Written by anonymous

5 Jul 2008

To recap on my previous adventures would take too long but i will say that me and my lady Lesley have recently met two young guys at a local hotel and wow what a superb time we had.

A big thank you from both of us to Michael and Stuart, my cock is hard at the mere thought of what happened.

We arrived early and went to the bar. Had a few drinks and spoke very little.

She thought it was just going to be me, her and Michael.

We went to the room, still both of us not saying much.

She looked just wonderful. She had on a really pretty summer dress that zipped up the back and underneath a new lacy bra and panty set.

I left her doing her make up and went to the bar to meet our friend/s.

Michael was at the bar on his own. We got a couple of drinks and chatted when his friend walked over.

He was about the same age as Michael (very young) but taller and broader.

We talked and all had a drink for about twenty minutes then i suggested me and Michael go to our room. I asked Stuart to wait at the bar until Michael sends him a text, then to come to our room where the door will be open, he agreed.

We were both nervous as we got to the room. I undid the door and we walked in.

Lesley had her back to us and was looking out the window. She didnt look round and said nothing.

I walked over to her, put my arms around her waist and started kissing her neck.

She turned her head slightly and we kissed.

I could sense Michael behind us and as i slowly moved aside he took my place. As i watched he held her waist and kissed behind her ear and down her neck.

She turned and i watched as they kissed. I could see both tongues flicking over each other.

I sat on the bed watching then started to remove my shoes, socks and shirt.

They were just stood there tongueing each others mouths.

His hands had crept upwards and were cupping and kneading her breasts.

She then turned round to face him and knelt down.

She undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his pants.

His cock was already erect and it sprang upwards and waved in front of her face.

She gently took it in her fingers, moved forward slightly and kissed the tip. As her mouth moved away a strand of wetness stretched for a second from his cock.

I was now down to just my boxers and my cock was rock hard.

The air was electric and i dont think any of us were actually breathing.

She held his cock at the base and directed the end towards her mouth. She opened her painted red lips wide and in it went.

She closed her lips over it and was obviously gently sucking.

It was almost in slow motion. He had his eyes closed and she was sliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

She has always been superb at taking a good length down her throat and she was certainly showing off now.

Her pace quickened but only slightly when he said he was going to cum.

\"YES\" she said.

He trembled slightly and swayed. He held her head gently.

She stroked his length but held the end in her mouth with her mouth open.

I moved closer and watched as he shook and started to spurt and pump his spunk in to her mouth.

From where i knelt i could see it gush out of the bright red end and over her tongue and around her teeth and mouth.

She flicked her tongue over the still leaking end. She didnt swallow but her mouth filled quickly and it poured oved her lips. She leant forward and it fell from her mouth and splashed on to the carpet.

Michael went straight to the bathroom, i think he was quite shook up.

I offered Lesley a tissue and she wiped her mouth and chin.

I held her close and we cuddled.

\"I am wet, very wet\" she said.

I reached underneath her dress and as my hand found her panties i realised she must have cum as she was absolutely soaking.

I helped her up as Michael reappeared, Lesley went to the bathroom.

Michael stripped. We were both just in our pants as Lesley reappeared.

She lay back on the bed and Michael moved towards her. She opened her thighs slightly and he raised her dress.

She had dispensed with her panties. He licked her swollen, red pussy lips, she opened her thighs wider and he lay between her legs working his tongue in and around her pussy. He was fucking her with two fingers and licking her arsehole. He inserted a finger in to her arse and covered her pussy with his mouth and sucked her. She was panting and gasping.

I removed my boxers and moving to her head offered her ny cock. She opened her eyes, gently held it then slid it in to her mouth.

Watch for part two.

Best wishes.