Written by JR

6 Mar 2014

Maspalomas Holiday

1.The regular pattern

For a number of years we have escaped from the wet and cold of late winter British weather for a short break in Meloneras area of Maspalomas to the south of Gran Canaria

Over the years we have fallen into a regular pattern. A late breakfast at the same bar/ restaurant followed by a short stroll to the shops and then back to the apartment to pack for a long lazy day soaking in the sun among the dunes. Into the bag go towels, sun cream, water, Kindle and the "Wanking" tent, a beach shelter that provides shade, shelter from the wind and a bit of privacy.

Then we stroll along the beach, shedding our clothes as we move from the textile to the naturist area, enjoying the first liberation of breeze and sun on our skin. We generally pause for a drink at kiosk number four, and discreetly scan the naked people around us. Our skin seems so white compared with the leathery tan of some of our fellow sun worshippers. I never fail to be amazed at the variety of people's shapes and sizes. The only thing they seem to have in common is their total lack of embarrassment as they expose themselves to the world.

After a while we head inland to the dunes seeking a suitable spot. Usually we look for a clearing on a slight rise surrounded by screening bushes. We set up the tent, lay down the towels and settle in for a day of relaxation. We are usually checked out by a number of naked men who rub their cocks in front of us by way of invitation. They usually wander on when they receive no encouragement.

We read, doze wearing an eye screen to blank out the glaring sun, and take an occasional stroll to the kiosk for a drink and a cooling dip.

Sometimes towards the end of the afternoon we have a little fun with each other, perhaps with an audience if they're not too pushy and respect our space. I look forward to the wanking or sucking I will enjoy from Rachel at some time but don't push it, the anticipation is everything. What gives me most pleasure however is watching Rachel as I use my fingers or tongue to bring her to climax, it's even better than coming myself although it will usually lead to this.

In the evening we normally find ourselves a nice restaurant on the sea front, enjoy a good meal with a bottle of wine or two, head back to our apartment overlooking the lake and make love if we've not had too much to drink.

So that's the pattern we've fallen into. We're not into the massive cocks, juicy cunts and multiple partner public sex that usually appear in the stories on this site, but it suits us. Perhaps this year we may be a bit more adventurous. Who knows?

2.The Massage

So here we were with our first day ahead of us. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, there was a slight breeze. The thermometer was already nudging the mid twenties. The wet and cold of English winter seems a long way off, which of course it was. Breakfast was eaten, shopping was done and the bag was packed.

Off we set along the beach, sometimes paddling along the edge of the sea and sometimes trudging through the soft sand. Clothing was shed and finally we arrived at kiosk 4. Most of the loungers were already full and a few people were congregated around the kiosk. One group were obviously friends and from their conversation had enjoyed an interesting night together at a swingers club in Playa. The others tended to be in couples. Some like us showed the white skin of newcomers, some had the lobster like appearance of yesterday's new arrivals who had underestimated the strength of the sun and some had the coppery hue of experienced sun worshippers. There were cocks, pussies and breasts of all shapes and sizes, some decorated with an interesting selection of piercings and metalwork. Some not so private parts were shaven, some neatly trimmed and some still in their natural state. Viva la difference! Eventually we moved inland and found our spot, private but not too private, and settled in. On the way we passed a number of interesting scenarios, including a young couple on a low dune. She was on her knees enthusiastically sucking his spectacularly large cock. They had an audience, mainly wanking men but including a couple. The man of the couple was standing behind her stroking her nipples, his cock nudging between her legs, while she was rubbing her pussy. As we watched, the woman from this couple dropped onto all fours and he came behind her sliding his cock into her pussy and began fucking her. The man from the first couple lay down on his back, cock proudly pointing to the sky, and she lowered herself onto it facing the second couple and began moving up and down very athletically. The watching circle of men obviously were enjoying the theatre and were wanking furiously. There was a lot of groaning, grunting and coming, a stimulating start to the day.

We eventually wandered on, found our spot and settled down for the day. The sun was very hot. Rachael put down the Kindle she had been reading, put on the face mask to shelter her eyes. "Would you like some sun cream", I asked? "Yes please", she replied. I poured the warm oil onto my hands and kneeling astride Rachael's thighs, I began working the oil into her skin in soft circular motions. Gradually I worked down her back and over her buttocks. I started again on her feet moving up over her calves to her highs. Her legs parted slightly allowing my fingers to move between to give access to her pussy lips. As I gently stroked them her buttocks started to move up and down in time with me. I think the action we had watched earlier had had an effect.

By then we had a visitor. He was probably in his mid fifties, about five foot eight and carrying a little less weight than me. No tattoos or metalwork. His cock was uncut and a decent size but not big enough to frighten the horses. He was stroking it as he watched us.

I moved to Rachael's side and said it was time to do the other side. As she rolled over I signalled the watcher to be quiet and kneel beside me. I poured some oil onto his hands and he took over the massage. Starting at Rachael's shoulders, he began to copy my actions. His oily hands slid over her breasts making her nipples stand out. Gradually he moved lower until his fingers were where mine had been minutes before. He searched for and found her clit and began rubbing it. By then Rachael was visibly aroused. Her hips were moving up and down faster and faster, her breathing became very heavy and her lips made that circular shape that I know comes before an orgasm. And orgasm she did, loudly and more spectacularly than I had seen for a long time. I signalled the man to move away and quietly took his place while he disappeared into the bushes.

Rachael's breathing gradually returned to normal and she took off her face mask. "Wow, that was good", she said.

So had she know it had not been me who had pleasured her? Of course she did. Did she tell me? Of course she hadn't. But she did give me a wonderful blow job by way of thank you before we packed up and went back to the apartment to get ready for our evening meal. Tomorrow would be another day. I hoped it would be as good.