Written by Jason

8 Nov 2007

Saturday afternoon earlier this year at our club in Kent....sunbathing (naked of course) in the corner of the meadow just below the clubhouse...a few couples nearby...and along comes Jan's pet hate...Mr. Bigbelly....well overweight, and not particularly good-looking. Except that this fellow had an attractive focal point for Jan....a long-ish cock, flaccid and swinging between his chubby thighs as he walked. Good girth, too, a weapon to be reckoned with. Whether he sensed Jan's perverse interest or just by chance, he stopped and chatted...the apparent acceptance through light conversation was his invitation to join us, settling down on the grass a couple of feet from Jan, on her other side from me.

The first chat was a little cool...then Jan became noticeably more friendly, turning half-sitting on her side to face him. It was only when I hoisted myself up that I realised why...his cock had achieved a semi-erection, the foreskin already pulled back to reveal a superb knob...and a thickening shaft vanishing into a pair of substantial balls. Pushy? This guy had it all...'Do you fancy my cock, Luv?' he asked, smiling at me as though a gauntlet had been thrown down. Jan amazed me with her reply...'Only if you'll shove it up my cunt!' Where did that come from? She only ever spoke like that with me, yet here she was inviting a complete fat stranger into her love-box! The guy looked at me...'Permission to fuck your lady...?' Jan turned to me....'You alright with that, John?' with a determined glint that defied argument. I had long since surendered the moral high ground with indiscriminate shagging, so said with as much enthusiasm as I could muster 'Sure...fuck to the death!!'

One nearby couple had moved away; the other was pretending not to watch as Jan lay back on the grass, her legs open: Her left hand moved to his now-rampant cock, roughly wanking it until it must have been a very thick nine inches of purple manhood. No licking, or sucking; no exploration of her vagina..he just knelt between her thighs and slowly plunged his cock into her...you could hear the gasp a mile away....he paused, adjusted his knees, then pushed the rest of his rigid meat all the way in, until only pubic hair separated his balls from her distended labia.

The other nearby couple were transfixed: She was gently stroking her fanny, while the other guy had a decent hard-on. They both moved closer, and were rewarded by the sight of Mr. Belly's cock moving slowly in and out of Jan, her breathing getting very heavy.

Then he stopped....'Come on babe....ride me!' He laid on his back, pulled Jan astride him, and we three spectators watched in awe as she lowered herself down on his turgid weapon until the whole shaft had vanished deep inside her. She started to cum...her movements got faster and faster until she cried out, a stream of fuck-words I had never heard before...still he shafted...another orgasm, then she rolled off, sweating, almost convulsed with her passion.

For a few seconds he lay, his cock shiny from Jan's love juice pointing skywards, when the woman from the other couple leant over and started sucking his cock...and sucking, and....without warning he came...she took the first few globs in her mouth, then pulled away as he continued to spurt his creamy load over her shoulders and tits....six, seven, eight...still the hot white cum shot from his knob. eventually getting trapped in the hairs of his belly, before his cock eventually softened, leaving only a thin dribble of transparent juice.

It took Jan over an hour before she came back to earth. The fat guy mumbled something that could have been thanks, and wandered back in the direction of the pool, his soft but large cock bearing witness to his recent conquest..

'That was some fuck, Jan, my Love...it's a good job he did'nt fancy your arse!' She blushed. 'If we can find him again later, you can take my arse...but he fills my cunt...it was gorgeous!' With the prospect of a DP later in the evening, we stretched out on the grass, and dreamed our dreams........