Written by keith

7 Jan 2012

We read the stories here on SH regularly and afterwards Moira and I have great sex but some of the stories are so far fetched we just laugh at them. We paricularly like the stories involving the first time swinging and the build up to the final act of the wife being mounted and fucked by a huge cock. I can be sure that Moira will be well turned on and lubricated in her excitement.

We nearly always talk whilst I am playing with her, about taking her to London to meet Alan for the first time and how she dressed for the occassion. she wore a very short black PVC dress, stocking and suspenders, a black bra and a tiny thong. Alan and I had given her time in our hotel room to bathe and dress and as we entered the room she was standing with her back to the door looking through the window into the busy street below.

I went to her and keeping her back to Alan took her into my arms and kissed her. She responded passionately so I knew that it was all go. I reached down and taking the hem of the dress raised it around her waist so that Alan had a lovely picture of her bottom framed by her stockings and the dress. Alans eyes lit up and he quickly removed his clothes just leaving his briefs on. He moved up close behind Moira pushing himself against her bottom and at that point I turned her around to face him, moved away and left them to it.

He moved her towards the bed and she helped him remove her dress. Her was my wife almost naked being fondled by a stranger right in front of me and I was reall hard and enjoying the sight. He gently pushed her backwards onto the bed and removed her bra then he was playing with her tits and sucking her nipples I could hear her moaning as the excitement grew and the fantasy of making love with a stranger began to become a reality. Alan worked his way down her body using his lips to great effect his finger found the narrow band of elastic around her waist and he began to slowly draw it down her thighs unveiling her open wet fanny. He removed the thong and dived straight in opening her legs wide she pulled her knees back towards her chest and he placed his mouth on her ready and waiting sex lips. He kissed it sucked it tongued it and all the while Moira was in raptures bucking her hips to meet his probing tongue it was fantastic to see. Eventually the stockings and suspenders were discarded along with Alans briefs, His huge thick cock standing out from his hips was on full display for Moira and she wasted no time in feeling it and stroking it's length. Alan lay on the bed and Moira straddled his hips squatting just above his cock which she was holding erect ready to slide down onto. She rubbed the head of his shaft along the open wet lips before very slowly lowering herself inch by inch onto it until eventually he was fully inserted into her and only his big balls could be seen below Moira's hips. She sat there, I was in raptures knowing that his bit cock was deep inside her belly and then she began to rock herself on his shaft, Alan held her hips and started to thust into her in time with his rocking until she moaned out loud as she shot her load over his shaft. They rolled over and stated to fuck I could see his great pistong going in and out of her fanny drawing the lips out and then pushing back in as he rode her. They changed position several times without him withdrawing she loved it. The enjoyed each other for over two hours non stop he fucked her doggy fashion and I watched his balls swinging and pressing hard against Moira with each thrust. It was pure lust and very exciting. Eventually at about two in the morning Moira was feeling sore and well used, Alan left her dressed and lfet the room. After he had gone I fucked my wife until we both fell asleep.

We have met Alan several times here in Plymouth only once did Moira meet him alone when I was out but she will never tell me what happened between them on that occassion which keeps me excited about what might have happend. As we make love I only have to mention Alan's name and I know exactly what she is thinking of. She loves big thick cock.