Written by phoneking

26 Aug 2007

Me and my girlfriend Lesley went out yesterday for a drive and ended up in Broadstairs. We parked up and walked along the beach stopping for bags of chips along the way.

We walked for some time and ended up in a small cove where we stopped for a break and sat on the beach.

From where we sat we couldnt be seen easily and after a bit of kissing and cuddling i had her skirt raised,panties pulled to one side and was lapping away at her wet and freshly shaved pussy.

She was making all the right noises and wasnt far from cumming when a guy walked quite near to us with his dog on a long lead. We stopped and i pulled her skirt back down although i am sure he had got an eyefull already.

The dog came right up to us and as we both like animals we were stroking him as his owner came over.

He apologised for his dog and with a smile said he hoped he hadnt disturbed us too much.

Instead of leaving however he sat down beside us and introduced himself as Peter. We swapped names and he asked why we were here. We said we were just enjoying the beach. He replied "oh,only most couples come here to fuck each others brains out"!

We all looked at each other and began laughing.

He asked if we were going to carry on where we left off.

I said as soon as you have left.

"Why wait" he replied.

It just went really quiet and nobody spoke for several minutes.

My stomache was turning a bit with nerves but i moved my hand to Lesleys skirt and started to lift it back up. She didnt stop me but leant back. Her legs parted and me and Peter had a lovely view of her pussy still exposed with panties pulled to one side. We just all froze for a second or two then Peter reached between her legs and grasped her panties and pulled them all the way down and off. He moved between her thighs and began undoing his belt,unzipping his jeans and then slowly pulling them down. He had no pants on and his cock sprang to attention. It was an average length but looked really thick with a very large purple head.

He moved in and leant forward. Taking his weight on his arms he positioned himself as she lay back and spread her thighs wider. He started to kiss her and she responded. i could see thier tongues together.

He pushed in with his cock and entered her. He began fucking her deeply,all the time they kissed.

I moved to her head as he pulled himself upright and began fucking her harder,my cock was already out as i had been stroking it whilst watching them. I unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra (front clip,helpful).

Her breasts on show he wasted no time in gently cupping and carressing them. Lesley started to gasp and shake.

I knew he had made her cum.

I looked in to her eyes and she reached for my cock.

She adjusted her position slightly and took my cock in to her mouth. I wasnt going to last long.

Peter was really going for it now and had lifted her legs up and wide. He slammed in to her hard several times and shouted to us he was cumming. As he was pumping Lesleys pussy full of cum i began to spurt in to her mouth.

I held her head and stroked her hair as she swallowed. Peter was gasping and pulled himself away and sat close by.

We all just lay for several minutes. Me and Peter started to do our pants up but Lesley just lay there legs wide apart and for all to see.

She started to rub her clit with one hand and grope her breasts with the other.

Peter said "fucking hell mate she wants more"!

He moved over to her head,unzipped his pants again and pulled his cock out. Lesley opened her mouth and he slid it straight in and began gently fucking her mouth as she rubbed herself.

Within seconds she started to shake and tense. She enjoyed another great orgasm whilst i watched.

Peter held the large end of his cock between her lips and masturbated himself. Seconds later he came in her mouth and she swallowed the lot.

They just lay there with Peters cock end still on her lips and Lesley tongueing slowly round the end.

To cut a long (sorry) story short we exchanged phone numbers and me and Lesley went home,knackered but completely satisfied. Till next time.