Written by Jonrach

17 Mar 2014

Maspalomas Holiday – Part 3

An Evening Out and In

The following day Linda and Paul had hired a car and were going to see the sights of the island. We arranged to meet at our restaurant for a meal in the evening and we spent the day in the dunes, relaxing, soaking in the sun, reading and doing nothing in particular.

Of course we talked about the previous day. We had both enjoyed it but were a bit worried about how the other had felt seeing strange hands on their partner’s body and we wondered whether it would affect our relationship. We agreed that they were a pleasant couple who we would probably never meet again. It had just happened rather than being planned and we were on holiday far from home where the usual emotional restrictions need not apply. We knew that we were in a secure loving relationship and that had not changed and decided we were happy to let the other indulge their secret and not so secret fantasies within our boundaries.

We made a little more effort getting ready for our night out. Rachael spent more time than usual on her makeup and dressed a little more overtly sexily than the norm. She looked gorgeous and I was tempted to suggest we stayed in but didn’t.

Paul and Linda were waiting for us at the Escalerias and were full of the nature park they had visited in the mountains that day. We had been there and knew exactly what they were talking about. It is quite spectacular.

I sat next to Linda facing Rachel. Paul sat next to Rachael.

It was an excellent meal washed down with plenty of wine. We chatted generally and of course the events of the day before came up. “I never thought I could”, said Linda. “I agree, but it was fun”, replied Rachael, “You and Paul are so easy to get on with”. “Holiday rules apply I think”, Paul volunteered. He was looking directly at Rachael as he said this and she smiled.

After the meal Linda suggested we went back to their hotel for a nightcap and perhaps play a game of backgammon“. “I’d certainly enjoy playing”, said Paul. I suspected that he wasn’t thinking about playing backgammon. Neither was I and I felt sure that the women were thinking the same.

For a number of years we had used the same apartments. They are fairly basic but their position overlooking the Charca is very good and we spend little time in them.

Paul and Linda had gone to the other extreme and had signed up for five star luxury. Their suite was spectacular with and enormous king sized bed, a large whirlpool bath and a balcony overlooking the pool and palm lined gardens. They had a well stocked mini-bar that we were quick to raid for some rather nice red wine.

“I think we should get more comfortable “, said Paul and no-one objected when he stripped off in front of us and slipped on a white bathrobe. There were plenty for us all and soon we were spread on the bed in robes that seemed to slip open quite often.

We did play a couple of games of backgammon but our minds were not really on it.We had earlier admired their whirlpool bath and I suggested that we might try it. It was bit of a tight fit but with lots of touching we managed. When the bubbles started they clouded the water and we couldn’t see what was going on under the surface, but going on it was. When I reached down to stroke Rachael’s pussy I found that there was already a hand there and by the look on her face doing the job very nicely. I took that as permission to work on Linda. Standing in front of her I put my cock between her impressive tits and began to fuck them. Each time I pushed forward, she put out her tongue to lick its tip eventually taking in its end and sucking. I’ve never been a great believer in heaven but this seemed fairly close.

In the meanwhile Rachael had sat on the edge of the bath and was having her pussy licked and sucked by a very enthusiastic Paul who was kneeling in front of her.

Paul suggested that we move to the bed. We quickly dried off and the Paul and I lay on our backs head to toe. Rachael kneeled over Paul’ face and lowered her pussy to his waiting tongue. I did the same with Linda. Both of the women leaned forward on their hands and took our cocks into their mouths. Side by side sixty-nine. Wow. This continued for some minutes. The name of the game was, “All come together” and that’s what we aimed for, easing off when our fuck buddies were too close to coming and working harder when they started going off the boil a little. Eventually we succeeded with much mutual pleasure.

After a calming glass of wine it was time to go back to our apartment. Before staggering back we arranged to meet for another day on the dunes.

As agreed beforehand none of us had fucked the other’s partner. Indeed we had not even fucked our own partners alongside the others. Who knew what the next day might bring?

Rachael and I were both spent and not a little bit inebriated when we got back to the apartment and we just fell asleep in each other’s arms rather than make love.