2 Mar 2018

Well I read a story here that is so much like what happened to my wife and I.

Mandy spent her school years in a catholic school and was a virgin when we met.

It was a roller coaster courtship and we married with her holding out until after we married before putting out for me but she loved sex and for the first rive years of our marriage we couldn't keep out hands off of each other. We had two children now and Mandy was on birth control because she was so easy to get pregnant and we wanted to be able to save back enough money to send them to college.

I drive for a local package delivery service and I make pretty good money and until our second child was born Mandy worked as a Nurse at Kaiser so we had saves some already.

We were still having sex several times a month and we watched porn movies on the internet sometimes as a way to get things going and Mandy is such a sexy woman and suck a small little gal and has worked hard to maintain her figure after two children.

I have caught many men checking her out and I have mentioned it to her joking about having several guys over to help me with her nymph ways and she has always seamed to like it but the time I asked her if she would do this with me watching she declined.

We had wild sex all over and we did it once in a public bathroom and once behind Wall Mart in our car.

I have fucked her in alleyways with her hands up against the wall and she loved it doing something like that with the chance of getting caught .

Once she asked me what we would do if we were caught and I said that I would have to let him fuck her to and she went wild pushing back against me and she came very good.

On our 4th wedding anniversary we let her mom babysit the kids and we went up to Reno for the weekend .

I had talked her into dressing provocatively wearing no panty's or bra and her low cut blouse for dinner so she could tease the guys and it worked .

Her nipples were evident through her loose blouse and when she would lean forward her blouse opened up so I could see her full 36 B-cup breasts and she had agreed to flash the waiter for me.

Mandy was having a ball and she had drank three glasses of wine while we had dinner and Jeff our waiter had managed to check out her breasts several times and Mandy was clearly flirting with him.

Lookinng up at him each time she bent forward giving him a good look at her very firm breasts.

Jeff was maybe 25 6-2 and in very good shape and he warmed up to her and even flirted back when he saw that I wasent objecting and I asked Mandy if she wanted to take it any farther or not and she said what could we do here in a restraurent.?

I said ask him where the ladies room is and ask him to show you he might have some Idea and when Jeff came back mandy asked him to show her where the Ladies tom was and he offered her his arm and she smiles wickedly at me and left with her hand on his arm.

I sat there all of a sudden not at all sure if this is what I really wanted or not but I waited glancing around nervously to see if anyone might notice and in about 15 minutes Mandy returned with her hair in disaray and her blouse out of her skirt and she grabbed my arm saying lets go I did it.

I aske did what and she said come on I am starting to leak as she tugged my arm and when we got up to out room she said well we hadent gonr far when he said you really dont have to go to the bathroom do you and she told him no .HE SAID THIS WAY AND IN SECONDS THEY WERE OUT IN THE BACK ALLEY AND HE WAS KISSING HER THEN HE MAULED HER BREASTS AND TURNED HER AROUND AND MANDY PLACED HER HANDS ON THE DUMSTER AS HE LIFTED HER SKIRT AND HE FUCKED HER THAT WAY CUMMING IN JUST A LITTLE WHILE THEN HE SAID I HAVE TO GET BACK TO WORK STUFFING HIS COCK BACK INTO HIS PANTS AND MANDY HAD TO FIND HER OWN WAY BACK TO ME.

We now have a very interesting life style and I have overcome any jealousy that I did have Mandy loves sex and I love to watch her.