Written by janet

6 Mar 2008

hi this is how i lost my mmf cherry with our friend John [See fun while hes away2007]

Dave my husband had arranged for his friend John to come round for a 3 sum. My jaw fell through the floor when he told me! two weeks later when I had begun to think it was a joke, John rang and asked if he could come over.Half an hour later he was there. my heart pounded when I realised I was going to be fucked by another man for the first time in over 20 years. Dave convinced me to show John my pierced boob and so I did. His eyes lit up at seeing my 38gs on display. He reached out shakily and felt my boob running his fingernail over the swollen nipple. My pussy felt electric as he sucked first one then the other into his mouth, while looking down at a bald head was so different from looking at Daves hair.He pushed his hand between my legs and rubbed at my by now sodden fanny.Dave told me to go upstairs and change into a skirt. I did so willingly, leaving my knickers there also. When i came down, John took over again but this time lifting my skirt to expose my cunt to his gaze. He said its lovely and lowered his head to lap at my clit and cunt lips. I opened my eyes-Dave sat wanking his cock and smiled.How could he just let this happen I thought? but didnt stop John from his attentions. John stood up- I opened his pants and his cock was pushing against the fabric. I pulled them down and as i did so, his cock was just in front of mu face. I immediately swallowed it to the base. John stopped me as he said he would come too soon, pulled on a condom that Dave gave him and sat down. I straddled his thighs and lowered myself onto his fat cock. It slid up into me filling my cunt. I fucked him for a few minutes, my big tits hitting his face until with a groan he came. Dave came over, bent me forwards and rammed his cock up me lasting seconds before filling me with my second lot of come in as many minutes.

Over the next 3 hours both men fucked me again- Dave once and John twice, once in my arse which only Dave has ever had.

We fucked with John over the next few years either as 3 sum or on a couple of occasions just him and me