Written by anonymous

22 Mar 2010

My Mrs is still seeing her boss for regular weekday afternoon fun at his shop in Rochester. He has been fucking her now for some time and it must be a few months since i found out for certain and she confessed all.

He regularly fucks her at the back of the shop after hours or sometimes in his mpv when they park up locally.

He has started talking dirty to her as he makes her cum which she has started to really like. It was during one such time he told her about his apprentice who works at his other London based shop. He is apparently very well endowed according to gossip and likes the older woman. He described how he wants to lower her on to this young guys mouth so he can taste her fully then on to his big cock. Then when she is fully impaled he wants to gently enter her beautiful bottom with his own quite large cock.

She said as he fucked her and described what they would do to her she came twice. She was bent over the bench at the back of the shop at this time and she felt herself become so wet it was running down over her inner thighs.

When he filled her she said it was so intense and helped by one of his fingers embedded in her arse.

We fucked and played with each other on and off as she told me everything.

I asked if she is going to meet this young guy. She said she will meet him in London at the end of the month and that her boss had invited her to stay in a hotel for the night with him and the young man can visit.

Cant wait to find out the outcome and get the benefit. Just a pity they wont entertain the idea of me being involved or present, even if it were just to watch.

Still, erotic times.