Written by swingAyr

2 Mar 2009


My girlfriend didnt know much about swinging and was interested in having a threesome with me and another guy, so i showed her a few ads on this site and she chose one that she liked.

the guy was 28,local and his pics showed he had quite a thick cock that she realy liked the look of.

Stacey is 25,tall,blond with firm 38EE boobs and a shaven pussy.

Stacey and Tom txt eachother for a few hours then Stacey said that Tom asked her if she and him would get some 1 on 1 time after the threesome. I asked her if she wanted to and she said yes but only if i was ok with it.

I told her that as long as we have the threesome first and i could listen to them fuck from another room that it was ok.Stacey sent Tom a txt saying that it was ok and set a time for that night.

Stacey was on the phone all day sending and receving txt messages and about half a hour before he was due to turn up she was getting very excited. Stacey agreed on a few rules and the main rule was condoms must be worn and no kissing as we both felt its to personal.

the door went and she answered it, coming back into the front room she had a wicked smile on her face. i said hello to Tom and we all sat down. We chated for about 3mins then i sat behind Stacey and cupped her huge boobs and pushed them together for Tom to admire.

Stacey then snapped at me telling me to go and turn off the computer so i got up and went over to the PC and looked over at her only to see her kissing Tom and franticly un zipping his jeans. i was stunned and felt a bit like i wasnt needed.

She had his cock in her mouth and was loving it,i turned the PC off and went over to them and started

trying to lick her pussy from behind, she laughed at me and didnt let me untill she had spent a bit more time on her knees with his cock in her mouth sucking it slowly and moaning as she did.

I was between her legs licking her soaking wet pussy while she slowly and lustfuly sucked his cock.we swapped over and Tom licked her and fingerd her while she sucked my cock she was soaking wet and then as i was watching Tom finger her and rub her clit she suddenly squirted right accross the room,i had never seen her do that.we kept changing ends and this went on for 20mins and he had not put his cock in her once so i started fucking her.

It wasnt long before i shot my load deep inside her and went and sat in the chair and watched her suck him. she then stopped and asked me if it was ok if they went upstairs. I was a bit thrown as he hadnt even fucked her in the threesome. i said yes no problem and off they went.

they left the bedroom door wide open and i sat at the bottom of the stairs trying to hear everything. they were wispering but i could still hear what was being said.he started to finger her but because of my cum and her soaking wet pussy it made a realy loud squelch

He said isnt this better and she wisperd yes, god yes he then said, i told you we would have more fun on our own and she gassped oh yes as he pushed his cock into her and started to pound her hard and fast. she came three times in 15mins. i was just about to go up and join in when i herd wispering and him moan as he came.

thay were wispering because tom had came inside her and all over her back and she sucked the rest of his cock.i couldnt belive it she had told him to fuck her bareback and told him she wanted it in her mouth.

i could hear them in the toilet trying to clean up and then they came down and tom left. i asked her what happend and she lied so i told her that i heard ever everything so she said that she loved his cock and that she wanted him to fuck her on there own atleast once a week and that he never came in her pussy it was her ass.

so now im a cuck old and i didnt see it comming...