Written by Tony-123

30 Apr 2011

I recently wrote a piece ("Anyone remember the Sussex Forum Society?") which was in fact a follow up to som ething I submitted a couple of years ago about the Swinging Sixties. I thought Forum magazine had gone out of business, but someone put in a comment saying it was still around. I've not seen it and wonder how it survives in the Internet age. Well, good luck to it. Reading Forum introduced many of us to the swinging lifestyle and some good friends, too. Pity about the Forum societies because they were a good way of getting to know like-minded people and get together for parties etc.

The parties (in private houses, which meant costs were low) could be very good. I recall one over at Hastings, I think, with a some two dozen people, mostly couples with the occasional single man or woman. After a few drinks we began with some old movies that someone brought along and showed via his projector (remember, this was before DVDs and even video players were only just becoming common). Then people started to break up into couples and small groups. I remember my who on that occasion was wearing a long white dress - and nothing else - being caressed by one guy who kissed her deeply and let his hands wander over her breasts, bring down the dress straps and licking her nipples. I have to say that that turned me on - and I still like the idea of watching another man (or men) taking care of my wife. For my part I was getting off with another woman whom I'd met before, a somewhat shy person, at least to start with. On this occasion she hinted that she had always fantasised about having two men, so we called up another guy and the three of us found a nice quiet spot for a threesome.

Threesomes are in fact my favourite, and my wife's too, and we enjoyed quite a few either together or separately. At another party me and a mate and his girlfriend went in for a DP which she really loved (to judge by the noise she made). I was the back end of the horse, so to speak, and can recall her lovely tight, but not too tight, you know what I mean. There were also some other couples we used to meet in Brighton where pretty well any combination was enjoyed. More about those another time, perhaps.

All this was years ago now, but I still enjoy remembering the parties - and the memories help me to get off.

Hope everyone's having a nice weekend

Best regards to all