Written by dave

26 Aug 2008

hi dave here married to sue first time i hav posted here gose

it all started out as a normal sat night at the club (swingers club that is)the night was going well all having a laugh and a good drink sue was chatting outside to a fue peeps any way i was just milling about.

then i was introduced to a guy i haven\'t seen b4 by a Friend his name was Clive we chatted for a flue minits then i introduced him to sue she was chatting and he just got her attention by tapping her on the arm lol well it worked and thay both said hi and that was that.

a fue hours later we ended u bumping into him again and made Small talk opps must add that he was a black guy and she dont normally go for them but this time was different so the small talk turned in to a full on chat about what we do and dint do and we just clicked as it was getting laity we went to his room where he was staying and carried on with the talk oh and the flirting then it just hap pend and they were all over each other and she was getting his cock out i just sat and watched for a bit then joined them on the bed thinking it was just going to be another 3 some like we normally have but tonight was different i started to wank a bit and sue asked what i was doing .

wanking i said she snapped back stop it u naughty boy i replayed with what do u want me to do then ? she asked clive what shall we hav him do ? he came back with just lie there and watch but no torching ok

ok i replayed and they carried on kissing then sue went down on him and started sucking his big cock to full erection and ti was very impressive he was now laying on his back and she was sucking him off i started to wank again and they both saw me and shouted to me to stop it or thay will tie my hands i was so turned on by this i carried on wanking and she got up and sound something to tie mt hands up with then she started to suck him again god it was so horny

i was loving it we had chatted about cuckold b4 but she said she wasn\'t up for it

so there i am tied up so i Carnot touch my self and sue is sucking Clive\'s big black cock then she slides up his body and is sitting over him kissing him on the lips and rubbing her pussy over his cock now she never goes without protection and i told her the condoms wer in my pocket on the Flore she said ok hun will get 1 in a mo witch put my mind at rest

but clive had other ideas he was trying to get in her and she was having none of it or so i thought well she was saying no clive we need a condom i moved down so i could c what was going on he was just rubbing the tip at her hole saying just the tip plz hun just the tip she sat forward so she opend wide ant the tip of his cock was in her just an inch or so i thought that was ok and i told her so but then to my amazement she just sat right on it and it went all the way in omg i said don\'t Ur not protected shut it Clive snapped i just locked on in amazement and got harder and harder seeing sue fucking this big black cock with no protection i could c all her juices running down it and they wear all over his balls she rode him for ages so i thought and it was so horny then she got off him and made me look at his cock up close then she forced my head over his cock and said lick it clean cuck boy if that\'s what u want do it she shouted i had no choice but to do it so i stuck my tong out and licked the tip and then went down on him and sucked him clean it just seamed the right thing to do

she then lay on her back and told him to fuck her whit pussy till he cum and that\'s just what he did. the rest is to follow if u want me to finish ??????