Written by happpy chappie

28 Jun 2007

Well sorry its taken so long to get back to you..we sat back down next to stewart and Maria..and chatted nervously..I could see My wife looking at stewart and smiling flirting and she was geting very excited. Maria was not shy she said out loud..well you have had a litle chance to chat about it..are you into coming back to our room for a drink after this finnishes, before i could say anything my wife said yes..nearly leaveiung her seat with the excitement of it all..that was it we were going..From this time things changed a little...maria asked me to dance on the next slow dance,, we had to be a little careful as there were still one or two there who knew us so we tried to act normally, But my cock was standing to attention in my torusers and Maria knew it and was pushing herself into me, I looked over at my wiffe and Stewart, his hand was ion her thigh and hers on his stroking his leg and they were looking into eachothers eyes..a bit of a wiered sight really..Anyway the dancing stopped and bar had closed...I was feeling really nervous about the whole thing but also to excited to stop it happening..we walked to the lift with S & M...(good initials) when in the lift the four of us kissed eachother first then swopped and I got to kiss the sexy M she was a great kisser and let her hand brush betwen my legs..she said to my wife your husbands cock is very hard and how she was looking forward to sucking it, I nealy died and my wife looked a little shocked as wel...We arrived at there room and Stu said are you sure about this..again my wife said lets go for it..and walked right inside..

The door closed and stu asked what we wanted to drink...I said water..wife said vodka..and then Maria pounced..she kissed me really hardd on the mouth...telling me she had been looking forward to sucking my cock ever since she felt it agaisnt her inner thigh as we danced...she knelt before me undoing my trousers...my wife who was waiting for stu came over to me..kissing me as M took my cock out..M was looking at it and said how nice it was..in only just 7 inches..but nice and thick...she sucked it and again my wife kissed me..it was amazing ...my wife lowered herself and got really close to m as she sucked me M passed her my cock and she went for it..like i have never know..always quite te prude and shy, tonight she was an animla..sucking like never before..M took it back and they seemed to let there tongues lash over it..touching eachothers tongue..then they left my cock and kissed..it was awsome sight looking down at these sex women exploring eachother hands were everywhere....stu said you best sit down mate M intends to explore your wife fully..wow what a show..they seemed to be very into eachother oblivious to myself and Stu wanking furiously at the sight ..things were going well until my mobile phone went off and things startled everyone..I looked at it to turn it off but it was family..and a not nice message so we abruptly ended the session but have arranged to meet in a few weeks where we can carry things on.we have chated about this and both want more..its so exciteing..cant believe it..