Written by Stuart

28 Dec 2014

It's long been my fantasy to be with a happily married couple in bed but it had never happened and i really never thought it would. I'd placed an online advert and had a few time wasters and then I got an email off Paul who wanted to meet me to discuss a threesome with his wife. I agreed and the two of us arranged a pub meet to suss each other out and share photos. I went to the pub not expecting him to turn up but there he was, a fit looking man in his early 50s. He bought the drinks and ushered me to a quiet corner. We chatted easily, he's a likeable man, and he explained he wasn't satisfying his wife Sammy as he used to do and they'd taken to these threesomes for her satisfaction. He vetted the men and although most times had been generally good they'd never invited the same man back twice. Anyway we got on well enough for him to show me naked pics of his mid 40s wife and she really was a sexy looking woman. She got my 30 year old cock twitching. I'd advertised myself as well endowed and showed Paul a pic of the proof. He looked impressed. He then phoned Sammy and told her he liked me and he allowed me a quick chat too. Like Paul she was easy company and said she'd look forward to meeting me. We did meet a few days later and it went brilliantly with Sammy cumming loads and me filling 3 condoms as Paul dribbled his cum on her tits. I earned myself a second visit which was equally good but last night was my best sexual experience ever. I'd bought Sammy some stockings and suspenders and as I entered her bedroom she wore them and her trademark sexy impish smile. I undressed rapidly and lay next to her. In between small talk about Xmas we kissed passionately. The also naked Paul chatted too as he stroked her high heels. "I've got a Xmas pressie for you too" she said "but later. First lick me" she pushed my head down and I lapped at her shaven cunt. Paul kissed her and they told each other how much in love they were. Paul sneaked his finger to her clit whilst I tongued her hole and she came noisily. "Thanks boys" she smiled. Paul told her to give me my present and invited me up her body until my cock quivered at her love entrance. I looked to Paul to hand me a condom but he was empty handed. Sammy placed her hands on my buttocks and gently pulled me into her. I hesitated. "It's ok" she smiled and I slid bareback into her. Bliss. "Oh that feels good" she sighed. But I couldn't hold back. My orgasm engulfed me and I shot gallons into her tight milf cunt crying out in pleasure. I collapsed onto her saying sorry. Shh she soothed stroking my hair. I found my mouth next to her thick nipple and as she stroked I sucked. I felt some movement and looked up to see Paul had placed his cock into Sammy's willing mouth. Within minutes his balls contracted and he moaned lowly filling her mouth with cream. His cock slipped out as mine slipped out of her cunt. Taking us both by the hair she pushed Paul down and pulled me up. Paul cleaned me out of her pussy as I drank his spunk from her mouth. I never thought I could enjoy that but my cock regained its stiffness and Sammys eyes lit up as she noticed it. She mounted me and fucked me hard. I went to grab her arse but found Paul's hand had already got a firm grip. We shared a buttock each as sammy fucked herself to multiple orgasms. Her tits swung in my face. Don't cum in her. Paul ordered. I need to cum I begged. He wrenched sammy off me and threw her onto her back wanking his cock furiously in her face indicating for me to do the same. I complied. "This time she can eat our spunk" he growled. Sammy scraping her nails on our balls tipped us over. Neither of us shot huge amounts as shed drained our balls once already but we filled her mouth between us and she obediently swallowed before treating us again to that mischievous spunky grin. I hope this relationship lasts. They love each other so much and I hope my cock fulfills Sammy's sexual needs for years to cum