Written by paul

18 May 2011

Only last week me(paul) & racky(girlfriend) visited Magaluf for a week, well as we were going home on sat we decided to go out on the look out for a male to make up a threesome with us on our last night ie the fri, looking on the thurs night gave us chance to talk, drink and get to know the person a little (as this was to be racky's 1st time) we had spoken a lot about it and decided why not whilst we were away! so thurs night racky wore a short dress to show off her slim figure and the tan she'd got whilst away, we headed for the main strip where all the bars are and sat outside, me having a beer and racky having a cocktail, not long after us arriving a couple of blokes sat at the table opposite and were drinking beer but the bar staff gave them a free cocktail each to which the one guy looked across to our table and asked if racky would like there cocktails as they didnt drink them! she said why not, so the one guy brought them over to us and had a little small talk, he was from Sheffield and thats why I called this Mr.Sheffield (not that he was, he was in the steel industry) after the samll talk he returned to his table but kept looking across smiling, I went to the bar to get another beer as racky now had 4 cocktails in front of her to last her and on my return from the bar Mr.Sheffield came in the pub, we stopped and chatted some more ie work, and the fact he was on a stag re-union from the previous year but had been let down by most of the group, I explained after about ten mins our fantasy which as it was racky's 1st time it didnt involve full sex but she was happy for me and him to suck her tits, lick her pussy, have our cocks sucked a little but she wanted us to come over her tits! this I thought wasnt a bad deal when you consider it was her 1st time, Mr.Sheffield agreed and seemed more than pleased so we arranged to meet back in the bar the next night fri our last night for this to happen! And Guess what! He never turned up on the fri so after us talking about it for weeks building up to it and racky saying yes to all the above, we got let down, so back to square one! Thanks Mr.Sheffield if your reading this you know who you are.. We have still managed to have a couple of great sex sessions talking about what might haave been? God know how good these chats whilst having sex would have been if it had... So the search start again!!!! cheers (still had good holiday, although it could have been a great holiday lol)