Written by Rayslvon

10 Jun 2009

We are thee couples and we live very close in the neighborhood. We love each other very dearly. Our swinging

came about in a natural way couple #1 Doug and Cara #2 Bob

and Carol #3 Max and Taffy.

All three women just had babies and just got their figures

back. There seem like a special bond between them and leaving the men out. Doug pop up and said want to watch

baseball guys.

Before another word was spoken Taffy said you know I am

still lactating. Me too said Cara and Carol and that broke

the ice between the women and they laugh together. Still not aware of thing about the men there.

Taffy said lets see who can shoot the farthest. Your on said Carol and Clara. Taffy open her blouse as the other two women did the same. Taffy went first here breast were cute and her body did not have a blemish.

Taffy Work her breast around till she was ready to shoot she squeezed one breast and it went six foot and hit Doug just as he turned his toward the women and saw all the women with their breast out his jaw dropped and bulls eye the milk went straight into his mouth, he cried out more liking his lips.

Cara was next and aim at Max With her breast And right on target he loved it coming from large breast of Cara.

Carol was next and shot a jet stream of milk into Bobs mouth he was amazed how good it tasted and has never seen anything like it.

then women said come to the milk barr there is plenty

more for every one. all the men raced to them and started milking each one.

One thing lead to another that first night of swinging. We have been swing ever sense. But that night we were in swingers milk heaven.