Written by phoneking

29 Jun 2007

My girlfriend Lesley and me have had quite a time recently, culminating in her shagging a sales rep in her shop the other day.

I think though that it might have gone too far this time.

She came home today and told me the shop had been shut for most of the afternoon while she and Mark (the rep) had been having sex in the back room.

Apparently he had fucked her in every position they could think of and she had lost count of how many times either of them came.

She said he sucked her and played with her pussy for ages and even came up her arse. She said he has not got the biggest, thickest or even longest cock she has had but she said it is rock hard and his staying power is amazing.

She said she had swallowed two loads from his cock and had even fingered his arse which he liked.

She said he asked her to go away with him this weekend and she said she couldnt say no.

When they were talking about fantasies she admitted she is in to the sub thing a bit and this really turned him on.

He said he would love to watch her with other men or even women and he talked of arranging it at the weekend!

So she is off Friday evening. No invite for me, even though this is supposed to be OUR fantasy. I have no idea where they are going or what they will be up to. All i know is she will be back Sunday night and i am not to call!!

I dont even know anyone in the area that i can have my own fun with, great. What a super weekend, but not for me.

Comments or advice please.