Written by SHG

15 Jun 2016

About 5 yeas ago I had been to New York on business, on the way out I had been upgraded to first class but on the way back I was sat at the very back of the plane.

The only good thing was I had 5 seats to myself so lifted up the armrests and made myself comfortable.

I was in the middle and there was no one in the seats on the left of me but there was a couple in their 40's on my right.

The lights dimmed and slowly everyone started to drop off to sleep, me included.

As usual I was feeling horny and decided that I could have a wank under my blanket, I thought the couple where asleep but after a few minutes I looked up and saw the guy looking over at me.

I look straight at him and he smiled, his wife was asleep and me rubbed his crouch as I wanked, I decided to let him have more of a look and let my blanket slip, he smiled even more and his right hand moved towards his wife.

Now she was awake and I think, but could not see, that he was fingering her.

It did not take them long to release his cock and soon she was sucking it and starting at me wanking!

Not sure how I held on (maybe the booze) but the scene was so horny, especially when I saw her swallow his cum.

He shuffled off to the loo and she moved over and sat next to me, we chatted and ordered a drink, it turned out that they where swingers and had loved my display.

Her hubby had returned but soon went to sleep, we chatted and soon started to kiss and fumble, she was a little tubby and very wet, i eased my fingers up her and finger fucked her....she loved it and my fingers where getting soaked, "sorry" she said "i am a squirter" so i twisted my fingers so they would work her G spot, she was now gone and fucking my fingers, i could feel her pussy gripping my fingers and her pussy was so wet.

After a while she said "I am cumming" she hitched up her skirt and came, pissing lady cum everywhere, the seat was soaking.

She sat back in her wet chair and laughed.

She to went to the loo leaving me with a hard on and a wet chair, on her return she went back to sit next to hubby and we all went to sleep.

An amazing flight.