Written by lyre

9 Jun 2008

I recently persuaded my wife to have a massage by a male masseuse. My wife was reluctant and she said we should agree on how far it went. I said she should define the limits. After a couple of glasses of wine and nervous laughter she suggested that he could massage her breasts, finger her and if she found him attractive fuck her! I was astonished but she re-aasured me this was very unlikely. She also said that if it did come to that he would have to wear a condom. A week later after advertizing our desire in the local paper, we had lots and lots of requests - most didn\\\'t take our fancy but one really got my wife excited. He described himself as a black 25 year old athletic guy learning massage. I promptly phoned him and told him about the situation and the \\\"limits\\\". He was fine and offered to be around that evening - we were both excited and nervous at how fast it was happening - we opened a bottle of wine to calm our nerves. At about 8pm the doorbell went and my wife promptly took off her robe and jumped naked on the bed face down with the giggles. My heart was beating fast with all the excitement. I let him and and we chatted for about 5 mins, again going over the expectations. He was quiet but very pleasant. I led him upstairs. Seeing my wife naked and this guy walking in made me instantly hard. My wifes face was buried in the pillow and the guy took of his tshirt and jeans. He had on a pair of boxer shorts and was exactly as he described. He began to massage my wife's back and shoulders with some lotion. Slowly, he moved to her lower back and then started massaging her backside. At this point i was desperate to start wanking as this happened, but was unsure how the guy would react so i just carried on watching. As he started massaging the backs and insides of her thighs, I couldn't see but I assumed his fingers must have been brushing her pussy. He then asked her to turn over and she obliged. She looked very relaxed with her eyes closed. He started to stoke her breasts and squeeze her nipples. At this point I was openly wanking and my wife looked at me and smiled. She then looked back at the masseuse and with one hand awkwardly pulled his shorts down. A very erect and thick 7 inch penis was revealed. She slowly started stroking it. Surprisingly he asked to move back onto her front. He continued massaging her back and I thought may be he has own limits. But then he slowly parted my wives legs and positioned himself in between them so he could massage her thighs up to her back side. This really got my wife turned on as she started groaning and grinding her hips against the bed. Then I was totally gobsmacked. My wife proceeded to get up on all fours with legs apart and finger her self as he massaged her arse. With this he promptly moved forward and slid his cock into her very wet pussy. It looked amazing as I saw this big thick dick disappear into my wife. Suddenly reality hit me and I realized he wasnt wearing a condom. I shouted stop wait and alerted them what was happening. The guy looked truly embarrassed and pulled out. My wife however reached back and pulled at his cock and pushed it back inside her. She then proceeded to push back and start fucking him. Within 2 mins of very aggressive fucking, the guy went rigid and closed his eyes as he unloaded his cum in my wife. When he was done - he jumped up got dressed and left - not a word was said. I looked at my wife who was laying on her back and exhausted. She looked very sexy but I could tell she was worried I would be angry. Im sorry she said. I simply told her to open her legs and then went onto lick out my wife for the next 5 mins. She was full of his cum and she herself came twice as I licked her clean.