Written by Chris

2 Jul 2018

A few weeks ago I posted a story Nudist Fun, my wife Laura and I were hoping for some more fun over the summer and this happened last week.

As we knew the weather would be warm and sunny we booked a night in Swanage so we could travel down from London to enjoy a full day on the nearby nudist beach.

It was midweek and we arrived at the dunes early afternoon and it was very busy. Completely different to a few weeks previously when the weather wasn’t so sunny. We walked to the naturist part and we were pleased to see there were no families just couples and quite a few single men. We enjoy sunbathing nude and we never go with the intention of having sex, just with the intention of enjoying the freedom of the outdoors leaving the stuffiness of a city behind.

We found a nice spot, high on a ridge where the dunes started. We were fairly well secluded and there wasn’t really any walk through. We set up our wind -break tent for even more seclusion and stripped off to enjoy the heat of the sun on our bodies.

It was interesting to people watch. After an hour a couple arrived and sat just below us on the sand. When they arrived I was attracted to the lady she looked quite young, quite petite but with a full figure, pretty face with thick dark wavy hair. Her partner seemed much older, tall, fairly slim with greyish short hair. Laura and I watched as they set up hoping they would go naked. They both wasted no time and took off their clothes to sunbathe. She was an absolute stunner, pert tits with large dark nipples and a lovely dark landing strip of hair covering her pussy. He was also very well endowed.

For a couple of hours we just enjoyed sunbathing. When the guy walked up the ridge towards us to look out over the dunes I said to him that it was really busy and this started up a conversation. His name was John and his partner’s name was Kirsty. They lived in Hampshire and had come for the day. He called to Kirsty and she came over to chat with us. They were lovely company. He was 55 and a Company Director and she was 32. We chatted for what seemed ages, and even spoke about our shared interest in Maspolomas.

Eventually they moved all their stuff to join us and we put their wind break around us so we were very well secluded. We all laid next to each other chatting and sunbathing. The sexual tension was building as I lay next to Kirsty and our legs touched. It must have been 5ish still but still quite hot in the sun.

Thankfully, Laura broke the ice and asked John if he would put some sun cream on her back. Laura turned on her front and John moved so he straddled Laura’s buttocks to apply the sun cream. I think this got us all very horny indeed.

Kirsty asked if she would do the same for her. I knew this would be difficult as I already had a semi. I straddled Kirsty and my cock rested between her pert bum cheeks. I applied the sun cream and started to massage her neck and shoulders. She started to sigh. I looked next to me and Laura was already rocking her hips into John and I knew his cock would be in her soon enough. So, I concentrated on the very attractive Kirsty. She too started to rock her hips gently at first as she manoeuvred my hard cock from her bum cheeks into her sopping wet tight pussy. We both let out a sigh when it went in. Not wanting to attract any attention we all kept our groans and sighs as quiet as possible bearing in mind the fun we were having.

John now had his chest against Laura’s back and she was gyrating hard against him, I took the same position with Kirsty. Unfortunately, the sexual tension of the afternoon did mean I wasn’t going to last very long and I whispered in Kirsty’s ear where she wanted me to come and she replied ‘in me’. With that I came hard and flooded her with my come. She squealed when she felt my come filling her. I stayed inside her for as long as possible and thanked her. John did the same with Laura.

We laid next to each other with Laura and Kirsty next to each other and John and I were on the outside. The ladies started touching each other, then kissing and then they started fingering each other. It was great watching these two beauties masturbating each other. Laura later told me she had orgasmed hard against Kirsty’s hand, and that the feeling of my spunk in Kirsty’s pussy was so good. Laura also told me John’s cock was very long and it has been a lovely fuck. Incredibly, we hadn’t attracted any attention and we were not pestered at all.

We swapped contact details and we hope to meet up again. It was 7 before we left. We had parked at different places so we parted at the beach. On our way back to the car we diverted on route as we noticed a small crowd of four blokes obviously watching something. When we arrived a woman was being fucked doggy and sucking each of the guys in turn. It was incredibly horny. I started to finger Laura as we watched, her pussy still wet from her own juices and I’m sure John’s cum. I lifted her skirt and started to fuck Laura and she got on all fours. The other woman smiled at Laura and one of the guys standing and wanking offered his cock to Laura and she sucked him off and he came in her mouth as I came in her pussy.

We then left with the woman now letting the other guys take turns to fuck her as her partner watched and licked her.

Great day hope to be back soon.