Written by sunnyblack

16 Aug 2013

I sometimes visit a remote nudist beach in Sussex. I like to relax without clothes and enjoy seeing the naked female form to admire too. I had also witnessed couples having sex from afar on a few occasions, but didn’t feel able to approach in case they didn’t wish to be disturbed. I’ve always hoped to be able to watch close-up, and it finally happened on August the 13th.

Being midweek it was quiet as I expected, but I had a good wander around to see who was about. After I’d been there about an hour I saw a couple in their 30’s making their way from the shingle beach up an earth bank to a scrubby area above and behind the beach, where I was having a wander. This is normally the area that gay and bi males meet, though on the odd occasion a female can be seen. I didn’t think they were necessarily going off for ‘fun’, it could well be they were just escaping the fast incoming tide or seeking shelter from the breeze. I thought I would see where they went however as the lady had an amazing figure and I enjoyed looking at her bum as they walked past me.

A couple of minutes later I wandered along and noted where they were settling down, a clearing in a scrubby area right by the path. I thought to myself I’ll pop back again a bit later just in case I could get a better glimpse of her beautiful figure (about 5 foot 6, blonde short hair and a lovely pear shaped figure with pale skin). When I did so after about five minutes they were already having sex, with a voyeur slightly older than me masturbating about only 4 foot away from them. I certainly didn’t expect them to be doing that! I edged closer and myself and the original voyeur, together with another chap further away who arrived just after me, watched them doggy and missionary style and the lady performing oral on the man who I presume was her husband.

I was feeling very lucky and really enjoying watching her in action, her lovely boobs swaying and her terrific figure. What happened next was even more amazing, her husband pointed out us voyeurs to her and she had a good look at our cocks – she had her eyes shut before but of course knew we were there. They then exchanged a few words and she came over to me and the original voyeur and said that she had been sent over to play. I could hardly believe my good fortune until she grabbed my cock and started rubbing it. The other chap held back less and began rubbing her pussy, so I had a good feel of her bum and tits. After a while he kindly let me have a feel of her pussy and so I finger fucked her with two fingers for a couple of minutes which she seemed to enjoy. Hubby was watching and caressing her too, urging her to make us cum, and after about five minutes he announced that he was cumming, seeing her wanking us clearly tipped him over the edge. She let go of our cocks to help hubby out, and so I thought I’d better hurry up as the moment would be over soon, so instead of holding back an orgasm I furiously wanked over her until I came on her thighs, as did my fellow voyeur participant (the third just watched from afar). She did watch us cum which was nice seeing as that for her and hubby the moment was pretty much over. They even gave me a wet wipe to clean up with!

I’d always been interested in dogging and such like, and to get to watch close up and participate too is more than I could ever have imagined happening to me. Having waited years it was well worth it, and with such a beautiful woman too. They seemed a lovely couple and I thanked them and wished them well before I left, and it would be nice to think that one day I might bump into them again and get to see her amazing body once more. It will be difficult to top this in the future that’s for sure.