Written by snowman

25 Oct 2007

I have written in and told you all about the first time that Marissa let my best friend have her and how that opened a whole new chapter into our sex lives together. After that first time Marissa could just not get enough of both our cocks, and like I said, she still has the sweetest, tightest pussy that I have ever been in even now.

Well, this story is just as true as the last and happened about three months after the first time that we had our first experience. We were going out of town, just the three of us, to a concert about 3 hours away. We took my truck, which is just a regular cab, full size pickup. We went to the concert and had a good time. The drinks were good, the music, and everything. Towards the end of the night I could feel the sexual tensions mounting between Rick and Marissa. After we got out of town and on the freeway, I could feel things starting to happen on the seat beside me. First I I could see RIck start rubbing her crotch, and then Marissa returned the favor. Next thing Rick told her to get naked, and she said that she would, but his pants had to come off also. Rick started working his magic on her pussy with his hands, and she in turn started doing the same to him. Next thing I knew, she was starting to straddle him, and ride him, and he started sucking her nipples. Marissa started moaning and groaning as the good feelings started. She has been by far the loudest lover I have ever had also. Rick kept commenting on how good her tight and wet pussy felt. She rode him until he was about to come. Rick asked her where she wanted the first load. Marissa always wants it in her pussy, so it was no surprise when she told him to shoot it up inside her as far as he could. She had told me before that feeling us come inside her was one of her favorite feelings she has experienced. After Rick added his love juices to her they switched positions and he rode her from behind(we were kind of limited to positions because of the small cab). Then after he came inside her again they were taking a breather and I saw a rest area coming up. I called switch, so I pulled in and Rick pulled his pants up and we switched spots at the rest area. When we got going again I pulled my pants down and Marissa started kissing me and lowered herself down on my throbbing pole. She felt tight and wet like usual, but much hotter than normal. This good feeling, and observing what I had, it only took me about 2 minutes to add my juices to her. We continued to fuck until the next rest area when rick said switch. We continued this the whole way home, but the real shocker came on the last switch. I pulled into the rest area and Rick was about ready to come, and Marissa wanted this last load she was going to get from him. I sat in the rest stop and the pick-up was rockin. I was really ready for my turn. Next thing I knew, there was a middle-aged black trucker looking in our passenger window. We was hooting and encouraging Rick and Marissa while we both watched. This pushed Rick over the edge, and he filled Marissa again. The trucker then asked if he could have a turn. I replied that I didnt think the little lady would go for that. Marissa looked at him and asked what are you going to bring to the table? He then pulled his pants down so she could look out the window and see his cock. It looked about three inches longer that Ricks or mine, and quite a bit thicker. Marissa looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes, I had always wanted to see her with a black man, so I said it was up to her, after all it was her pussy. She then told the trucker that if he were quick he could do her once , but surprisingly did not want him to come inside her. Rick then opened the door and crawled out and got dressed. Marissa got on all fours on the seat and started sucking me. The trucker got ready and started his push into her. After trying to work it in on about three or four thrusts Marisa had to quit sucking my cock because she started moaning loudly and I was choking her. Marissa then told the trucker in between moans that he was fucking virgin pussy that no other cock had reached. He responded damn, white bitch, I have never had a pussy as tight as yours. It took him about 7 thrusts to get all in her, and she had her first orgasm on just entry. He then picked up the pace and I had never heard Marissa moan so loud. I think she probably woke up every trucker in the lot. Rick was standing outside the truck with a birds-eye view of his cock going in and out of her and rubbing his own cock through his pants. After about five minutes the trucker announced that he was going to come, and where did she want it. Marissa responded in her true fashion in between moans that he had better dump his sweet black semen in her white pussy. He obliged and pushed as far into her as he could and he just seemed to cum and cum inside her. She really started moaning then, after he finished she thanked him and said that was the largest cock and load that she had ever had. He said thanks and that he hadnt had any sex in a couple months, and told her she had the best and tightest pussy he ever had. She gave him a long kiss good-bye and we continued on our way with Rick driving. She then sat on my cock, and I was surprised at how tight her elastic pussy still felt after that fuckin. She rode me the rest of the way home, and since it was so late her and Rick stayed the night at my house. Rick dumped one more load in her for a good-nite, and then we fell asleep with her in between us. I woke in the morning with Rick giving her a good-bye load. After that Marissa and I lounged around and talked about the previous night and how wonderful it was. Everytime we brought it up we would both get worked up and make love again. She thanked me for not being jeolous and letting her do that. We had many more adventures after that with Rick, but only one other that involved another man. THat one involved Marissa, Me , and another couple. If you want some more true stories about us just leave comments stating so and I will write again.