Written by George

26 Feb 2010

Thanks once again for the comments in my Love To Watch stories. Both Anne and I have really enjoyed reading them and have some great sex afterwards.

Nevertheless, regardless of how much I try, Anne still needs satisfaction from other men at times.

Shortly after my last story we received several Emails. One was from a guy who didn't live a million miles away. So I suggetsed we contact him. Anne wasn't sure, as up to now we had just taken a chance of attracting someone when we were out.

This wasn't too difficult, with Anne invariably wearing a short skirt and stockings with a lovely pair of heels.

Anyway, we arranged to meet at pub just outside South Woodham which is in Essex. John was very impressed with what he saw when we walked into the bar. He was very easy going and complimented Anne on her looks and particularly her legs. Naturally, she loved this and as she had more wine to drink she gradually allowed her hem line to ride up to reveal the tops of her stockings. She was wearing her Pretty Polly Nearly Black lace tops, probably my favourite.

After a while, we moved out to the car park and into John's car which he had wisely parked at the back of the car park. John and Anne got in the back and I sat in the drivers seat. Quickly they were kissing and he was easing her legs apart to show her pussy. He then started to stroke her and gently inserted a finger inside her.

Anne must have been very turned on as she had a small orgasm almost straight away. She then moved his hand aside and eased his prick from his trousers. Carefully she licked it's length and then started the slide it in to her mouth.

Then she asked me to do something she had never asked before. She asked me to lean over and cup John's balls while she sucked him off. I wasn't sure, but did it anyway.

After a while I could feel him tighten and start to cum in Anne's mouth. She swallowed some, but then leant forward and started to kiss me with the remainder of his spunk still in her mouth. That was sensational.

John thanked us and we were quickly off and into our car and on our way.

During the short drive home, we talked about it and Anne said she had enjoyed herself but thought she preferred the unarranged meetings, where she just picked someone up. Although she did like being in control and making me cup his balls.

When we got home she said I could wank over her pussy and stockings if I wanted but I would then have to lick her clean and make her orgasm. I was not allowed to fuck her.

On to the next meeting hopefully.