Written by stevieb

29 Apr 2008

im 26 and have been in contact with jackie for over am onth now exchanging erotic emails.from day one i had been mithering her to meet me.i was dying to see if she looked as dirty as the picture of her in my head.

cut a long sory short i finally got her to agree to meet me.It was last friday night,she explained she couldnt be gone long as her husband was in and not working. she gave me directions to where to pick her up from, i made sure i got there a few minutes later than agreed as i didnt want to be hanging around.

when i got to the pick up point i saw her standing there,she looked pretty good from where i was.i stopped she knew it was me as i told her what car to look out for.she pened the door and got in the passenger seat, as she got in i looked at her legs,she had good legs as she explained knee high boots and what black tights.

she told me to turn left of the main road and head down the lane, i did as she said.

as i was driving i had a good look at her,and was pleasantly surprised, she scrubbed up well for a 48 year old.she was exactly how she described herself short hair, glasses,nice legs.

within a few minutes her hand was on my groin and began riubbin my cock, i soon became hard,she then ndid my zip and sroked my cock wanking me slowly. suck it bitch i said and forced her head towars my red helmet. jackie sucked my cock as i drove down this winding lane.as sjhe was sucking i managed with my left hand to feel her tit and tried hard to pull her skirt up, ihad a good view of her legs, she had big thighs but looked good.i knew if she carried on much longer id cum! so i pulled over in the next layby.

i pulled her off my dick and started to kiss her, i felt her tits and undid her blouse, her tits werent big but were a nice handful my hands then roamed to her legs i parted her legs as far as i could and my right hand went up i felt her minge over her tights, her tights were wet already.i put my hnad inside her tights i could feel her pubes from over her silk knickers i then slipped my hand inside her knickers i managed to get my whole hand up her,she had obviously had had a couple of kids earlier in life!

after a few minutes fisting her,she said fuck me now, so i told her on 2 get on the back seat of the car kneeling down, i then ripped her black tigths at the rear parted her arse cheeks moved her knickers to ne side and pumped my 8'' up her fanny and did her doggystyle, i fucked her doggy for a few minutes jackie was screaming for more,knowing she was mariied made it all even better!id always wanted to fuck a married women upthe arse and thought your never gonna have a better chance than this.so i withdrew my cock and rammed it up her fat arse.jackie screamed out you fuckin bastard fuck me hard. i pummeleed her arse, her arse was big and fat and was wobbling like a jelly as i fucked her ring piece.

i cpuld now feel myself cumming and was getting to the point of new return. i spunked my manmuck up her arse and withdrew and sprayed it p her arse and back, i came loads wiping my cock on her arse and tights. we then sorted ourselves out and i drove her back.

im hoping to meet jackie again soon, i will keep you posted...