Written by Jnt3

14 Mar 2011

John and I had decided to visit a club last saturday evening, as we had been to a couple of clubs before we knew that anything could happen but had set no expectations.

We awoke on Saturday morning feeling very horny knowing what we had in store for later that day. As John stretched out in bed the sheets were not hiding the fact that he was horny to, I could see his nice big erect cock under the sheets and knew that I had to have a suck (i can't resist a nice hard cock). I gently leaned over and removed the sheets from John's body where I began to caress his chest, tracing down his stomach with my tongue, his cock was BIG and hard by the time i reached his knob end it was begging to be sucked, but no he had to wait. I moved down past his cock to his balls and licked them in turn taking each one in my mouth, John was moaning & begging me to deep throat him. I ran my tongue back up his big shaft and eventually took his BIG hard cock in my mouth I could feel him at the back of my throat (God it felt good) i continued to flick my tongue on his cock as i sucked him, tasting his pre-cum, he wasn't allowed to shoot his cum just yet I had only just started. I then began to play with my clit running my fingers back & forth slipping them into my wet pussy, mmmmmmm that felt so good. I could feel myself getting ready to squirt so i told John he needed to fuck me know, he turned me over on all fours and slid his cock in my ass, WOW I was now squirting my juices all over him, he continued to fuck my ass until eventually he could not hold back any longer and shot his cum all over my ass, dripping down into my wet pussy. I could not resist and continued to rub his cum all over my clit (this always makes me cum too) I was once again squirting all over John and to finish him off I then sucked his cock clean. A girl has to have some rewards, doesn't she and john knows i'm a cum slut.

Eventually we arrived at the club I was dressed in a black basque with stockings & a short skirt, we had a couple of drinks in the bar area and met the other couples, non in particular took my eye but as I said earlier we had no expectations.

We then went into the dungeon (John's favourite place) where he tied me up and began to tease me, gently whipping and biting, sucking my nipples I could already feel my pussy getting wetter. Just then another couple entered the room they introduced themselves as Dawn & John and Dawn took an instant interest in me. As i have never been with a woman before but very bi curious i was a little apprehensive. John on the other hand couldn't wait to see me get in on with another woman so he offered her the whip he was using. Dawn then started to stroke my nipples and bite them, God i was so turned on my pussy was dripping, she then put her fingers between my legs to feel my wet pussy and said "mmmm I think she likes this, shall we share a room" I was untied and all 4 of us went to a private room. Dawn couldn't wait to get between my legs, she was licking my pussy while the two John's were sucking and playing with my large, firm 32F tits, i couldn't hold back and i squirted my juices into Dawn's mouth, god she was so good at eating my pussy. As she continued licking and sucking I took the 2 guys in turn in my mouth, spitting on there big hard cocks. Then as i was sucking John's cock i felt a finger enter my ass it was the other John he was now licking and fingering my ass, my god i was in heaven, i have never cum so much. I then turned over onto all fours and began to give Dawn's pussy some attention, she too was very wet as i slid my tongue into her wet pussy, my John was fucking my ass from behind and she was sucking her guys cock, this was so horny. I then began to fuck her with my fingers in her pussy and her ass, she was moaning so much, as i went back down to lick her soft mound she came all over my face. John was very excited and kept telling me to lick her pussy, we then ended up back on the bed Dawn and I lying next to each other we sucked the guys in turn as they played with us.

We decided to leave them to have some fun on there own and we went back to our motorhome to carry on with what we had stated. As soon as we entered the motorhome John grabbed hold of me slapping his cock in my face asking me what it was like to have a woman licking my pussy, he was very turned on and so was I. He then fucked my mouth while i wanked myself off, once again squirting. We then fucked each other until the early hours of the morning getting off on what we had just done. It was an amazing night and what a 1st Bi experience for me. So ladies look out as i now know what I want as well as all you guys of course. :-)