Written by Kentish2

6 Nov 2012

My girlfriend and me use several of the pubs around Cobham in Kent of a Sunday.

As usual we ended up in a busy little cosy pub this Sunday and after a walk over the fields we settled down for a few drinks.

We chat to a few of the locals in each place we visit and some are more talkative than others.

We were chatting amongst ourselves when a guy called Martin we have spoken to several times before came over and joined us.

He always makes her laugh and i could tell he likes her.

After an hour or so i was on the Pepsi but my girlfriend stayed on the alcohol with Martin. He had clearly been there for a while before we got there.

A while later we said we were off and Martin said he would leave with us.

I nipped to the loo as we left then we wandered over to the car park.

Naturally we offered Martin a lift down the road and he accepted.

Within a mile or so we were at his house.

He invited us in and i looked at my girlfriend for approval. She looked a bit non commital so i said okay but just for a minute.

We ended up having a couple of drinks and we said we were off home. Martin said he would probably crash out upstairs and leaving the front door wide open he just sort of wandered as best he could up the stairs.

We both agreed he was pretty drunk so we followed him upstairs,helping him as best we could along the way.

When he got in to his bedroom he started to strip off.

He lost his jumper and boots at the doorway,dropped his jeans on the approach to the bed and with us still stood there he yanked his pants down and off in one movement then fell back on to his bed.

He was awake,just and smiling at us both.

"Come and join me",he said.

My girlfriend then told me he had tried to kiss her when i used the pub loo's.

She was laughing as she told me.

I asked if she had let him.

"Only a quick kiss"was her reply but it was enough to make my cock stir in to life.

I looked at her with a big grin and she knew what i was thinking.

I have (like so many other men) always wanted to see her with another man.

She has always said no. She likes the idea but has always refused to go through with it.

"Oh no you dont" she said and made to leave.

I stopped her and said "lets just see what happens",please.

There was a long pause then she kissed me.

We kissed for a few minutes and as we did i moved her backwards slowly towards the edge of the bed.

Glancing over at Martin i saw he had sat up. I also saw he had a very upright erection.

As we kissed i saw his hands carress her bottom and hips through her jeans.

Still kissing i undid her belt and her jeans button.

He reached around and slowly unzipped her jeans.

They were on fairly tight but he gradually eased them down revealing her black lacy panties.

He was kissing the cheeks of her bottom and i thought he was holding her waist.

I undid the buttons of her blouse revealing the matching black lacy bra holding her lovely pale breasts.

I reached down over her silky belly then under the waist of her panties and towards her very neatly trimmed pussy. As my fingers slid over her clit and started between her lips i felt Martins fingers already there,inserted and moving inside her.

We had stopped kissing and her eyes were closed. I held her and she held me. She arched her back slightly as i watched him holding her panties to one side with one hand and pump the fingers of his other hand in and out of her. She was flushed,panting and pushing her bottom further towards Martin.

She held me tighter,we snogged and she came.

Gripping me firmly she was shaking and he was making slurping noises as he helped her on her way.

He then stopped and we all stood very still for a moment. I wasnt sure what would happen next,if anything.

She looked me straight in the eye and without breaking her stare she pulled me towards the bed. She still stared at me as Martin removed her bra. I was undressing but transfixed as i watched another man touch her breasts then lean forward and suck her nipples. She was now kneeling on the bed,her jeans taught around her knees,panties at half mast,her eyes closed as Martin sucked and fondled her creamy breasts.

Now naked i nervously moved towards them. She lay back on the bed and tightly held a pillow.

Martin slid her jeans free and off. As he threw them on the floor i removed her wet panties. Looking at her there i was really unsure about the whole thing. She clasped her legs tightly together. She pulled the pillow over her face as Martin slid his hands up her pale thighs.

I wanted to join in but i kind of wanted him to touch her first.

His hand touched the perfect V of her body and the skin at the top of her legs.

She still had her legs tight together.

He moved towards her and started kissing the tiny hairs as close to her clit as he could get. I had a raging hard cock and was desperate to join in but i couldnt stop watching them.

I saw her legs twitch then slowly relax. Within a minute or so she was slightly pushing herself upwards towards his mouth. Her legs were still together but she was more relaxed.

Then,still gripping the pillow over her face,she ever so slowly parted her legs and thighs.

Martin moved around and between her legs. He gently cupped the cheeks of her bottom and lapped at her pussy. Lifting her on to his mouth.

As he noisily slurped away at her she parted her legs wider and wider.

She was now writhing as he fully enjoyed her.

I moved towards her head and put her hand on my cock.

She stroked me for a minute or so then threw the pillow off the bed and pulled my cock towars her face. She took my cock in to her mouth as he continued to suck and lick her.

This went on for some time.

Martin then stopped what he was doing and moved upwards.

She stopped sucking me and turned to watch him.

Once he was in position i watched as the plumy head of his erect cock touched the very tip of her spread pussy. It rested there then moved downwards between her wet and flared apart lips. She looked down at it at her entrance as did i. Her thighs were wide apart as she held my hand.

I saw the head of his cock slide between her lips and enter her.

She made a low groaning noise as it went fully inside her and gripped my hand hard.

Martin withdrew then slid fully back inside. He started to fuck her with long strokes using all of his cock.

He kissed her neck then the top of her chest then lapped at her nipples.

The movements were slow for some time but then he quicked his pace.

One second she was holding my hand and looking at me then she turned her face towards him and i saw their open mouths lock together.

They were snogging each other as they fucked.

Martin started to really slam in to her hard.

They stopped snogging and he rose up. She had released my hand and held the underside of her thighs as he fucked her harder and harder.

He was really slamming in to her.

I was wanking my cock like crazy as i watched them.

This was harder than i have ever fucked her. I looked at her face to see if she was still wanting this.

She clearly was. In fact she started saying "Harder,harder","Fuck me,fuck me harder",through gritted teeth.

Suddenly Martin groaned and started to pump his cum inside her. He was still slamming in to her as she started to cum too.

As his cock slid in and out of her their creamy cum was spreading over her and him.

Finally he moved back and collapsed to the side of her. They were both gasping and very out of breath.

I moved straight away between her legs and my cock almost fell inside her soaking wet pussy. She was so hot inside and you could smell them both as i fucked her.

I started fucking her hard.

This wasnt going to last long.

As i fucked her i leaned forward and we kissed. I started to fuck her harder and harder.

Martin was still laying to her side. He had been watching and stroking his wet cock.

He massaged her breasts then she turned her head towards him and they kissed. She was really snogging him. I could see their tongues lashing each other.

It was too much and i felt myself start to cum.

I emptied myself inside her just as she reached between us to play with her clit.

As i withdrew i watched her furiously strumming her clit as they kissed.

Her chest was bright red and her fingers were a blur on her clit,occasionally stopping to insert a finger inside herself.

He then sat up and as i moved to her other side he knelt at her head.

She immediately grasped his hardening cock and without any hesitation she pulled it in to her mouth. His hand joined hers at her pussy and as she flicked her clit he slid his fingers inside her.

She whined and he made a grunting noise then i watched her back arch upwards a little and she shook as she came again. His groaning carried on for a second or two then releasing his fingers from her pussy he wanked the base of his cock which hadnt left her open mouth.

He gasped then shook a little. She held his cock between her lips and i saw her cheeks and throat contracting as she swallowed his cum.

Finally after she had sucked what must have been every last drop out of him his cock slipped out of her mouth and he moved away from her.

She just lay staring at the ceiling.

Martin left the room and allowed us a while together.

We eventualy dressed and i thanked Martin as we left.

Not sure exactly what i was thanking him for but we all were a bit subdued.

She kissed him on the cheek as we left but i noticed she couldnt look him in the eye.

I admit i felt good but more than a little sheepish myself.

We have only mentioned it once but life seems to be back to normal.

I guess next week i will find out if we are to use the pub again or not.