5\' fantastic body small breasts, slim body but as with most women think age has got the better of them. All I can say is she is perfect in my eyes, very randy comes like a train loves me giving her long hard fucks in every position possible and is starting to come out of her shell so to speak verbally as to what she likes and wants.

Over the last six months we have had a few family problems which have restricted us having fun. But this has been good in a way as we have talked openly about our past relationships and found S had been quite a naughty and flirty little girl and likes the idea of being taken. While giving her a good seeing to or licking her pussy I would mention other men were watching and wanted to have her and would ask if she wanted them, she would cum so much on this type of dirty talk saying yes, yes, yes, I would question her as we make love as to who she fancied at work or ask her who was making suggestive remarks. This lead to some teasing from her telling me little tales, making me hard thinking of what she might get up to one day. One particular customer she mentioned was always asking to take her out for a drink and had made remarks as to what he would like to do with her, this got her intrigued and Horny as to what might happen if one day she ever let herself go. This got me really turned on and I was wanting her to go further, asking her to bring him back to the house and I would stay hidden and see what they got up to. Well the first time she set this up he fucked her and came very quickly in less than 5 minutes giving her no pleasure and left. S felt a bit used and cheep but I made up for this by fucking her so hard and coming so powerful that she new how turned on I was by watching her being taken. The second time I let her meet him by herself and asked her to tell me all about it. She did but her events were a little vague as if she hadn\'t told me everything and maybe she was embarrassed, I was wondering if she felt guilty about what she had done. She said she didn\'t want to do it with him any more, so I didn\'t bring it up as you cant force this situation, both parties have to agree, so we continued with the odd threesome.

Last Friday something changed I rang her office and was told she had left for the day. It was only 2pm! I was annoyed as she never took time of when i wanted her to. I rang her and was just about to have a row with her when she stopped me by saying I might be naughty this afternoon. (Males what\'s the fastest time you have taken to get a hard on?) I didn\'t know who she was meeting, my mind was racing but decided I had to get back to the house asap. It felt like time was going back words getting back and waiting to see if she would come to the house. I text her asking her who it was, she told me it was him again! I hid the car round the corner and got in the house and locked the door I was in the third bedroom with the door ajar and heard them come in to the house S had gone up stairs to our bedroom to get something and he had asked if he could use the loo. He came out of the toilet and grabbed hold of S in our room, I could hear them kissing heavily and new her breathing was changing like it does when she is excited, she then said not here in the back bedroom, within seconds she had her bra and top of and was kneeling right at the door way of the room getting his cock out of his pants and telling him she was not going all the way. He was forcing his cock into her mouth and squeezing her breasts hard, S was panting and I saw at first hand how she was loving being forced into making him cum. She was also helping by putting her hand behind his arse and was pulling him towards her, egging him on telling him to cum over her. He didn\'t last long and shot a load on her face and breasts, his legs nearly buckled with him coming and he grabbed her face and kissed her hard. She went for some loo roll and standing on the landing she wiped up his spunk right in front of me, it was all over her. Give him his due he respected her wishes in not going further but it was heaven watching her and this was a side of her I had not seen before. When he left I kept quite and didn\'t let on I was there. She was talking to herself saying this has got to stop but I new she wouldn\'t and will do it again in the future. I text her after 15 minutes asking if she had been naughty and the reply was just a mmm. I asked her if she had enjoyed herself and once again she was a little subdued. I then told her I was in the house and had enjoyed watching her be a little slut. She was a bit mad at first but I put my arms around her from behind slipped a finger into her pussy and it was dripping. We talked on how she doesn\'t know what comes over her when she is forced a little to do something. But she agreed that she had enjoy it. She had given pleasure to him, as sex on the home front was non existent and she felt she was not hurting anyone. The other reason was for us, knowing how much pleasure it brings into our sexual life as well as our relationship of trust and love.

We have talked about this and the weekend has been full of sex and indendoes. There will be a next time, I have hinting she should tell him I know, so that he wont rush next time and maybe we could have a threesome in the future. But we will have to see.