Written by 4_U_All

25 Aug 2008

It was a cold Sunday night (actually Mothers Day) and there wasn’t much to watch on the TV and a couple of friends of ours were over for a coffee. Well Emma (my wife) started to drink a bottle of wine while myself and John (our male friend) proceeded to hit a flagon of port, Michelle (a blond bimbo) refused to drink any alcohol. After a while Emma started to complain of a sore back and John volunteered to massage this for her, innocent enough no problem. Well Michelle (who has the hots for John) packed a sad soon after and decided to go home, possibly if we knew for certain what was going to happen I may have tried to pursued her otherwise.

Before I get too much further into this I will explain that I love my wife greatly and we have talked in the past about me letting her have sex with another man but she must not try to hide anything from me. Also I believed that Emma had secretly thought about screwing John even though she has denied it till now.

Now as we all now an effective back rub involves naked flesh, oil, and a firm hand. Emma removed her Jumper to reveal a white lace teddy and fetched some oil for John to use after which John proceeded to rub her back and shoulders for a good half-hour, all the time we started drinking more and more port and wine. After a while John decided that Emma’s legs need a massage also so Emma went and changed into some shorts. Then John started to massage one of her legs and I proceeded to massage the other, Emma was in seventh heaven with two males massaging her like this. After a while I went outside for a cigarette and unknown to me while I was gone John who was continuing to massage Emma’s legs got a little risqué and touched Emma’s pussy up through her shorts, Emma’s reaction to John was apparently a smile. Remembering that I did not know about this until later on that evening. When I returned inside Emma asked for a front massage and John said that I had better do this so as John was still rubbing Emma’s legs I started to rub Emma’s neck shoulders and tits, still covered by her teddy.

After about an hour of this. In which time Emma tried to keep her composure as I was playing with her tits by now and trying to find out if she would let me uncover her breasts, but she kept on slipping her arms back up so her teddy would not slip off. I felt pretty happy about what was happening. Here we were three good friends and Emma was receiving what I thought was all this harmless attention. I mean if she wouldn’t let my expose her tits, nothing could have been happening right?

Emma and I now went outside to have another smoke. We started to talk and I asked Emma if she was enjoying herself, she smiled and told me that this was wonderful. Emma moved closer to me and told me that earlier when I was outside that John had touched her. She responded by telling him that I had said in the past that she could fuck him as long as she told me about it, and it may be tonight or in six months she didn’t know. Well apparently John’s reaction was of shock he didn’t know what to think. As Emma told me this I felt a stirring in my jeans and I told Emma that I loved her and she can do whatever she wanted to do.

We went back inside and I sat down on the couch and Emma went and sat in front of John who continued to massage her back and shoulders, after a while I looked over at them and saw that Emma had released he teddy and her breasts were now exposed. John could not see them due to the way they were sitting. I went to the toilet and came back and sat down again. I soon noticed that my wife had removed her shorts and she was sitting with a towel covering her abdomen. I heard Emma say to John that your good on back rubs, how do you go on tit massages? John looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders and he started to caress my wife’s tits right in front of me.

This continued for a while all the time I was watching TV feeling pretty happy and occasionally glancing over and see John touch my wife’s breasts. In suppose that about half an hour of this went on. I looked over at both of them and said, to confirm to John what Emma had said earlier. Why don’t you two go up to the bedroom for a while? I got no answer so I went outside to have a cigarette, thinking that this might tempt them to move on.

When I got back inside John said to Emma can I see you in private for a minute, and they went towards the bedroom. I looked at the time it was exactly midnight. I thought to myself well here they go if their if they not back in ten minutes I can safely assume that they are doing more than just talking.

After fifteen minutes I went to the toilet which is directly opposite our bedroom and as I peeked in to our room I saw two naked bodies on top of one another. This kind of surprised me, as Emma loves to give and receive oral sex I would not have expected them to start fucking so soon. I left them to it and went out to the TV about 12:30 I decided to go and see what they up to this time. Thinking that they may have gone to sleep, as I walked to the door I asked them if they were asleep Emma looked up at me with John on top of her, and smiled she said “No way”, I smiled and walked out.

During this time I do not know what I was thinking, I was I suppose a little jealous, not at all mad or worried, what really suprised me was that apart from the odd slapping noise I heard nothing from the room. I gave them another fifteen minutes or so, then went up and asked them if they were OK, Emma answered by saying yes we will be out soon for another drink. By 1:00 they both came out with smiles and fully clothed we had another drink, not much was said and John went home at around 1:30.

I needed to talk to my wife and I asked her how she felt. Emma answered by first telling me that she needed to fuck me real soon, I said she must tell me all about it first.

The first thing that Emma said was that god he could last, as he had had a vasectomy, this made me a little uptight as one of the reasons I wanted Emma to fuck someone else is that I feel I can not satisfy her enough during our regular sex. Emma also commented that she had not yet come, and that she is not sure weither or not John did either. So this made me feel better. Emma also commented saying that when we were all in the lounge earlier that she had unzipped John and started to play with him while I was right there. And that John’s cock was fatter than mine but was shorter and didn’t hit the spot that I hit. Now I was getting aroused.

We went to bed and continued to talk after we had got undressed. After explaining how they fucked each other Emma told me that she and John had talked and decided that they wanted to fuck each other again one day when they were sober, and Emma told John that he was to be her Birthday present in around a month’s time. Also that they were going to play squash sometime, then go back to John’s house drink wine and fuck each other till they are sober. By now I was so horny that I just wanted to take my wife. But first I needed to taste her pussy (this I love to do) and as I was eating her she asked me if I was enjoying her taste, she tasted great, I don’t think I could taste his come but it was definitely a pussy that had been thoroughly fucked. We then had fairly fast, but good sex and afterwards Emma told me that she wanted to suck John’s cock sometime as she hadn’t before because they just started fucking.