Written by ryan

27 May 2008

my wife evelyn and i were on a walking holiday in plymouth last year, we decided to walk from hotel to hotel. we aere walking on a lonely track on a wooded araa evelyn decided she had to go to the toilet , i said that i would watch out for her, she went behind a tree and droped her trousers and knickers, the sight of her bending over drove me mad with a horn and i decided to try my luck. i walked up behind her when she was pissing and put my hand up to feel the hot piss, she looked behind and smiled, i put my fingers right inside her ginger fanny which she let out a small yell, i quickey goy my horn out and starting wanking. she looked at me and said she wanted to be fucked up against the tree, i pulled her knickers off and spread her legs, she was still dribbleing piss and was hot. i eased my horn in between her legs and stuck it in her ginger pussy she was begging me to ram it in , but i decided to tease her.at this stage we heard some one aproaching but we could not move for fear of been caught, the excitment was intence and i started to ride her when the other people walked in front off us without noticeing us . i could feel my cum and she was socking wet, the two of us came to gether it was one of the best fucks we ever had.