Written by papalb

25 Jul 2017


Taking early retirement the idea of touring Europe was an attractive one, letting us to slowly travel through Europe knowing we were masters of our own time. This part refers to our tour of Italy a country we loved and visited many times with our caravan though we had tended to concentrate on the Adriatic side. Now our intention was to start on the opposite coast and travel round the “boot” and return up the Adriatic side.

After a week of coast hugging we cut inland towards Pisa seeking a change from a seafood based restaurants and sea views looking to explore the interior. We found out that this was a change indeed, leading to an experience we would enjoy together.

Taking a minor road we were enjoying the sights of wooded hills shining under the hot sun, turning a corner we saw a UK registered car off the side of the road and the owner waved us down. He had broken down and had not got his phone with him and asked if we had one he could use. I gave him mine and he used it to call a garage he knew and due to his use of Italian it was obvious he spoke it better than we did.

His name was Alex he was about our age and had a villa in a local village. He had rung his local garage but the mechanic was out on a job. I suggested that he lock the car and we would take him to the garage where he could tell them where the car was and then drop him off at his home. Alex was grateful for the help and agreed to the idea. Once on the way we chatted generally and we told him what we were doing touring around Italy. I was paying attention to the road as l followed Alex's route instructions and shortly we arrived at the village garage and he went to explain things to the garage owner.

Waiting in the car l said to Jean “seems a nice guy” “yes” she replied “bit of a cleavage guy though he's been looking at mine a lot” “yes l see the view is not obscured though is it, were you flashing him?” Jean gave a throaty chuckle and thrust her busty front at me. Alex was back before l could make a comment. “That's fixed” he said “they will recover it and hopefully fix it, shall we go to my place now it is just on the outskirts of the village”. Setting off it was only a 10 minute drive and we were at his villa and parking outside l prepared to give him our farewell.

“No stay at least a while “said Alex “you have been so kind and this must have interrupted you, come in and have a drink at least”. “Thank you” said Jean “we will, I'm hot and thirsty and I'm sure we have time”. “OK” I replied but we have to find a hotel before it gets too late”. “Rubbish said Alex I have spare rooms here and I'm on my own so it’s no problem, till l get my car back in return for the rooms you can drive us to the restaurant to eat. “Seems fair to me said Jean l say we do it will be a break for you too” “Agreed l laughed its 2 to 1 carried then.

The villa was very nice and going through onto a patio there was a pool. “O my said Jean a pool just the thing to cool down”. “Well at least I'll get a drink first said Alex then you can get changed for a dip in the pool”. Alex returned with bottles and glasses on a tray and poured 3 Martini soda's “cheers” he said. After another large drink I said I'd go and get the cases and get out some swimming gear. Alex said I'll show you your rooms and we went into the house together. Showing me the room l went to get cases from the car and Alex returned to the pool. I got the cases and returned with them to the room. Taking a swimming costume and towelling robe for Jean l changed into trunks and went to the pool.

Going onto the patio l saw Jean was in the pool splashing about in her M&S matching bra and pants, Alex was in the pool in just his boxers both acting like a couple of teenagers. Alex got out and came over saying “she could not wait we are not overlooked here and l often just strip off and cool off in the pool she said you would join us . Giving me a drink l said no better not if I'm driving later Jean will have it I'm sure. Jean got out of the pool and as she walked towards us l could not help noticing her nipples were sticking out like bullets and from experience l knew she was aroused. Glancing down I saw the bulge in Alex's boxers and knew what had been going on .The thought of it caused me to get an erection and Jean gave me that secret smile that says something good is expected.

Sitting around chatting generally Alex was very attentive to Jean and kept her glass topped up l kept to mineral water as l was going to be driving. Though Alex insisted it was not usual for police to be around chasing over the limit drivers. As the sun was setting we decided to get changed for the restaurant. Alex said casual is fine it is a family run place with excellent wines and food. In the bedroom l asked Jean if she was ok and she said I’m fine and l enjoyed the sight of her stripping off her damp bra and panties ready to shower. Naked she went into the shower and as she soaped herself I noticed her nipples were still out. Are you aroused from Alex’s attention l asked yes l am she replied l was quite moist and not from the pool she remarked. When l came out from the shower l was surprised to see Jean putting on her little black dress and all she was wearing was a pair of black hold ups. I thought it was casual I said, it is she said and its warm and you know l hate panty lines.

I left her to apply her make up and went through to see Alex was ready in slacks and shirt similar to me. Jean is just coming l said, do you need to ring the restaurant and book. No its fine he said l usually just turn up. Just then Jean appeared and Alex said wow is that casual we need dinner jackets oh this is casual she said l must say l was proud of her she looked great. The drive to the restaurant l thought Alex would dribble on his shirt he was straining to see her cleavage. Jean could see he was fascinated by her and wondered how he would deal with sitting close to her at dinner.

Dinner was a great affair the food was wonderful local fayre with wines rustic but very good. Alex was a perfect host full of information about the local produce and people. He kept our glasses filled and the conversation flowed back and forth as he queried our journey so far his eyes always returning to admire my wife’s body. When he remarked on the fitting of her dress she blatantly informed him it was due to the fact that she never wore under ware as it spoilt the line of the dress. Looking at me inquiringly l said its true and l have to agree at what it cost the line should not be spoilt. Going for a water break as l returned from the toilet l looked through and Alex was stroking her thigh checking if it was true l thought. I pretended that I had not noticed it and the fact he was hiding an erection was sure sign of his mounting desire.

We returned to the villa l was feeling at little high and has I had consumed more wine than l should have so l was extra carful driving and need not have bothered as the roads were deserted. Arriving back Alex brought more drinks to the patio and l enjoyed a very nice brandy. Jean took her high heels off and sat with her legs under her showing a lot of leg Alex was quick to fill her glass and we sat chatting. After a little while I said I was tired and would grab some sleep telling them to finish their drinks and I’d see them later. Going through to the Bedroom l stripped to my pants and lay on the bed, l was not that tired but l dropped off to sleep quite quickly.

While I was at rest! What happened between them is related in Jean’s words as I became privy to them later. I now think that it was a combination of Jean seducing and Alex’s lust for her which led to them getting involved in a passionate encounter.

As Len left the patio Alex topped up my drink, are you trying to get me drunk I said. He laughed and said well its one form of seduction that works I know though not as satisfying as the one I had in mind. Sitting by me on the sofa he put his arm round me and pulled me close as he kissed me fully on my lips He was a good kisser and his tongue began to explore my open mouth. Though this felt good it got better as his other hand found and caressed my breast. I have sensitive nipples and my responding rise told him he had a green light. Let me check what you said about “party lines” was true he whispered as his hand worked under my dress. Reaching the soft skin of my thigh above my hold ups he sighed as he found as l opened my legs my damp shaved Virgina. God yes he moaned its true and wonderful as his fingers found my clitoris and l sighed saying yes why would l lie about something so sweet.

Reaching over I first undid his shirt and pushing it off his shoulders felt his erect penis through his trousers. I t was bigger than l thought but very hard I think your pleased I’m responsive I said squeezing him. Would you like to see l was telling the truth I asked him. Yes please he said I have been thinking about it all night since you came in dressed like that. Standing up l removed my little black dress and draped it on the chair. Alex leaned forward and pulled me towards him his mouth finding a nipple and sucking like a baby as his cock twitched in his pants. I released it and pulled both his trousers and boxers down and he kicked them under the sofa. Him naked and me naked but for my hold ups he pressed his body against me his erect cock was thrilling me so l held it and drew it through my now wet slit teasing my clitoris with it.

Holding my hips Alex pushed me back onto the table and entered me as l lay back guiding him into me. As l arched under him he pushed his whole length into me and I moaned and dug my nails into his back as l did he swore and he came in me trying to withdraw l clenched my cunt and he released his sperm into me. I’m sorry said Alex it’s been to long don’t be l replied that’s what l wanted and now you can take me to bed and we will take our time I want it to be slow and deep this time. Leaving the patio Alex led me to the bedroom and standing by the bed he kissed me and l felt his manhood start to rise l knew he was going to be a repeater.

As we lay on the bed Alex was caressing me and kissing me it seemed everywhere at once. I could feel him getting aroused as his cock was so hard in my hand that I knew it would not be long before he was once more in me and making me climax. When his mouth was clamped to my nipple l felt his fingers exploring my slit teasing my clitoris and then a finger entering me as he started to arouse me. Letting him know I was ready l guided him into me and as he entered me I arched my back to take him into my warm cunt. I rotated under him letting my body tell him l was ready and willing to take pleasure in our coupling.

This time it was slow steady not so much loving as fucking like two hungry animals we thrust and bucked and he took me to the edge. Caressing my breasts driving my lust l climaxed twice before I felt him tense and he flooded me with his seed. God he said that was fantastic it’s the best sex I’ve had for years. Nice l replied but now the beast is out l want it again but harder l need to be a greedy bitch so beware. Alex withdrew his softening cock and said you will need to help me with that I’m not a woman who can multi climax you know. We will have to get some of Lens Calis I said that will help. In the meantime Alex said how are you at oral sex laughing I replied your about to find out.

Holding his semi stiff shaft I bent over him and took the smooth head of his cock in my mouth as l licked his eye he moaned so l took as much of him into my hot mouth and heard his moans turn to whimpers. I cupped his ball sac and touched his rosebud knowing that sometimes stimulated a man’s libido. His cock was again stirring and his fingering of me was working for me.

It was not long before he was hard and as l sucked him his fingers were in my slit and he fingered me saying things like “wonderful Jesus” and other more robust sayings. I want you again he said l hope Lens asleep as he would go mad as this l feel I’m betraying him but l cannot resist you. Len knows at some time you would bed me he saw the looks we exchanged later maybe tomorrow he will join us and you will see we both like three sums. Is that true gasped Alex that would be the best thing l could wish for. Well are you ready to take me doggy style l fancy that now. Oh yes I’m like a stallion now you’re a fantastic lover you kneel and I’ll mount you, yes I said let’s make the beast with two backs kneeling l felt him place his hard cock between the lips of my cunt and with a thrust he was in me to the hilt and l felt him grabbing my breasts pulling him deeper in me and l began to tell him to use me which he did with vigour. As Alex rode me l looked up to see Len watching how long he had been there l do not know but he was holding a big erection so he can continue.

I woke wanting a pee must have been the wine, padded into the bathroom and did my business and was returning to the bedroom and wondering where Jean was l went to the patio. There was no sign but on the chair was Jean’s dress then l heard sounds and following them I saw them in bed together.

I was not surprised as l had expected this to happen, the sight of my wife kneeling on the bed and Alex taking her doggy style was very erotic she was moaning and saying yes deeper god yes harder Alec was pounding her and l could see he had her breasts in his hands pulling her deeper. Jean was naked apart from her hold up black stockings and her white bits were clear in the moonlight. Alex was naked and as l watched he arched his back and said I’m coming again and pumped into her his seed. Again l thought he must have been in her before the randy pair lay together spooned like young lovers. By this time l had a raging erection and desire to feel my cock in Jeans well filled cunt.

Entering Alex’s bedroom I said hope you are still aroused darling I think I’m next in line now. As I walked to the bed Jean rolled away from Alex and l removed my pants and had no difficulty entering her wet cunt and she smiled as l penetrated her. Alex was gobsmacked as l invited him to give her breasts some attention. Seeing you two at it I’m going to be quick l moaned as l felt my seed flowing to join that of Alex in Jean’s hot cunt. Alex was caressing Jean’s breasts and she was rubbing her clitoris as my semi stiff cock was drained by her contractions. As the three of us lay contented in Alex’s Bed l said how long was it after l left that you fucked and was it a first on the patio. Jean said not long but Alex was very excited and I showed him my lack of under clothes and he took me on the patio table. As he was quick we had a little playtime then came here he’s had me 3 times doggy was the best as we had more time.

Alex was saying sorry when l said no need l knew she would seduce you all the signs were there. Please don’t worry let’s face it we all wanted it and, if you want there is more pleasure to come. Want too Alex said good God I’ve not fucked like that for ages and she inspired me to fuck her 3 times in a few hours. Yes l would love more of it she’s wonderful. Well if you want to, please feel free l would love to watch and have her after l have always wanted to feel her hot cunt freshly filled and it was great . There Jean now you going to enjoy two lovers having you. Yes Jean replied and you can share your calis with Alex I’m going to make the most of this break. So boys let us see if you are up to cooling me down as I am so randy still hearing your plans so who’s first ?.

(later to follow if desired)